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Mar 21

Solarrio “Hopeless” Music Video

Solarrio is letting our listeners check out his music video for his single “Hopeless”.  Solarrio keeps that Pop/Synth that he has established with his other singles, but with this one he slows it down a bit.  The single still has a great beat and you will be dancing to this one just like his others, …

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Mar 08

Emma Charleston’s Single “Falling”

Emma Charleston hits me in one of my sweet spots with her single “Falling” that she is sharing with ComicPop’s listeners.  Emma has a nice clean strong voice that shines with this singles acoustical folk/pop style.  This reminds me of something back in the day that John Denver would sing.  This is a great way …

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Feb 23

Solarrio’s “Safety of a Mob” Music Video

Solarrio is sharing with us his music video for the single “Safety of a Mob”.  This single has his signature electro/pop style, but he brings it down a little bit and has this single be a little introspective.  We don’t get political here and even though the song title can be interpreted as political Solarrio …

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Feb 15

Distance Between Dreams Original Soundtrack

Tom Holkenbory, aka Junkie XL, is sharing with our listeners a track from the Distance Between Dreams Original Soundtrack, that he scored, entitled “The Workx”.  For the thrill seekers that we have the soundtrack, that “The Workx” is from, is the documentary film Distance Between Dreams that is produced by Red Bull Media about one of …

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Feb 10

Common Deer’s Single “Confession (I Should Have Known)”

Common Deer gives our listeners a chance to hear their single “Confession (I Should Have Known)”, from their I EP.  “Confession” lands comfortably in the folk genre.  The single has a great rhythm that draws in the listener from the start.  It isn’t overly fast, just a nice upbeat feel, even though the single isn’t …

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Dec 23

Solarrio’s Music Video for “Treadmill”

Solarrio has shared with us his single “Treadmill” now he wants to share the music video he did for the single.  The video is shoot in as he walks through different locations in Tokyo.  The one location that stood out for me was just 19 seconds into the music video he is standing outside the …

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Dec 12

Solarrio Releases His Single “Treadmill”

Solarrio is sharing his music with us again and this time it is his single “Treadmill”.  This single has that electronic style to it that was in his previous single he shared with us, “Drops”.  The single has a powerful base beat, but it doesn’t over power Solario’s vocals.  With his strong voice and upbeat …

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Nov 14

Michael Colton is “Busted”

Michael Colton has recently released his EP California Blue.  He has been great to us here by letting our listeners listen to several of the tracks from the EP.  He is doing it again with his single “Busted”.  Michael is wanting all of our listeners to enjoy his not just the single, but the music …

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Nov 03

Solarrio’s “Drops” Music Video

Solarrio is sharing our listeners his music video for his recently released single “Drops”.  From the outset the listener knows what they are in for, which is right square in the electro/pop genre.  You can tell that Solarrio is doing a call back to the 1980’s with this single.  His voice has that quality to …

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Oct 07

Michael Colton’s Music Video for “Won’t Fall Away”

If you are looking for a great sounding country single Michael Colton’s single “Won’t Fall Away” will satisfy that itch, from his upcoming California Blue EP.  Michael is sharing with our listeners his music video that was produced for “Won’t Fall Away”.  The song and music video take you back to a simpler time.  The …

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