The Gifted Trailer

The Gifted is another Marvel television series that just began that Jonathon checked out.  He said he enjoyed it as well, so add another to my wait to watch list.  We have FilmSelect Trailer’s trailer through their YouTube channel for The Gifted:

Inhumans Trailer

The Inhumans have premiered and Jonathon enjoyed it.  I unfortunately am one of those individuals that doesn’t have time to watch TV on a regular basis so I get to wait until it hits stores.  The trailer from FilmSelect Trailer’s YouTube channel looks good though:

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Trailer

If you are lucky enough the live action adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul will be in select theaters October 16-22.  If you are like us and don’t live near a large city you’ll just have to wait until it gets released on DVD/Blu-ray.  How long that wait will be I’m not sure, but at least fans in North America have FUNimation that is going to be a distributor for the film.  Here’s the trailer for Tokyo Ghoul for you through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Trailer

Maze Runner is getting it’s third film with The Death Cure.  It is scheduled to release in theaters this upcoming January.  So get ready to run the maze again.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Punisher Trailer

Netflix has released the full trailer for Marvel’s Punisher Season 1.  They of course updated the story to make it modern and gave it a Jason Bourne type backstory.  Frank Castle worked for the CIA doing the dirty work and now he has been sanctioned and he is going after the people that sanctioned him.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Tomb Raider Trailer

We get to see the beginning of Lara Croft, in 2018’s Tomb Raider.  From what I can tell by watching Logan playing the video game it looks like an adaptation of the game.  Certain scenes pretty much were used from the game.  Here’s the trailer from MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Tsukiuta Trailer

If you have a joy for J-Pop or K-Pop this the anime Tsukiuta looks to be the right fit for you.  Our family loves this type of music so we will have to pick this up and check it out.  Looks to have some fun music in it.  Here’s the trailer for Tsukiuta through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Jeepers Creepers 3 Trailer

You know that October is right around the corner when more and more horror movies start to appear.  Here’s the latest to hit your local theaters, Jeepers Creepers 3.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Jungle Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe latest, Jungle, is based on a true story.  If you are into survival stories and hidden cultures this looks to be an intense one.  See what you think through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel: