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Ep 29 ComicPop…corn Movies – The Legends of Nethiah



Ep 29 ComicPop…corn Movies – “The Legends of Nethiah”

The ComicPop Crew enter the imagination of young Gabriel where he brings to life his Grandfather’s story about the warrior Nethiah.  This storytelling gives Gabriel a break from the real world decision between being with his Mother or Father in director Russ Emanuel’s feature film The Legends of Nethiah.

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Items Reviewed:

  1. The Legends of Nethiah, Russ Emanuel – director, Indican, 2012.  ASIN: B009T3AEUU, $20.99.

Music Drops Used:

  1. “Train of Thought”, Andrew Lubman.

Links: – Russ Emanuel’s Website – Russ Emanuel’s Facebook Page – Rhonda Rees’ Website – Rhonda Rees’ PR Company – ComicPop Library’s Facebook Page

Dec 03

Battlefield 1 Trailer


Battlefield 1 looks to be another military based video game you will want to add to your collections.  Check out the trailer through the Battlefield YouTube channel:

Dec 03

The Krickets find “Cool Cool Water”


The Krickets are sharing with our listeners their single “Cool Cool Water” from their album Spanish Moss Sirens.  The Krickets have an old school country music sound that to me is very reminiscent of Dolly Parton’s sound.  These four ladies will have a strong following with fans if they keep this style.  I can’t wait to hear more from their album to see if what other styles they might have or if they stick to this endearing traditional sound.  Enjoy The Krickets “Cool Cool Water” through SoundCloud and then find their album Spanish Moss Sirens on your digital downloader of your choice – Richard:

Dec 03

Belko Experiment Trailer


For those that love psychological horror The Belko Experiment will be one for you.  Check out the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Dec 03

Adam Jensen Releases “The Mystic” Single


Adam Jensen shares with us his latest single “The Mystic”.  I don’t know if this is such a genre, but what I think of when I hear this single is “Dark Pop”.  It has a quality to it that not just the lyrics are dark, but even the way the instrumentals are played feel heavy and dark.  Adam’s voice is strong and commanding to give that sense of heaviness as well.  This one might not be for everyone, but for me it hits all the right buttons.  Take a trip on the dark side with Adam Jensen’s “The Mystic” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Dec 02

Honey I’m Good AMV


It’s been quite some time since I posted any AMVs.  Every so often I will throw one in or just a music video from an artist I really enjoy.  This time around I found an AMV on Xion the Dark’s YouTube channel where the song “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer is used with a variety of anime mix.  The song is fun and the AMV is fun so enjoy:

Dec 02

Doctor Who: The Whoniverse Trailer


Calling all Whovians!  Harper Design has a book for you in Doctor Who: The Whoniverse.  This book looks to be a great looking coffee table book with some beautiful illustrations in it.  Check out the trailer that shows some of the illustrations through Book Studio 16’s YouTube channel:

Dec 02

Rosebug’s Debut Single “I Am the One”

city bird publicityrosebug

Rosebug is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their debut single, “I Am the One” from their album Worst Way.  “I Am the One” has an ethereal feel to it.  I can here shades of Enya and Cindi Lauper with a touch of psychedelic to boot.  Rosebug is certainly playing to a niche market, but give them a listen and you might discover a new sound you enjoy.  Here’s Rosebug’s “I Am the One” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Dec 02

Beauty and the Beast Trailer


Emma Watson is Belle in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast coming next year.  The trailer, supplied from MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel, looks pretty good:

Dec 02

Balkan Beat Box’s New Single “Chin Chin”

sneak attack media logobalkan-beat-box

Balkan Beat Box is giving our listeners a look at the latest music video for their single “Chin Chin”.  “Chin Chin” is from the trio’s fifth album, Shout It Out, and from the start it of the single you now that the band takes an international influence in the rhythm’s in this single.  The beat has a light airy feel to it even though it is talking about the allure of material things and the music video carries over that theme.  This style might not fit with some listeners, but stretch yourself and you might find you like what you hear.  So check out Balkan Beat Box’s “Chin Chin” music video, from the band’s YouTube channel and look for their album on your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

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