Cassandra Maze’s “Wait” Music Video

From the opening guitar solo you get the feel of “Wait” that Cassandra Maze is sharing with us.  This reminds me of some old school rock/pop singles.  You have that driving beat that propels you through the single and then you have the pop flavor pouring in throughout the single.  Very nice mixture that Cassandra achieves and one that many will dig.  I love the clock themed music video that was produced for “Wait”.  Cassandra’s look in the video is great as well and conveys a striking image.  All the way around this is a well crafted single and music video.  Her EP Velocity will be hitting soon so keep an eye out for it from your digital vendor of choice.  Until then enjoy Cassandra Maze’s music video for “Wait” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer

For all our music lovers out there.  Pitch Perfect 3 is heading our way this December.  These have always been fun movies.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Ep 20 ComicPop Licensed to Read James Young’s “An Unproven Concept”

Ep 20 ComicPop Licensed to Read James Young’s “Unproven Concept”

The future is here.  Space liners are making deep space cruises and there is a space force out in the universe to protect the Confederation’s citizens.  The space line Titanic has entered a restricted sector and has been attacked.  The Confederation’s newest ship, Constitution, has been dispatched to assist.  Will the Constitution be in time?  Join the ComicPop Crew as they man the mics to discuss James Young’s science fiction novel An Unproven Concept.

For another fun time listen above, at, or wait until later today and it will be up on our iTunes feed.

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What we reviewed in this episode:

  1. An Unproven Concept, James Young, CreateSpace, 2013.  ISBN: 978-1494811556, $9.00.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “Why Me”, Planet P Project, Planet P Project, Geffen Records, 1983.
  2. “Rockin’ Robin”, Bobby Day, Class, 1958.
  3. “Train of Thought”, Four Songs, Andrew Lubman, 2007.


James Young’s Website.

James Young’s Facebook Page.

Lauren Lynne’s Website

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Najuah’s Summer Single “Wandering”

Najuah is sharing with our listeners their Summer  feel good song “Wandering”.  As you can tell from the picture above Najuah is a duo made up of sisters Hanifa and Juliet.  The instrumentals have a light fun feel to them and the ladies voices add to that feeling with a great blend.  the light fun feel comes from the staccato strings, but the single still has that driving drum beat the fuels the single even more.  “Wandering” comes from their album Desert Moon, which you can find in your digital vendor of choice.  Until you check out their album try to stop your body from moving to Najuah’s upbeat single “Wandering” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Eden Warsaw’s Latest Single “Somebody Tell Me”

Processed with VSCO with se2 prese

Eden Warsaw is sharing with us his single “Somebody Tell Me”.  This single has a nice strong rock/pop feel and the vocals come through great.  It is a more serious song that Eden is wanting people to consider and contemplate what he is singing about, because many people have these feelings.  “Somebody Tell Me” is from his Calm the Coast LP and Eden is sharing the single with us through SoundCloud – Richard:

Vixen Season 2 Trailer

The CW Seed is giving everyone season 2 of Vixen.  I enjoy how they have included this animated series in with the TV shows.  Check out season 2’s trailer from CW’s YouTube channel:

“Up” AMV

After the last post we need to lighten it up a bit.  So for that lets go with an AMV.  This one is from AMVFactoryXx simply titled “Up AMV”.  The single featured is Olly Murs “Up” that features Demi Lovato and it is edited around the anime Say I Love You.  Enjoy from AMVFactoryXx’ YouTube channel:

Mt. Wolf’s Music Video for “Heavenbound”

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is their music video for their single “Heavenbound”.  This single is very heavy and the vocals add to that sense of foreboding.  The music video tells the story of a man that hasn’t had the best life and is in the process of losing said life in the hospital that he has been brought into with what looks to be a gunshot wound.  This is one that you will have to be in the right mood for, it’s not a happy go lucky song, it’s one that draws you in and makes you think about life in general.  You can find their new album Aetherlight from your digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Mt. Wolf’s music video through their VEVO YouTube channel – Richard:

Great Library Series Trailer

Have you been keeping up with Rachel Caine’s Great Library series?  Book three, Ash and Quill, is set for a July 11 release.  Here’s the short trailer through Penquin Books USA YouTube channel: