Apr 20

Miriam Tamar’s Music Video for “Who We”

Miriam Tamar is sharing with our listener’s her latest music video she has done for the single “Who We”.  The single is from her EP Firedance, which has reached the #4 slot on the iTunes World Music Charts.  Miriam has a nice lower register voice and she uses it to her advantage.  Some performers will strain their sound to hit the higher range when singing, but Miriam keeps it where she is comfortable and it makes for a great strong sound.  “Who We” has a pounding bass drum beat that hooks you instrumentally and then with Miriam’s voice the single almost takes on an other worldly feel, which I love.  The music video has very sweeping mountain and dessert scenes that gives the video a theatrical feel and then the direct made it in letter box style that just adds to that feeling.  Everything was very nicely done, so check out Miriam Tamar’s music video for “Who We”, from her YouTube channel and then find her EP Firedance on your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

Apr 20

Cloak & Dagger Trailer

Here’s one I didn’t think I would see as a TV series, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.  The trailer says it is coming to FreeForm in 2018, since Disney owns that channel.  They are playing it up as a young adult drama, but to me this would have been one that would have fit in the Marvel series that are on Netflix, because to me Cloak & Dagger has a very intense storyline if they wanted to follow it.  I’ll check it out just to see what it’s like since it is a comic book property.  Anyway here’s the trailer from Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel:

Apr 20

Island Apollo New Single “Hold It Down”

Island Apollo is giving our listeners a rockin’ anthem to check out, “Hold It Down”.  This single has that hard driving beat that gets you into the song from the beginning.  The vocals are on point with “Hold It Down” and I love that toward the end of the second third of the single there is a short bridge that sounds like it came out of a ’70’s TV detective/cop series.  With Island Apollo hitting it out of the park with this single I’m definitely interested in what else they will come out with.  Having VH1, CBS, and Fox Sports spotlighting you is an added bonus.  We don’t want to ‘hold’ Island Apollo ‘down’, but you will want to listen to their single “Hold It Down” here through SoundCloud – Richard:

Apr 20

Yokai Girls Licensed for North American Market

AnimeNews Network is reporting that the Yokai Girls manga, by  Kazuki Funatsu, has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.  The first volume is planned for a November release date.  When pre-orders go up this might be one to look at to see if you want to include it in your manga library.

Apr 17

Shehzad Bhanji’s Music Video for “Till We Meet Again”

Instrumental Rock enthusiasts rejoice!  Shehzad Bhanji is back with his second album Profound Beginnings.  Shehzad is sharing with us his music video for “Till We Meet Again” that is available on this album.  The single starts out calm and quickly moves into a nice driving beat that gets you hooked.  Right after that Shehzad brings in his guitar that sings through the song.  Very nicely done and as everyone knows Logan and I love the instrumental pieces as much as the vocal pieces we receive here at ComicPop.  If you haven’t ever tried an instrumental song, this would be a great one to start with.  “Till We Meet Again” shows that instrumentals isn’t just for classical songs, but can be used to rock your world as well.  The music video uses locations beautifully and gives the single a sense of grandeur.  You can find his album, Profound Beginnings, on your digital vendor of choice, until then check out his music video for “Till We Meet Again” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Apr 17

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

You knew that with Star Wars Celebration happening over the weekend that today I would be posting the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer.  Star Wars is my number one movie franchise to go to so you know I’ll have a seat this December.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the trailer:

Apr 17

Nick Blaemire’s Music Video for “She’s You”

Nick Blaemire is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is the music video for his single “She’s You”.  Nick is a self proclaimed “Nerd Soulist”.  When you hear the opening of “She’s You” you definitely know that Soul is involved with that bass guitar strumming out the beat.  Then you have Nick coming in with his clear vocals keeping up an upbeat groovy feel.  This is a fun song along with a fun music video.  With “She’s You” having such an infectious beat you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving along with the rhythm and singing along.  I have to point out I loved the scene where they have Nick singing on top of a bed and he has to adjust his glasses…everyone that wears glasses knows what he is going through.  His forthcoming EP is The Ampersand and if he keeps having fun like this can’t wait to hear the rest of it.  Start your day with Nick Blaemire and his music video for “She’s You” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Apr 14

Ep 74 ComicPop Visits with The McGannon’s about Their Latest “Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters” Release

Ep 74 ComicPop Visits with The McGannon’s about Their Latest “Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters” Release

D.C. and C. Michael McGannon have exciting news for everyone.  The 4th Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Dragon Gate novel will be available for everyone this next week!  They also give our listeners exclusive news about upcoming projects they have in the works and a new author at their Wyvern’s Peak Publishing imprint.  So come have fun with the McGannon’s and the ComicPop Crew.

What we discussed in this episode:

  1. Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Dragon Gate, D.C. McGannon and C. Michael McGannon, Wyvern’s Peak Publishing, 2017.

Music clips:

  1. “Strangers Like Me”, Tarzan Soundtrack, Phil Collins, Walt Disney Records, 1999.
  2. “One Call Away”, Nine Track Mind, Charlie Puth, Artist Partner Group, 2016.


Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters Website

Wyvern’s Peak Publishing Website

Wyvern’s Peak Publishing Facebook Page

The Monster Guys Website

Last One Out’s Facebook Page

ComicPop Library’s Facebook Page

Apr 14

AMV – We Dream We Can

The Best AMV’s of All Time YouTube channel gives us this AMV from 2011.  It takes the single “Hello” by Martin Solvieg and Dragonette and edits scenes to it from the anime K-ON!  We end up with a fun little diddy that is catchy and fits the anime perfectly to put a smile on your face.  Here’s AMV-We Dream We Can – Bestamvsofalltime Anime MV.  Enjoy!:

Apr 14

Alxxa Shares Music Video for “Nobody”

A couple of months ago Alxxa shared with us her single “Nobody”.  As I stated then this is one that would be comfortable in any dance club.  With it’s slower beat and dub step mixed in this lends itself to a sultry feel that dancers can get a little more personal with.  The video itself lends itself to this feeling as well with Alxxa center stage.  Here’s Alxxa with her music video “Nobody” for you to enjoy – Richard:

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