Halo: Rise of Atriox Trailer

Are you keeping up with the Halo series in all it’s forms.  The single issues for Halo: Rise of Atriox are hitting stores so, if you want to wait, make a note so when Dark Horse Comics comes out with the collected edition you can pick it up to add to you library’s.  Here’s the trailer through Dark Horse’s YouTube channel:

Batman The Dark Knight: Master Race Trailer

Here is Frank Miller’s third installment of the Dark Knight series.  This volume collects the Batman The Dark Knight: Master Race series into one complete volume.  This is a nice addition to the previous Dark Knight volumes that Frank Miller started with in his The Dark Knight Returns.  Here’s the trailer through DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel:

Great Library Series Trailer

Have you been keeping up with Rachel Caine’s Great Library series?  Book three, Ash and Quill, is set for a July 11 release.  Here’s the short trailer through Penquin Books USA YouTube channel:

Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection Trailer

Resurrection is the 10th book in Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant Series.  This is one that I missed and looks like I will be going back and picking up.  It looks interesting and for a series to be at it’s 10th book something is going for it.  Here’s the trailer for Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection through HarperCollins Publishers Australia YouTube channel:

Reefer Madness Trailer

Dark Horse Comics is giving you some old school feel comics with Reefer Madness edited by Craig Yoe with artwork by Jack Kirby and Frank Frazetta.  If you want that blast from the past feel check it out.  Here’s Reefer Madness’s trailer through Dark Horse’s YouTube channel:

Hidden Killers Trailer

Lynda La Plante’s latest Hidden Killers looks to be interesting.  This is for all of our mystery fans coming to you from Simon & Schuster, you can pick up your copy today at your favorite book store.  Here’s the trailer through Simon & Schuster’s UK YouTube channel:

200 Years of Harper Collins Publishing

Harper Collins Publishers has a video up on their YouTube channel celebrating 200 years of publishing.  If you are a bibliophile then you have probably purchased a Harper Collins publication.  In the video see if you have read any of the titles, I know I have!  The short montage is set to a catchy tune and will brighten your day remember books you have read and ones that you will read in the future – Richard:

Echoes in Death Trailer

If you are an Eve Dallas fan I know you have already picked up Echoes in Death.  If you haven’t taken a stab at J.D. Robb’s (Nora Roberts) series you might try them out.  Just be prepared for being there for a while since this is the 44th book of the best selling series.  Thanks to St. Martin Press’ YouTube channel for the trailer:

Aliens: Dead Orbit Trailer

Dark Horse Comics is continuing the Aliens franchise with Aliens: Dead Orbit.  If you are a fan of this universe you will want to jump on board with issue #1 or if you prefer the collected editions for your library’s or for a public library Dark Horse is pretty good at collecting their series for just such a reason.  Here’s the trailer for Aliens: Dead Orbit through Dark Horse’s YouTube channel: