Destiny 2 Trailer

Destiny 2 is getting ready to hit stores.  This is one several will be anxious to play and add to their library’s.  And if my ears don’t deceive me Nathan Fillion is voicing on of the characters. The PC release date is schedule for October 24.  Here’s the trailer through “destinygame’s” YouTube channel:

TRISTN’s Single “Anywhere But Here”

“Anywhere But Here” has a quiet opening and then around 26 seconds in the instruments fill in with an encompassing warm sound.  Through the verse TRISTN builds up to the chorus then crescendos to give the single some kinetic energy.  She backs off again with the second verse but with the crescendo for the second chorus she keeps that intensity through the rest of the song.  Very nicely done and TRISTN is sharing her single “Anywhere But Here” with our listeners through SoundCloud, so enjoy – Richard:

New Artist Power Ranger’s Book

Boom! Studios is gearing up for the Power Ranger’s 25th Anniversary with Saban.  This next year the publisher will be releasing Saban’s Power Rangers Artist Tribute that will have over 60 original pieces of artwork.  If you are a Power Rangers fan this might be one to keep an eye out for to add to your library’s.  The image above is to the first graphic novel available from BOOM!.  It was used since there has been no image released for the cover of this particular book.  The release date for Saban’s Power Rangers Artist Tribute is scheduled for March 21, with a $24.99 suggested retail price.  Thanks to ICv2 for this update…Power Ranger’s Go!

Noah Parker’s Music Video for “Tomorrow’s Too Late”

Noah Parker is hitting a fun rhythmic beat with his single “Tomorrow’s Too Late” single.  The single feels like a speed up pop/folk single with it being an acoustical piece.  It starts out upbeat and stays true through the whole song.  You just feel like Noah is having fun singing this piece and it comes through in his voice and with the catchy rhythm.  This one will get you head to bobbing so have some fun with Noah Parker’s “Tomorrow’s Too Late” music video through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Halo: Rise of Atriox Trailer

Are you keeping up with the Halo series in all it’s forms.  The single issues for Halo: Rise of Atriox are hitting stores so, if you want to wait, make a note so when Dark Horse Comics comes out with the collected edition you can pick it up to add to you library’s.  Here’s the trailer through Dark Horse’s YouTube channel:

Sydney Lauren’s Lyric Video for “Haunt Me”

Sydney Lauren is sharing with the our listeners her lyric video for her single “Haunt Me”.  This single has a driving bass beat that goes through out the whole song.  It takes an interesting twist during the chorus when the bass has a distorted sound to it, but then comes back to the main drive during the verse.  Sydney’s voice is nice and clear and is a pleasure to listen to.  During the verse another technique is used to give the single more depth and that is the use of bells that you hear in the background.  The single comes from Sydney’s Left in Motion EP that is available now and it gives the story of a person that is in a new relationship and is slowly seeing that you can’t let past bad relationships make you give up hope on a future one that might be good.  Here’s Sydney Lauren’s lyric video for “Haunt Me” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Ep 16 ComicPopping Manga Style with Kuroko’s Basketball

Ep 16 ComicPopping Style with Kuroko’s Basketball

I know we are into the new football season.  However, we here at ComicPop are preparing for basketball season.  Come to Seirin High’s games with us and cheer them on as we discuss Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko’s Basketball 1 & 2.

Here is another fun filled episode, by listening above, at, or wait until later today and it will be up on our iTunes feed.

Remember if you have a novel, graphic novel, movie/television series or an indie band you want us to check out let us know by e-mailing us at and we will put it in our review rotation list.  Also if you have a question or comment send us an e-mail at and we will read it during a recording.  Thank you again for everyone that listens and supports us, we are steadily growing thanks to you.  So keep spreading the word about ComicPop Library to everyone you think might enjoy the show.

What we reviewed in this episode:

  1. Kuroko’s Basketball Volume 1 & 2, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Viz Media, 2016.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “Opening Kuroko no Basket opening 1”, Ryosuke Nakanishi, 2011.
  2. “Rockin’ Robin”, Bobby Day, Class, 1958.
  3. “Train of Thought”, Four Songs, Andrew Lubman, 2007.


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Eileen Carey’s Music Video for “Good Bad Girl”

Eileen Carey let our listeners check out her single “Good Bad Girl” a while back.  Now she wants everyone to enjoy her music video for the single.  This is just a fun country single to listen to and the director of the video has fun with the concept of the song.  Love the stogie and the lead character walking through the house and Eileen and her band is there singing.  So have fun as you watch Eileen Carey’s music video for her single “Good Bad Girl” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

The Gifted Trailer

The Gifted is another Marvel television series that just began that Jonathon checked out.  He said he enjoyed it as well, so add another to my wait to watch list.  We have FilmSelect Trailer’s trailer through their YouTube channel for The Gifted:

TJ Stafford’s Music Video for “Catch”

TJ Stafford is sharing with our listeners his music video for his single “Catch”.  TJ gives us a single that has a storytelling element to it and that carries over into the music video.  It might be a slower single, but it’s the story that will hold you with the way TJ sings.  TJ does have a softer voice that blends with the instrumentals easily.  Here’s TJ Stafford’s music video for “Catch” through his YouTube channel: