Ep 79 ComicPop Visits with Rene Perez, Stormi Maya, & Pete Metz of the Feature Film “Playing with Dolls: Havoc”

Ep 79 ComicPop Visits with Rene Perez, Stormi Maya, & Pete Metz of the Feature Film “Playing with Dolls: Havoc”

It’s a Release Party!  Rene Perez, the director of Playing with Dolls: Havoc a new horror film, has invited the ComicPop Crew and our listeners to join in on the party.  With us is one of the actresses, Stormi Maya, and Pete Metz, the executive producer.  So turn out the lights and have a fun time with our Playing with Dolls: Havoc Release Party!

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Items Reviewed:

  1. Playing With Dolls: Havoc, Rene Perez – director, iDiC Entertainment, 2017.

Music Drops Used:

  1. Playing with Dolls: Havoc Film Score, The Darkest Machines, 2017.


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Moxi’s Debut Single “Figures Bathed In Light”

Moxi is debuting with a single that wants you to know they are here, with “Figures Bathed in Light”.  This single is loud and proud and not scared of itself.  I liken it to something you would find in a cinema score for a movie. Something that could be playing during a montage or more easily an ending theme during the credits.  It is really nice mix of vocals and instruments where the lyrics are sung just as strong as the instrumentals so the vocals aren’t lost.  This is harder to do than one might think, so the mixing is really well done.  Cant’ wait to hear what else Moxi might come out with.  Enjoy Moxi’s single “Figures Bathed in Light” through SoundCloud – Richard:

A Wrinkle in Time Trailer

A new adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time is set for a 2018 release.  Looks to be pretty cool.  Here’s the trailer from MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Epoch Failure’s Single “Warrior’s Hymn”

Epoch Failure has been anything but a failure since the debuted their EP Warrior’s Hymn in May.  This HipHop/Pop Duo has been feature on ESPN’s First Take as the feature artist with the show playing their title track from the EP during May and CBS Sports also used their “Legacy” track as a feature in their NFL Champsionship Chase.  The duo wants our listeners to check out their title track, “Warrior’s Hymn”, that was featured on First Take as well.  Experience that hard beat that will drive you to perform and then discover the other tracks from their Warrior’s Hymn EP from your digital vendors of choice.  Here’s Epoch Failure’s “Warrior’s Hymn” through SoundCloud – Richard:

American Assassin Trailer

Vince Flynn’s American Assassin (Mitch Rapp series) has received an adaptation from Hollywood.  If you enjoy the military/spy type of movies this one might appeal to you.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Midnight Beach Debut Single “Fantasy”

Midnight Beach is coming to our listeners from the state of Florida.  The group is sharing their debut single “Fantasy” for us.  The single has that late 1980’s – 1990’s Electronic sound that will appeal to many.  The verse really has that retro Electronic/Techno feel and when the chorus comes in it hits like a wave.  Love the energy that the chorus has and it will pick you up and get you going.  “Fantasy” is from Midnight Beach self-titled album that is available now and if they continue the fun vibe that “Fantasy” has through their whole album you will want to add it to your retro styled music library.  Here’s Midnight Beach’s “Fantasy” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Nathan M. Farrugia’s “Helix” Patreon Join Today!

Our friend Nathan M. Farrugia has started a Patreon Page to assist him in publishing the next installment of Helix, his digital episodic story that he is self publishing.  Helix is a near future techno/military thriller that I have enjoyed and I believe many of my fellow readers would as well.  There are different levels on the Patreon Page that you can assist with and it is a one time payment, not a monthly payment.  So jump on over and support Nathan today for an awesome read! – Richard

Nathan M. Farrugia’s Helix Patreon Page

Emma Charleston Latest Single “Volcano”

Emma Charleston is giving our listeners a flowing single with “Volcano”.  With her latest single Emma uses her folk background more than her pop.  “Volcano” has a spiritual feel to it that takes the listener on a pleasant journey that one can use to contemplate things or just experience the magic of nature through Emma’s words, very nicely done.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Volcano” through SoundCloud and if you enjoyed it remember that her EP, Enjoy the Ride is available now for you to purchase through your digital vendor of choice.  You won’t be disappointed by adding it to your folk/pop music library – Richard:

The Orville Trailer

The Orville is coming to FOX and it looks to be a fun ride.  Thanks to moviemaniacsDE’s YouTube channel for the following trailer:

Charlotte Bash’s “Leave” Music Video

Charlotte Bash is having some fun with her Princess Game LP.  This really comes through in her music video for her single, from the album, “Leave”.  In the video and as you can tell by the album photo that she is dressing up in some fun elaborate costumes.  Charlotte’s voice has a smooth Alto quality that flows with her single.  “Leave” has a catchy rhythm that will pull you in, but Charlotte’s voice is the main focus that will capture you.  Her album Princess Game is available from your digital vendor of choice, but to tie you over until you can get there, here’s Charlotte Bash’s music video for “Leave” – Richard: