Natalie Shay’s New Single “This Feeling”

Natalie Shay is sharing with our listeners her new single “This Feeling”.  “This Feeling” starts out for a few seconds like it is going to be a slower song for the listeners.  Then around ten seconds in the beat starts picking up until you are in the midst of a flow blown fun upbeat song.  Natalie carries the single with a powerful performance with some strong vocals.  Natalie is currently working on new music for release, but this single is available now for everyone to check out.  Enjoy Natalie Shay’s “This Feeling” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Annachristie Sapphire’s New Single “Cut The Line”

Annachristie Sapphire is sharing with our listeners her new single “Cut The Line” from her upcoming EP Desert Car.  When the single starts out it has a ethereal feel to it and then transitions into a more traditional folk/americana sound during the chorus.  From there “Cut The Line” goes back and forth for an interesting mix.  It gives the listener a relaxed feel to experience Annachriste’s sound.  Annachristie’s voice fits well with this style and I can see more coming from her that I will enjoy.  So until we get word of when her Desert Car EP will release Annachriste Sapphire wants you to enjoy “Cut The Line” through SoundCloud – Richard

Disco Shrine’s Latest Single “Up In The Air”

Disco Shrine gives us an electronic/disco sound with her latest single “Up In The Air”.  I really enjoy Disco Shrine’s lower alto range.  It blends in well with the instrumentals, but doesn’t get lost in them.  The verse leads the listener on a journey that culminates with a flowing chorus that sweeps you away.  The journey that it taken within this song is intentional as it represents Disco Shrine’s parents journey to the United States from Iran.  “Up In The Air” is available now and she has more releases planned.  Here’s Disco Shrine’s “Up In The Air” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Blake Brown’s New Single “Stop Shakin'”

Blake Brown and The American Dust Choir is sharing with our listeners their lead track, “Stop Shakin'”, from the upcoming LP Long Way Home.  Straight out of the gate with the guitar intro this single just hit me with a fun vibe.  To me it is very reminiscent of the 1960’s Beach sound reminding me of something you would hear from Jan & Dean and the like.  Blake’s voice has a smoky quality to it that lends itself well for me, but I grew up loving Bryan Adams.   With all this going on this single has a simple and catchy rhythm that is infectious and just gets you into a good mood.  Very interested in what Blake has in store with the rest of the Long Way Home LP due out this March.  Until then enjoy Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir’s single “Stop Shakin'” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Aidan James’ New Single “What My Friends Talk About”

Aidan James’ is sharing with our listeners his new single “What My Friends Talk About”.  Aidan has been featured on Good Morning America, an HBO Documentary, and has had an NFL ProBowl music spot.  He isn’t stopping there and wants to let everyone check out his new single.  “What My Friends Talk About” is has a great indie/pop sound that pulls the listener in and just enjoy the music.  Very catchy and will get your head to bobbing.  I can see why Aidan is hitting it right now and can’t wait to see what else he comes out with.  Take a moment and just have some fun listening to Aidan James’ single “What My Friends Talk About” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Kindo’s New Single “Return to Me”

Kindo is back on the scene after a 4 year pause and want to share their newest single “Return to Me” with our listeners.  Kindo is a slight modification of the bands original name.  Some of you might remember them as The Reign of Kindo now it’s just Kindo.  In “Return to Me” the band mixes in several sounds which is a little over powering at first, but once the listener gets attuned to what the band is doing the single is a fun listen.  At the midpoint of the single I really latched on to this single loving that guitar coming in strong and the beat becoming stronger through the rest of the song.  The vocals from out of the gate are nice and clear and drive this single forward with staying power that I really enjoyed.  Check out Kindo’s newest single “Return to Me” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Tiavara’s Hard Hitting Single “Celestial Dance”

I will admit that with Metal the song has to hit me just right to enjoy it.  With Tiavara’s single “Celestial Dance” they have hit that sweet spot with me.  The group is sharing with our listeners their latest single that comes from the Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions LP, which will be available on April 27.  “Celestial Dance” has an old school metal sound to it that I got into right away.  Mixed in with that beat is a subtle Middle Eastern rhythm that goes in and out throughout the single that just added a layer to the single.   Tiavara also gives the listener a message to take to heart and I especially like the lyric, “Don’t let them clip your wings”, good stuff loved it.  If “Celestial Dance” is any indication of what their album will be like and I can see many fans enjoying it, so mark your calendars for when Tiavara’s Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions LP drops.  Until then hit it hard with Tiavara’s “Celestial Dance” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Corina Corina’s Latest Single “BAR$”

Corina Corina is sharing with our listeners her latest single “BAR$” which comes from her upcoming third LP, Hangover Music.  Have to admit the title to the LP is great, love it.  However, “BARS” hits you in the face from the night before the hangover.  It has a really nice R&B driving beat that is the back bone of the single.  With Corina’s vocals this single is a well done and will get you up and out on the dance floor.  Get your morning started with a groovin’ tune with Corina Corina’s “BAR$” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Fiona Grey’s New Single “Dirty Dream”

“Dirty Dreams” comes out from the start with a hard base beat that carries through the single.  I can definitely hear this being played in a club.  Fiona’s voice and the style of music that she has with “Dirty Dreams” really reminds me of Marina and the Diamonds (for those of you that have been with us you might remember April reviewed one of their albums back in the day).  Besides Marina and the Diamonds I also got a Katy Perry feel with this single.  This is just a fun song and Fiona hits all the marks with ease.  Really enjoyed it and can’t wait to hear what she will be on her forthcoming EP.  Until then here’s Fiona Grey’s “Dirty Dreams” through SoundCloud – Richard:

StoryTown Releases Their New Single “I Am More Than This”

StoryTown is hitting the music with their new single “I Am More Than This” and they are letting our listeners check it out.  The name StoryTown fits this band to the “T” with this single.  “I Am More Than This’ has a late 1970’s – early 1980’s rock feel to it and the lyrics pretty much gives you a story.  The drum gives the single a solid feel and it’s the keyboard or synth that really drives home that 1980’s feel.  The vocals are the icing on top that for me make this song very enjoyable to listen to.  Nicely done and I am definitely interested in what the band will come out with next.  Until then you can enjoy StoryTown’s single “I Am More Than This” through SoundCloud – Richard: