Ep 10 ComicPop On The Road at Starbase Studios with Rene Perez

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Ep 10 ComicPop On The Road at Starbase Studios With Rene Perez

The ComicPop Crew retell their experience on their last trip to Starbase Studios in Oklahoma City.  We went down to help our friend Rene Perez with a Star Trek fan film that he is working on.  We find out the behind the scenes activities that crews do while filming.  Along with Rene we met several new friends to include: Colin Bryant, Alanna Forte, Richard Wells, Scott Johnson, Jennifer Free, Krystal Willis, John Snow, Hubert Roberts Jr., Owen Mills, Travis Horn, and Thomas Royall.  I hope I got everyone and if I didn’t I apologize, but everyone we met we had a great time with and can’t wait to see them again.

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Music Drops Used:

  1. “Movin’ Right Along”, Kermit and Fozzie, The Muppet Movie SoundTrack, Atlantic Records, 1979.



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