OVTLIER’s Newest Music Video “Broken Bones”

It’s a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock morning today.  This outing OVTLIER is sharing with our listeners again by letting us view their music video for their newest single “Broken Bones”.  OVTLIER makes no bones about it that they are a hard rock band and they have a similar sound as bands like Linken Park…part screamo/part what I would call normal voiced vocals.  This style I really like because it gets you pumped up, but also allows the listener a calming section before ratcheting everything back up again.  The music video is basically a concert video, which fits because with this type of music you are banging your head to much enjoying the music.  Check out OVTLIER’s “Broken Bones” music video , from their What Doesn’t Kill You EP, through their YouTube channel – Richard: