Vs’ Music Video for “Listen”

Vs is sharing their music video with our listeners for their single “Listen”.  This single from beginning to end really has that old psychedelic rock sound.  Even the music video with it’s imagery carries that same feel throughout.  Vs’ EP Reality is available from digital vendors, but they wanted to give you a little taste of their sound.  Here’s Vs’ “Listen” music video through their Vs the World YouTube channel – Richard:

Cado’s Latest Single “Kintsugi”

Cado is back and sharing with our listeners with their latest rap single “Kintsugi”.  This single has a nice airy feel to it with the instrumentals and clapping.  The message is a little more down to reality with things that are happening around a person and the decision to move forward and try to make change hence the verse “Gotta fix it when it’s broken…positivity is king”, don’t necessarily live in the past.  The vocals for Cado are still clear and come through nicely.  Here’s Cado’s latest single “Kintsugi” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Cassandra Maze’s “Wait” Music Video

From the opening guitar solo you get the feel of “Wait” that Cassandra Maze is sharing with us.  This reminds me of some old school rock/pop singles.  You have that driving beat that propels you through the single and then you have the pop flavor pouring in throughout the single.  Very nice mixture that Cassandra achieves and one that many will dig.  I love the clock themed music video that was produced for “Wait”.  Cassandra’s look in the video is great as well and conveys a striking image.  All the way around this is a well crafted single and music video.  Her EP Velocity will be hitting soon so keep an eye out for it from your digital vendor of choice.  Until then enjoy Cassandra Maze’s music video for “Wait” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Najuah’s Summer Single “Wandering”

Najuah is sharing with our listeners their Summer  feel good song “Wandering”.  As you can tell from the picture above Najuah is a duo made up of sisters Hanifa and Juliet.  The instrumentals have a light fun feel to them and the ladies voices add to that feeling with a great blend.  the light fun feel comes from the staccato strings, but the single still has that driving drum beat the fuels the single even more.  “Wandering” comes from their album Desert Moon, which you can find in your digital vendor of choice.  Until you check out their album try to stop your body from moving to Najuah’s upbeat single “Wandering” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Eden Warsaw’s Latest Single “Somebody Tell Me”

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Eden Warsaw is sharing with us his single “Somebody Tell Me”.  This single has a nice strong rock/pop feel and the vocals come through great.  It is a more serious song that Eden is wanting people to consider and contemplate what he is singing about, because many people have these feelings.  “Somebody Tell Me” is from his Calm the Coast LP and Eden is sharing the single with us through SoundCloud – Richard:

“Up” AMV

After the last post we need to lighten it up a bit.  So for that lets go with an AMV.  This one is from AMVFactoryXx simply titled “Up AMV”.  The single featured is Olly Murs “Up” that features Demi Lovato and it is edited around the anime Say I Love You.  Enjoy from AMVFactoryXx’ YouTube channel:

Mt. Wolf’s Music Video for “Heavenbound”

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is their music video for their single “Heavenbound”.  This single is very heavy and the vocals add to that sense of foreboding.  The music video tells the story of a man that hasn’t had the best life and is in the process of losing said life in the hospital that he has been brought into with what looks to be a gunshot wound.  This is one that you will have to be in the right mood for, it’s not a happy go lucky song, it’s one that draws you in and makes you think about life in general.  You can find their new album Aetherlight from your digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Mt. Wolf’s music video through their VEVO YouTube channel – Richard:

Christopher Hawley’s Single “9 Tattoos”

“9 Tattoos” is a fun song by Christopher Hawley.  It has a great light hearted rhythm that brings a smile to my face, right out of the box.  It is also, what Logan and I would consider, a story song, which we both love.  The lyrics that Christopher sings progresses in a linear fashion.  This single reminds for what Paul Simon did with “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”.  It’s just a fun single.  You probably heard Christopher’s music if you caught it spotlighted on The Good Guys and NFL AM.  I definitely want to hear more from Christopher.  See if you can stop yourself from groovin’ and singing with Christopher Hawley’s “9 Tattoos” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Brad Byrd’s Music Video for “Highest Mountain”

Brad Byrd has that mid-range baritone voice that is easy to listen to.  With “Highest Mountain” he is working that mix of pop/country, with the pop sound being the most prominent style.  It kind of falls in between genres like John Denver’s music did, it’s pop but not quite pop and it’s country but not quite country.  For me this style works and I enjoyed the single with the instrumentals and vocals working really well together to fit Brad’s voice.  Brad’s music has been feature on The New Girl, Happy Endings, American Housewife, Ben & Kate, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  The music video fits the single with it taking place on an actual mountain.  It is also interesting that the director used a drone in the mountain’s to get the shots for the video.  Here’s Brad Byrd’s music video “Highest Mountain” from his album by the same name – Richard:

Beachwood Coyotes’ “Face to Face” Single

Beachwood Coyotes is sharing with our listeners their single “Face to Face”.  I really enjoy the beat of this single.  The rhythm gets you going and into the song right away.  The vocals by the group during the chorus are right on that edge of being overpowered by the instrumentals.  Their vocals blend really well with the music and I’m sure the mixer for Beachwood Coyotes’ songs is making sure that, that line isn’t crossed.  There are times when having vocals that blend well can be a blessing and a curse with that fine line, but the band stays true in this single.  Here’s Beachwood Coyotes’ single “Face to Face” through SoundCloud and be sure to keep an eye out for their EP Scrubby – Richard: