Jackie Venson’s Live Music Video for “Flying”

Jackie Venson is sharing with us her infectious single “Flying”.  This is just a fun song that will get your body moving and put a smile on your face.  Very catchy rhythm and you can tell Jackie is having fun with this single.  To me it has a flare of the old disco days where you want to get out on the dance floor and dance to the music.  The music video is a live performance and again you can tell by watching Jackie and the rest of the band that they enjoy this single.  Her EP Transcends will be out September 30, so keep your eyes open on your digital vendor of choice to pick up your copy.  Here’s Jackie Venson’s Live music video for “Flying” – Richard:

Ryan Riback’s Lyric Video for “One Last Time”

Ryan Riback has shared his single “One Last Time”, featuring Some Chick.  Now he is sharing the official lyric video for the single.  You get the same fun dance style single, but now we have a fun and a little steamy lyric video to go with it.  Take some time to check out Ryan Riback’s “One Last Time” video featuring Some Chick through his YouTube channnel:

Dani Robert’s Music Video for “Clouds”

Dani Robert is sharing her debut music video with us entitled “Clouds”.  Dani goes to a softer level of voice for this single because of the nature of the song.  It is a slower pop single that tells the story of childhood love developing into an adult relationship and deciding to take a leap and confess that love or being to scared to confess.  This story will resonate with several people, because whether it is a long friendship or new one that moment when an individual wants to confess deeper feelings is a scary moment, in fear of rejection.  But one never knows until it is acted upon.  The instrumentals in this single backup Dani really nicely and don’t over power her voice in the telling of this story.  The music video is really well constructed with shots of her intermixed with the growing couple in the song.  Check out Dain Robert’s music video “Clouds” here through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Hannah Featherstone’s Music Video for “Solo”

Hannah Featherstone is giving us “Solo” for our listeners to check out.  In this single Hannah plays with a slower smoother tempo that you get through some Jazz pieces.  The staccato beat the single carries the listener through the slower jazzy parts of the single.  The blending sounds strange, but it works here.  The video features Hannah with a static filter to keep the watcher interested in the flow.  Here’s Hannah Featherstone’s music video for “Solo” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

FUNimation’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

FUNimation is has posted a Hurricane Harvey Relief video on the 29, but it is still something that people can help out with.  If some of you didn’t know FUNimation is based out of Texas and they want to help out the community affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This is a way for you to help as well by joining them in their relief effort.  We send out our thoughts and prayers along with so many others for the communities that have been affected by Harvey as I know our listeners do as well.  This is just another way you can help out if you are moved to do so.  From FUNimations YouTube channel “Hurricane Harvey Relief”:

Kris Angelis’ Music Video for “Kevin Bacon”

Kris Angelis has given everyone a fun catchy song to enjoy with her “Kevin Bacon” single.  Then along with it she, with director Emma Bell, produced a very fun Footloose homage music video for the single for everyone to enjoy.  This single is placed in the country/pop arena with Kris’ voice shinning through.  You can tell she had fun singing and filming the video for this single.  If they haven’t had Kevin Bacon watch this video they definitely need to, I think he would appreciate it.  Very interested in listening to her EP Heartbreak is Contagious that everyone can download from their digital vendor of choice.  And you know I have to mention the Wonder Woman penciling in the background in the boyfriends bedroom wall, I would love to have that for my collection.  Anyway kick back and have a fun time watching and listening to Kris Angelis’ single “Kevin Bacon” through her YouTube channel – Richard

The Dot and The Line’s Music Video for “Draw Me In”

The Dot and The Line is coming out of the gate strong.  They are sharing with us their music video for “Draw Me In” and that is exactly what they did to me.  It is a slower song, but tell me when you watch the music video and listen to the single it doesn’t draw you in as well.  From the start of this single my mind immediately thought how this would be a great song to place on a soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic movie’s ending credit song.  The music video is done in such a way that re-enforces that concept for me.  This single slows down your day and makes you contemplate.  Nicely done all the way around and see if The Dot and The Line doesn’t draw you in with their music video for “Draw Me In” – Richard:

Midnight Beach’s Music Video for “No”

Midnight Beach is sharing with our listeners again.  This time they want everyone to check out their music video for their single “No” from their self-titled LP.  Midnight Beach still comes out with the electronica sound, but with a slower bass beat.  The mixing for this single is tremendous.  With the softer lead vocals and the heavy bass beat the vocals could have been lost within the instrumentals.  However, the mixer made sure the vocals were a distinct track that rose above the instrumentals.  The music video is crisp and clean and fun to watch.  The dancing is right out of the late 1980’s – 1990’s as well as the sound.  Their self-titled LP is out now!  Here’s Midnight Beach’s music video, for “No”, through Vevo – Richard

No by Midnight Beach on VEVO.

New Life Size Gundam in Diver City


Over in Diver City they have replaced the life-size Mobile Suit Gundam that was there for many years with a new Gundam.  The newest Gundam is the Unicorn Gundam and below is a video from GameSpot through Facebook that shows the construction of the suit:

Life-Size Gundam Statue

Japan is building another life-size Gundam.

Posted by GameSpot on Sunday, August 20, 2017

Yes You Are’s Music Video for “HGX”

Yes You Are is sharing their music video, for “HGX”, with our listeners.  The single has that catchy upbeat feel that gets you motivated to get out and about.  The verse gives you a straight up base beat to get your head to moving and then the chorus comes in and the full band strikes up in an explosive sound that gets the rest of the body moving.  “HGX” has been featured on a Pepsi Max commercial and also in the movie Bad Moms.  The music video itself features imagery of the band in a stylish rendering.  Enjoy Yes You Are’s music video “HGX” through their YouTube channel – Richard: