Aug 31

Kong: Skull Island Trailer


Peaks my interest for the next year.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for Kong: Skull Island trailer that was shown at SDCC:

Aug 31

Knox Hamilton Gets “Washed Up Together”

KoralYoungLogo1Knox Hamilton

Knox Hamilton has a nice rock/pop sound they are sharing with the ComicPop Library listeners.  They are letting us enjoy their music video, for their single, “Washed Up Together”.  The video itself will grab you very fast with the fact that they are vacuum sealing people.  With me having allergies listen alone bugs me out, no way am I going to be doing this and if for some reason I did someone would have to be ready to immediately cut me out so I could breath.  The music video, like I said grabs you, but don’t let that be the only thing you get out of this single.  “Washed Up Together” is a strong song about individuals being themselves and not being afraid of doing what you want to do.  Don’t let other people’s judgements get in your way of being you and your loved ones will follow with you…that’s what love is about right.  Here’s Knox Hamilton’s “Washed Up Together” music video from their YouTube channel – Richard

Aug 31

Rings Trailer


To be honest I didn’t even know this was even in the works.  Been a while since the last Ring movie.  Now we have Rings, trailer provided by MovieClips Trailers on YouTube:

Aug 31

Morgan’s Road Music Video for “Olde Cumberland”

cyberpr1morgans road

Morgan’s Road is sharing with our listeners their latest music video for their single “Olde Cumberland”.  With this single the band has an old 1970’s feel to it.  The singing is somber and melodic, but the rhythm of the song keeps the listeners interest.  Something like maybe the Eagles or Three Dog Night would do with a rock/folk/country sound.  The music video itself is just an in studio recording type of video.  Check out “Olde Cumberland” from Morgan’s Road YouTube channel – Richard:

Aug 30

Ep 10 ComicPop On The Road at Starbase Studios with Rene Perez

Starbase Studioscomicpoplogo-facebook2Rene Perez

Ep 10 ComicPop On The Road at Starbase Studios With Rene Perez

The ComicPop Crew retell their experience on their last trip to Starbase Studios in Oklahoma City.  We went down to help our friend Rene Perez with a Star Trek fan film that he is working on.  We find out the behind the scenes activities that crews do while filming.  Along with Rene we met several new friends to include: Colin Bryant, Alanna Forte, Richard Wells, Scott Johnson, Jennifer Free, Krystal Willis, John Snow, Hubert Roberts Jr., Owen Mills, Travis Horn, and Thomas Royall.  I hope I got everyone and if I didn’t I apologize, but everyone we met we had a great time with and can’t wait to see them again.

Remember if you have a novel, graphic novel, movie/television series or an indie band you want us to check out let us know by e-mailing us at and we will put it in our review rotation list.  Also if you have a question or comment send us an e-mail at and we will read it during a recording.  Thank you again for everyone that listens and supports us, we are steadily growing thanks to you.  So keep spreading the word about ComicPop Library to everyone you think might enjoy the show.

Music Drops Used:

  1. “Movin’ Right Along”, Kermit and Fozzie, The Muppet Movie SoundTrack, Atlantic Records, 1979.


Links: – Rene Perez’ Facebook Page. – Rene Perez’ LinkedIn Page. – iDiC Entertainment Website (Rene Perez) – Starbase Studios Facebook Page. – Starbase Studios YouTube Channel. – Starbase Studios Website. – ComicPop Library’s Facebook Page

Aug 30

Metal Gear Survive Trailer

metal gear 2

Here’s Metal Gear’s next installment for 2017 – Metal Gear Survive.  Check out the trailer through IGN’s YouTube channel:

Aug 30

“Come On, Let’s Dance!” with The Hellflowers

city bird publicityhellflowers

The Hellflowers are sharing with us their fun single “Come On, Let’s Dance!”  The single has a fun driving rock beat with a splash of punk for good measure.  It reminds me of something that you might hear Pat Benatar sing.  The music video that The Hellflowers are sharing has two distinct feels to it.  You have the band singing that has that rough edge to it and then it splits to a bright scene where a couple is dancing…and I love the Ramones Tee.  “Come On, Let’s Dance!” is the title track from the bands same titled EP that was released earlier this year.  So go to your digital vendors and look up The Hellflowers Come On, Let’s Dance! EP and while you are doing that enjoy their music video to “Come On, Let’s Dance!” through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Aug 30

Don’t Breathe Trailer

dont breathe

So did anyone check this movie out over the weekend or planning to sometime this week.  Don’t Breathe looks interesting.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Aug 30

Eileen Carey’s “In the Air” Lyric Video

KoralYoungLogo1in the air

In July Eileen Carey shared with us her single “In the Air”.  Today she wants to have the ComicPop Listeners check out her lyric video she has for her single.  Still love this upbeat song and I believe you will to so enjoy “In the Air” lyric video through Eileen Carey’s YouTube channel, so have some fun and sing along with her – Richard:

Aug 30

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Trailer

Resident Evil 2

Milla Jovovich returns to Raccoon City in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter this January.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the trailer:

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