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Richard Brookman Jr. (Producer, Co-host & Editor of ComicPop Library) is the Director of his local library. In 1998 he received his Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Oklahoma.. He has presented on a local, state, regional and national level on American and Japanese graphic novels. He was into comic books in high school and then dropped out for 4 years. During his last year of college his wife made the fatal error of letting him go into a comic book store. Since then he has been an avid fan of the medium and they are part of his daily reading.


April Brookman (Co-host of ComicPop Library) is a young teenager that enjoys reading and listening to music.  April is our Music reviewer of the show.  She will concentrate on indie, underground and international artists for her reviews.  She wants to spread the love of music throughout the library community.  With her Father’s influence she does read some American comic books, but not many.  Her preferred style of comic books, when she reads them is manga, since they have more stories that appeal to a female audience.  She watches anime, to her liking, and can leave some of it, especially the mecha anime.  She has been to a couple of conventions where she enjoys looking at all the cosplay.

 Logan Brookman (Co-Host of ComicPop Library) is a teenager that definitely has taken to his Father’s influence.  He enjoys American comic books, however, he enjoys the manga and anime much more.  He reads pretty much everything, with the fantasy genre being his primary liking.  He has been to a couple of conventions where he loves the gaming room and has cosplayed some.  He takes after his Father with collecting with TCG cards being his favorite collectible.  He would love to play the TCG’s, but being in rural America there is no one around who has the same interests.

 Michelle Brookman (Co-Host & Sound Editor of ComicPop Library) took a chance and married Richard Brookman.  This is the lovely woman who allowed her husband to get back into comic books and collecting.  She’s partly regretting that now.  She is just a casual observer of the rest of the family.  She will read a comic book every once in a while, but prefers her paperback novels.  She does know must of the characters of American comic books by listening to her husband.  Her and anime don’t really mix to well, with all of the screaming and yelling, she just doesn’t like it.  However, she did enjoy Initial D and Rurouni Kenshin.  She does go to the conventions with the family, but she tends to go shopping while the rest of the family enjoys the convention.


Lenny Main (Co-Host of ComicPop Library) comes to the podcast by way of Florida and is now with the gang here in Lakin, Kansas.  Lenny is an avid reader and enjoys watching movies and Television series when he has the time.  He loves spending time with his family and during his free time when not reading or watch something Lenny loves to write.

luis reyes Luis Reyes (Co-Host/Photographer of ComicPop Library) comes to us from Lakin, Kansas.  Luis is into video gaming with his friends, enjoys most science fiction, dabbles in the graphic novels and manga, likes to find new music to listen to and enjoys watching movies and anime.  Luis has been involved with the library community for over 5 years.  He is a photographer by trade and if you would like to see his stuff check out hie Facebook pages to contact him https://www.facebook.com/L.R.Photography05.

Jonathon Jonathon Rodriguez (Co-Host of ComicPop Library) joins the show from Deerfield, Kansas.  Jonathon is an avid movie/television watcher, along with reading through all the books and graphic novels that he devours.  He has been involved with libraries for going on 10 years.  Along with all of this he started writing for his college newspaper and loves his pets.

Chris Dressler (Co-Host of ComicPop Library) is the IT Supervisor at his local library.  He has several interests to include video gaming which he will review occasionally.  He is bringing one of his other interest to ComicPop Library in reviewing Science Fiction novels.

Matthew Moyer (Co-Host of ComicPop Library) is an IT Technician at his local library.  He is bringing his love of video gaming and television and movies to ComicPop Library.  He will occasionally review video games, but his main focus will be our resident Movie/TV Guy.



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