The Birds Over Arkansas have “So Much Sky” To Sing About


The Folk/Americana group Birds Over Arkansas is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their single “So Much Sky” .  Scott Haskitt and Laura Hartshorn blend really well and have strong voices that don’t get lost within the instrumentals.  Scott also plays guitar and Laura is the keyboardist of the group along with John Mondick on guitar, mandolin, and vocals and Ryan Berg on drums and percussion.  With this single I like everything, but what they did at the beginning was my cup of tea.  It sounds like they are emulating a vinyl record that is scratchy.  This is nostalgic to some, but for me I like the nice clean crisp music and after the first 40ish seconds that is what the listener gets in spades.  All in all this is a solid piece and look forward to hearing more from them.  Birds Over Arkansas have the album this single is on scheduled to be released later this year, but as of this time I do not have the information of the album’s title.  Until their album becomes available here is Birds over Arkansas’ “So Much Sky” through SoundCloud – Richard: