Cassandra Maze’s “Wait” Music Video

From the opening guitar solo you get the feel of “Wait” that Cassandra Maze is sharing with us.  This reminds me of some old school rock/pop singles.  You have that driving beat that propels you through the single and then you have the pop flavor pouring in throughout the single.  Very nice mixture that Cassandra achieves and one that many will dig.  I love the clock themed music video that was produced for “Wait”.  Cassandra’s look in the video is great as well and conveys a striking image.  All the way around this is a well crafted single and music video.  Her EP Velocity will be hitting soon so keep an eye out for it from your digital vendor of choice.  Until then enjoy Cassandra Maze’s music video for “Wait” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Najuah’s Summer Single “Wandering”

Najuah is sharing with our listeners their Summer  feel good song “Wandering”.  As you can tell from the picture above Najuah is a duo made up of sisters Hanifa and Juliet.  The instrumentals have a light fun feel to them and the ladies voices add to that feeling with a great blend.  the light fun feel comes from the staccato strings, but the single still has that driving drum beat the fuels the single even more.  “Wandering” comes from their album Desert Moon, which you can find in your digital vendor of choice.  Until you check out their album try to stop your body from moving to Najuah’s upbeat single “Wandering” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Emma Charleston’s Latest Single “Enjoy the Ride”

Emma Charleston is back again sharing her latest release “Enjoy the Ride” from her Enjoy the Ride EP.  With this single Emma slows the pace down with a piano intro and then builds to a crescendo and then back to a slower pace to begin the next verse.  This piece is a contemplative single that reminds everyone to “Enjoy the Ride”.  This single has the mix of pop/folk that works well for Emma that many will enjoy.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Enjoy the Ride” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Eileen Carey’s Latest “Good Bad Girl”

Eileen Carey invites our listeners to join her on a fun ride with her latest single “Good Bad Girl”.  Eileen is still carrying through with a nice strong sound and upbeat country/pop beat with this single.  It’s just a fun catchy song to enjoy and I love the quote she has with this single:

“It’s perfectly fine for a girl to have a little mystery in her personality. We all have within us a little angel and a little devil. Most of the time, I play nice. But “Good Bad Girl” lets me show my more adventurous side.”

Here’s Eileen Carey’s single “Good Bad Girl” through SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy – Richard:

Emma Charleston’s “Wonderland”

Emma Charleston is back and sharing with us her latest single “Wonderland”.  Emma gives us a folksy ballad that fits her strong clear voice.  With her second folk single out this seems to be the genre of choice for her, but as with any artist they will have fun with other genres as well.  As with Emma’s first single “Falling”, “Wonderland” will be enjoyed by our listeners of folk music and some that want to enjoy a solid ballad that transports you into your mind’s memory of a loved shared.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Wonderland” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ep 54 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Rod Melancon

Ep 54 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Rod Melancon

Rod Melancon takes us on a journey down Louisiana Highway 14’s darker side.  Join us as we click the miles away discussing Rod’s rockin’ highwayman style in his LA14 EP.

Join us for another fun episode by listening above, at or wait until later today and it will be up on our iTunes feed.

Remember if you have a novel, graphic novel, movie/television series or an indie band you want us to check out let us know and we will put it in our review rotation list.  Also if you have a question or comment send us an e-mail at and we will read it during a recording.  Thank you again for everyone that listens and supports us, we are steadily growing thanks to you.  So keep spreading the word about ComicPop Library to everyone you think might enjoy the show.

What we reviewed in this episode:

  1. LA14 EP, Rod Melancon, Medina River Records, 2016.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “Perry”, LA14 EP, Rod Melancon, Medina River Records, 2016.
  2. “Lights of Carencro”, LA14 EP, Rod Melancon, Medina River Records, 2016.


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Solarrio “Hopeless” Music Video

Solarrio is letting our listeners check out his music video for his single “Hopeless”.  Solarrio keeps that Pop/Synth that he has established with his other singles, but with this one he slows it down a bit.  The single still has a great beat and you will be dancing to this one just like his others, but maybe just a little bit closer to your partner.  Here’s Solarrio’s music video for “Hopeless” through his YouTube channel and after watching it give him your support by downloading his album from your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

Emma Charleston’s Single “Falling”

Emma Charleston hits me in one of my sweet spots with her single “Falling” that she is sharing with ComicPop’s listeners.  Emma has a nice clean strong voice that shines with this singles acoustical folk/pop style.  This reminds me of something back in the day that John Denver would sing.  This is a great way to have a first single.  I can’t wait to see if Emma continues down the folk/pop genre or if she will change up, but for my .02 Cents worth this genre she would shine in and I look forward to her next release.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Falling” through SoundCloud – Richard

Solarrio’s “Safety of a Mob” Music Video

Solarrio is sharing with us his music video for the single “Safety of a Mob”.  This single has his signature electro/pop style, but he brings it down a little bit and has this single be a little introspective.  We don’t get political here and even though the song title can be interpreted as political Solarrio handles it in such a way that the topic is neutral.  “Safety of a Mob” could apply to any situation and any view.  So he is to be commended for walking that line.  The music video is put together with him in a forest interspersed with flashes, of what I can a film negative look, of a person that one would typically think of being in a mob.  Here’s Solarrio’s “Safety of a Mob” through his YouTube channel and if you like what you hear be sure to support him – Richard:

Common Deer’s Single “Confession (I Should Have Known)”

Common Deer gives our listeners a chance to hear their single “Confession (I Should Have Known)”, from their I EP.  “Confession” lands comfortably in the folk genre.  The single has a great rhythm that draws in the listener from the start.  It isn’t overly fast, just a nice upbeat feel, even though the single isn’t technically upbeat in it’s lyrics.  The drums give you that beat, but they are muted so that the other instruments can shine and it all blends together beautifully with the vocals.  As everyone knows I enjoy the folk genre so you know I am interested in what Common Deer will come out with next.  Their EP I is available now, so if you enjoy them as much as I do, search for them on your downloader of choice and help support them.  Until then here is Common Deer’s “Confession (I Should Have Known)” through SoundCloud – Richard: