Kristin Rebecca’s Single “Wackos and Weirdos”

Kristin Rebecca is sending out a fun sounding song.  She pokes a little fun at the fandom of Nerdom in general with her new single “Wackos and Weirdos”.  Kristin’s has a folk/pop feel to her single, with an upbeat rhythm.  The song is close to a parody song, about the type of person she is attracting.  If you can find the right balance in a persons fandom and social norms you can find a loving individual in us “Wackos and Weirdos”.  So as you listen to Kristin Rebecca’s single remember to take it as a lighthearted look at our fandom.  So have some fun with “Wackos and Weirdos” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jackie Venson’s Live Music Video for “Mysterious”

Jackie Venson is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is her Live Music Video for the single “Mysterious”.  “Mysterious” continues with Jackie’s pop infused soul sound.  The single starts out at a slow beat and builds up into a solid steady grooving rhythm.  I feel in love with “Mysterious” when the chorus hit with the above mentioned beat, very nice.  I also enjoyed Jackie’s voice that flows through the single and kept me engaged.  So check out Jackie Venson’s “Mysterious” live music video, from her YouTube channel, and then be sure to look up her EP Transcends to add to your music collection – Richard:

Ovtlier’s New Single “Break”

From the first word on Ovtlier’s new single, “Break”, you are in for a pulse pounding ride.  Ovtlier has recently released their EP What Doesn’t Kill You and “Break” is a new single from the EP that they are sharing with our listeners.  Heavy metal fans are in for a treat with this single.  It grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until it is done with you.  If their EP is anything like this you’ll want to get it for your collection.  Can’t wait to hear what else they have on it myself.  Here’s Ovtlier’s “Break” through SoundCloud for all to get their day’s energy boost – Richard

Chloe Bodur’s New Single “Glory”

Chloe Bodur is sharing with our listeners her single “Glory”.  Chloe has a nice alto sound which glides through this Jazz/Soul infused single.  “Glory” starts out with instrumentals until the 30 second mark and then Chloe comes in with the vocals.  Within the instrumentals an electric guitar is used to give this single a little of an electronic sound, but once the vocals hit you know your in for a smooth ride.  Check out Chloe Budor’s single “Glory” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ep 59 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Polly Baker

Ep 59 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Polly Baker

In this episode the ComicPop Crew has the pleasure of listening to Polly Baker’s EP.  Polly gives us a fun EP with her Country/Pop stylings.  So join us as we discuss Polly Baker’s self-titled EP.  Thanks to Samuel Morris, of Koral & Young Group, for their continued support.

Join us for another fun episode by listening above, at or wait until later today and it will be up on our iTunes feed.

Remember if you have a novel, graphic novel, movie/television series or an indie band you want us to check out let us know and we will put it in our review rotation list.  Also if you have a question or comment send us an e-mail at and we will read it during a recording.  Thank you again for everyone that listens and supports us, we are steadily growing thanks to you.  So keep spreading the word about ComicPop Library to everyone you think might enjoy the show.

What we reviewed in this episode:

  1. Polly Baker EP, Polly Baker, 2016.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “Be Like This”, Polly Baker EP, Polly Baker, 2016.
  2. “Rockin’ Robin”, Bobby Day, Class, 1958.
  3. “Lesson Learned”, Polly Baker EP, Polly Baker, 2016.


Polly Baker’s Website

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Presley Tennant’s Christmas Single “Santa Tell Me” Cover

I know it is after Christmas, but this came in from Presley Tennant and I wanted to feature it.  This fits in with our last post for our Christmas podcast discussing the manga, Sweet Rein.  Presley covers Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” to share the Christmas joy with everyone.  Presley gives our listeners a great rendition of this single with a pure voice that shines through.  The music video has a young feel to it that makes it fun to watch.  It’s going to be exciting to see what other presents Presley will give listeners this next year.  So take a moment after your holiday season to remember the weekend with Presley Tennant’s music video, where she covers “Santa Tell Me”, from her YouTube channel – Richard:

Presley Tennant’s “BFF” Music Video

Presley Tennant is sharing with our listeners her new single and music video “BFF” that features Well Written.  I love the spin Presley has put on the “BFF” meaning, because we’ve all had them, and to know what I mean you will have to watch and listen to her music video.  Anyway “BFF” lands squarely in the pop genre.  Presley is full of energy in her singing that is shown in this single with its upbeat fast tempo.  But she didn’t stop there.  In her music video she delivers a ton of energy as well, which captures the viewer to watch it.  I love upbeat tempo in my music and this one hits it perfectly for me.  Yes, the single is a little snarky, but that’s part of the appeal.  Have some fun by checking out Presley Tennant’s “BFF” music video from her YouTube channel – Richard:

Eli Lev & The Fortunes Found “Go Down” Single

This is an interesting piece that Eli Lev & The Fortunes Found is sharing with our listeners.  It’s foundation is in the folk genre, but I believe it borrows from the R&B sound and a little electronica mixed in to give’s “Go Down” a fun sound.  When I listen to “Go Down” I’m immediately transported to the Bayou.  Eli Lev & The Fortunes Found’s album All Roads East is forthcoming and they wanted our listeners to enjoy their new single “Go Down” before it hits.  So here’s “Go Down” from Eli Lev & The Fortunes Found SoundCloud page – Richard:

Eleanor Tallie’s Single “Promised Land”

Eleanor Tallie is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her single “Promised Land”.  Eleanor as a nice clear voice that has a smooth quality.  Her voice is very easy to listen to and she uses that smoothness to her advantage with a R&B style sound.  Eleanor calls her style “Neo-Funk”, a mixture of funk, neo-soul, R&B, jam, jazz, and hip-hop.  Interested to see where she goes from here.  Until then here’s Eleanor Tallie’s “Promised Land” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Anousheh’s Music Video for “Bones”

Anousheh sent us her single “Bones” to enjoy this past October.  She and director Hunter Brumfield are now letting our listeners check out her music video for the single.  It’s set in a dystopian world so many of our listeners will enjoy it along with the electronic beat that Anousheh has for the single.  I know I did. So take a look at Anousheh’s music video for her single “Bones” through her YouTube channel – Richard: