The Dot and The Line’s Single “Wait For You”

The Dot And The Line is sharing with our listeners then Synth single “Wait For You”.  With the beat that the duo have given this single it has a little bit of edge and darkness to it.  But the lyrics are one that most want to hear from the one the love…that “I’ll wait for you”.  The lead vocals are done in a what I would call a feathery aspect that softens the bass beat with a nice contrasting sound.  Check out The Dot And The Line’s “Wait For You” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Sterling Rhyne’s Debut Single “Remedy”

Sterling Rhyne is hitting the streets of New York with this Jazzy debut single “Remedy”.  Some people on think of Jazz as being an instrumental genre, but Sterling is reminding everyone that vocals are a key part of the genre as well.  This piece has an upbeat, fun feel to it so all our listeners check out Sterling Rhyne’s single “Remedy” through SoundCould – Richard:

Conventioner’s Single “Never Breaking”

Conventioner is a musician based out of Florida that is working on his Sophomore EP after his Legacy EP.  He is giving ComicPop listeners a chance to sample his music with “Never Breaking”, one of his newer releases.  The single is a synth ballad that flows over the listener.  Not what you normally think of with synth and the dance floor, but for a change of pace to slow it down a bit it still works.  Because you know every once in a while you need to slow it down on the dance floor.  Check out Conventioner’s single “Never Breaking” through SoundCloud – Richard:

TRISTN’s Single “Anywhere But Here”

“Anywhere But Here” has a quiet opening and then around 26 seconds in the instruments fill in with an encompassing warm sound.  Through the verse TRISTN builds up to the chorus then crescendos to give the single some kinetic energy.  She backs off again with the second verse but with the crescendo for the second chorus she keeps that intensity through the rest of the song.  Very nicely done and TRISTN is sharing her single “Anywhere But Here” with our listeners through SoundCloud, so enjoy – Richard:

Town Meeting’s Latest Single “Geography”

It’s time for another Town Meeting.  This time Town Meeting is letting us enjoy their folk single “Geography” from their Geography Part 1 EP.  This is a nice clean folk single.  Sometimes simply is best and with “Geography” the group uses the acoustical sound to all it’s advantages.  I enjoy having the different types of music so you can take breaks and slow down and enjoy these traditions that music has sprung from.  Take some time to listen to “Geography”, through SoundCloud, and if you like what you here be sure to look up their EP from your digital vendor of choice.  I know I’m eager to hear more – Richard

Kylie Spence’s Debut Single “Lying Eyes”

Kylie Spence is sharing with our listeners her debut single “Lying Eyes”.  Kylie starts the single with a simple sound and then the instrumentals come in and her voice swells to a nice pop beat.  I love this fuller sound in the chorus.  Definitely interested in what she delivers on her EP.  Until then here’s Kylie Spence’s “Lying Eyes” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Kelsey Kerrigan’s Single “Driving Around”

Kelsey Kerrigan want’s everyone to take a listen to her single “Driving Around”.  This single has an upbeat driving beat that gets the listener interested from the start.  The style is kind of a pop infused folk sound.  This is one that you would throw into the car and as the title suggests just listen to as you’re driving around.  It’s one of those songs that gets your head to bobbing.  The ending will catch you by surprise, but as a whole I enjoyed it.  Here’s Kelsey Kerrigan’s single “Driving Around” through SoundCloud – Richard:

The Lavender Scare’s Single “Drag for a Queen”

The Lavender Scare is sharing with us their single “Drag for a Queen”.  The style of this single is very much in the tradition of what you might hear coming out of the theater or more specifically the cabaret.  With this being my only experience with the duos music I’m unsure if they will continue with this style or develop other sounds.  This is a very specific style, but The Lavender Scare hits it on the mark.  Here’s The Lavender Scare’s “Drag for A Queen” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Conventioner’s Single “Trouble”

Conventioner has a smoky sound to his voice that draws you into his single “Trouble” from his Legacy EP.  This single would feel comfortable in a romantic movie, specifically the part where the leads realize they are in love with each other and are struggling to express themselves.  The instrumentals have a nice smooth flow to them that carry the listeners along the verse to it’s conclusion.  Conventioner has a second EP out now entitled Love or Protection and he wanted our listeners to get a taste of his music with “Trouble”.  So as you listen check out both of this EPs on you digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Conventioner’s single “Trouble” through SoundCloud – Richard: