Common Deer’s Newest Single “Wait!”

Common Deer is giving our listeners a taste of their second EP with their single “Wait!”  This single has a good driving beat that is sustained throughout the single.  The verse is fairly tame, but when the chorus hits it comes in strong with a powerful burst of energy.  The band’s second EP is simply entitle EPII which is available from your digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Common Deer’s single “Wait!”, through SoundCloud, for you to check out while your looking up their music – Richard:

The Future of DVD’s?

AnimeNews Network has an interesting interview/article with Sentai Filmworks announcement that in 2019 it will phase out the majority of it’s DVD production and go primarily to a Blu-ray production.  This will probably be the trend with other distributors as well.  Think back to when VHS’ were phased out, now it’s DVD’s turn.  Such is the march of time, but in reality our household still has a VHS player to play some of the VHS’ that don’t have an updated format.  Here’s the link over to the article

Why Is Sentai Filmworks Phasing Out DVDs?

Conventioner’s Single “Trouble”

Conventioner has a smoky sound to his voice that draws you into his single “Trouble” from his Legacy EP.  This single would feel comfortable in a romantic movie, specifically the part where the leads realize they are in love with each other and are struggling to express themselves.  The instrumentals have a nice smooth flow to them that carry the listeners along the verse to it’s conclusion.  Conventioner has a second EP out now entitled Love or Protection and he wanted our listeners to get a taste of his music with “Trouble”.  So as you listen check out both of this EPs on you digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Conventioner’s single “Trouble” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Tomb Raider Trailer

We get to see the beginning of Lara Croft, in 2018’s Tomb Raider.  From what I can tell by watching Logan playing the video game it looks like an adaptation of the game.  Certain scenes pretty much were used from the game.  Here’s the trailer from MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Between the Rain’s Single “Mudroom”

Between the Rain is giving our listeners some hard rock to get us driving forward through the day, with their single “Mudroom”.  For me this is some nice old school hard rock with the guitar pushing the song forward and the vocals being sung with some attitude.  Really nice job and fans for this genre will love their single.  Definitely interested in what the band will give us next.  So get some attitude going with Between the Rain’s single “Mudroom” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Lego Dimensions Wave 9

If you love Lego’s and in extension their Lego’s Dimensions game you are able to get new characters now with their September releases.  For wave 9 Lego has added packs from Teen Titans Go!, PowerPuff Girls and BeetleJuice.  Check it out through DC’s YouTube channel:

Orissa’s Single “Tara”

Orissa is sharing with our listeners their single “Tara”.  This is one that will appeal to our long play listeners.  I believe Orissa wants “Tara” to be a musical experience for you.  Their style for this single is stadium rock with a nice guitar solo for the listener to get into.  “Tara” is from the band’s upcoming album Resurrection due out this Fall.  Until the album’s release here’s Orissa’s single “Tara” for you to enjoy through SoundCloud – Richard:

Tsukiuta Trailer

If you have a joy for J-Pop or K-Pop this the anime Tsukiuta looks to be the right fit for you.  Our family loves this type of music so we will have to pick this up and check it out.  Looks to have some fun music in it.  Here’s the trailer for Tsukiuta through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Crashing Atlas’ Latest Single “Savages”

Another strong rock outing for Crashing Atlas with their new single “Savages”.  Vocals and nice and clear and the instrumentals are on point with a rocking beat.  We had a spotlight on them previously with the bands single “Ascend” and Crashing Atlas has not disappointed with “Savages”.  If you haven’t picked up their Ascend album yet, get to you digital vendor of choice to get it.  Here’s Crashing Atlas’ “Savages”, through SoundCloud, for you to enjoy while you look for their album – Richard:

Jeepers Creepers 3 Trailer

You know that October is right around the corner when more and more horror movies start to appear.  Here’s the latest to hit your local theaters, Jeepers Creepers 3.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel: