Wonder Trailer

Wonder looks to be one of those movies for everyone to reflect on.  It would be wonderful if everyone would look at everyone else in kindness, but sadly not everyone does as we know personally as a family.  Being different shouldn’t be strange or bad.  In Wonder they deal with a difference that is visible, with some people the difference isn’t visible.  Be aware of how you treat people.  Love one another!  Here’s the trailer for Wonder through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel – Richard:

Batman vs. Two-Face Trailer

DC Animation is giving us another classic 1960’s style Batman adventure featuring the voice of Adam West, before is passing.  The cast is back in Batman vs. Two-Face and it is a nice surprise hearing West’s voice, because it is immediately identifiable as Batman for that era.  Here’s the trailer through DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel:

Tokyo Ravens Trailer

Tokyo Ravens from FUNimation looks fun.  If you are into urban fantasy this will be right up your alley.  It also looks to be just a good anime in general that you might want to add to your anime library.  Check out Tokyo Ravens from FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Goodbye Christopher Robin Trailer

Goodbye Christopher Robin looks to be one that any Winnie The Pooh fans will want to check out.  It is rated “PG”, but by looking at the trailer, with it being about how the author came up with the beloved character, it might be a stretch for the younger members of the audience to set still through.  But I’ve been wrong before and they might love every minute of it.  Anyway here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Haneri’s Music Video for “Burning Up”

Haneri is sharing with our listeners her latest “Buring Up” singles music video.  Haneri is venturing well into the pop arena with this single.  The music has a 1980’s style to it and her voice comes through nice and clear, with just a bit of smokiness to it, which makes for a great listening experience.  The song takes on a serious message about abusive relationships, but wraps it up in a catchy rhythm that captures the listeners attention.  Ryan Tan directed the video for Haneri which she is also the lead in.  The video takes her and the watcher on a journey from her apartment through the city discovering that some things aren’t always what they seem.  Very well done all the way around and I can’t wait to see what else Haneri shares.  Here’s “Burning Up” Haneri’s music video through her YouTube channel for you to enjoy – Richard:

Orange the Complete Series Trailer

Orange The Complete Series anime is up for Pre-Order on FUNimation’s website  It looks to be a slice of life coming of age series with the lead female character somehow getting a letter, from her future self, about a new boy in her class and not to make the mistakes she made.  Looks to be a interesting anime that you might want to add to your anime library’s.  Here’s the trailer or really a clip from Orange from FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Wal-Mart Superhero Back to School Commercial

When a cool commercial comes out I like to post them.  Wal-Mart has a very cool commercial for one of their back to school ads.  It features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Pink & Red Power Rangers, and Bumble Bee & Optimus Prime Transformers all set to Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”!  It’s just a fun video.  Here it is from Wal-Mart’s YouTube channel:

Goldmyth’s Music Video for “Has to Be Better”

Goldmyth is sharing with our listeners her music video for her single “Has to Be Better”.  The style of this single is a techno or electronica slow melody.  The instruments are not as brass because of the slow feel and Goldmyth uses a breathy voice for the verse and then transitions into a clear tone in the chorus.  I like the breathyness in this single because it adds weight to the single.  “Has to Be Better” is basically about a couple that has broken up and one party wants to get back together and the other is saying if this happens it “Has to Be Better”.  The music video that was shot for this is a washed out club scene in my eyes.  It has the neon and other type of lighting.  They single does pick up its rhythm half way through the song, but it is still clearly a slow thoughtful song.  The EP, Faded Dreams, that this single is from is available, from your digital vendor of choice.  So check out Goldmyth’s music video for “Has to Be Better” from her YouTube channel and then look for her EP – Richard:

Death Wish Trailer

Another remake of an older franchise.  This time it’s Bruce Willis taking on the role that Charles Bronson made popular in Death Wish.  They of course have updated it to modern times, but the question is still the same concerning vigilantes.  I’ll definitely watch because you’re talking about a guy that loves the Punisher and Executioner characters.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Crashing Atlas Single “Ascend”

Crashing Atlas is that clear cut rock band that puts it out there for all to listen and they are doing it with our listeners with their single “Ascend”.  This single just has a nice clean beat with the vocals to prop it up.  I love the sound that they are producing and if “Ascend” is any indication what their EP will be like it will be one to grab up quick.  “Ascend” happens to the the title track off of the EP, so keep your eyes out on September 22 to add Crashing Atlas’ Ascend EP to your rock music library.  Crashing Atlas is letting us listen to the “Ascend” single through their YouTube channel where they have posted a music link with a video that features a picture of the band with the background animated.  So until September 22, here’s Crashing Atlas’ single “Ascend” for everyone to enjoy – Richard: