Eleanor Tallie’s Single “Promised Land”

Eleanor Tallie is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her single “Promised Land”.  Eleanor as a nice clear voice that has a smooth quality.  Her voice is very easy to listen to and she uses that smoothness to her advantage with a R&B style sound.  Eleanor calls her style “Neo-Funk”, a mixture of funk, neo-soul, R&B, jam, jazz, and hip-hop.  Interested to see where she goes from here.  Until then here’s Eleanor Tallie’s “Promised Land” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Leilani Wolfgramm’s Single “Live Wire”

Leilani Wolfgramm is sharing with our listeners her single “Live Wire”.  Leilani has a nice full alto voice that flows through the single.  The single’s style is definitely reggae, but with Leilani’s soulful voice you see the R&B sneaking through.  Leilani has an EP coming out in January and I’m interested to see where her musically choices go.  Will she gives us both reggae and R&B singles or stick more to one genre?  Whatever she chooses she has the voice to do either one.  Until January Leilani Wolfgramm wants everyone to check out her single “Live Wire” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Starbenders’ Latest Single “Julian”

Starbenders’ is wanting everyone to enjoy their latest single “Julian”.  This is glam rock at it’s finest.  This was a fun listen.  The music gets into you and for some reason, at least for me, I couldn’t help but bob my head and have a grin on my face.  The vocals aren’t lost in the instruments and everything just fits together perfectly on this single.  Can’t wait to check out more of their music.  So get into Starbenders’ fun single “Julian through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ascending Dawn’s Lyric Video for “Inside the Silence”

Ascending Dawn hits it out of the park again with “Inside the Silence”.  This single infuses that hard rockin’ beat again for us heavy metal/hard rock lovers.  Marlain’s vocals give the single a clear tone that resonates through the instrumentals to ease some of the harshness that sometimes comes across in this type of music.  I love this blending and can’t wait to hear more.  The band is wanting you to experience their music in preparation for the Coalesce LP release on December 1.  So until then Ascending Dawn wants you to rock with them with their single “Inside the Silence” through their YouTube – Richard:

Ascending Dawn’s Music Video for “Cannonball”

If you like the hard rock/heavy metal sound you will love Ascending Dawn’s single “Cannonball”.  The single has that hard driving beat and nice vocals that you will enjoy.  The video uses black and white photography with quick cuts to make the video interesting.  “Cannonball” is from the group’s upcoming LP Coalesce, which is scheduled for a December 1 release date.  Here’s Ascending Dawn’s music video for “Cannonball” through their YouTube channel – Richard:

TRISTN’s Single “Nothing To Say (Nothin’) Video

TRISTN is sharing with the ComicPop listeners again with her acoustical version of her single “Nothing to Say (Nothin’).  The video that she is sharing is a studio video, so you get to see the group in a relaxed setting.  Another great song for everyone to enjoy.  So here’s TRISTN’s “Nothing to Say (Nothin’), from her upcoming album January, through Vevo’s website – Richard:

Nothing to Say (Nothin’) Acoustic by TRISTN on VEVO.

Sterling Rhyne’s Debut Single “Remedy”

Sterling Rhyne is hitting the streets of New York with this Jazzy debut single “Remedy”.  Some people on think of Jazz as being an instrumental genre, but Sterling is reminding everyone that vocals are a key part of the genre as well.  This piece has an upbeat, fun feel to it so all our listeners check out Sterling Rhyne’s single “Remedy” through SoundCould – Richard:

Conventioner’s Single “Never Breaking”

Conventioner is a musician based out of Florida that is working on his Sophomore EP after his Legacy EP.  He is giving ComicPop listeners a chance to sample his music with “Never Breaking”, one of his newer releases.  The single is a synth ballad that flows over the listener.  Not what you normally think of with synth and the dance floor, but for a change of pace to slow it down a bit it still works.  Because you know every once in a while you need to slow it down on the dance floor.  Check out Conventioner’s single “Never Breaking” through SoundCloud – Richard:

TRISTN’s Single “Anywhere But Here”

“Anywhere But Here” has a quiet opening and then around 26 seconds in the instruments fill in with an encompassing warm sound.  Through the verse TRISTN builds up to the chorus then crescendos to give the single some kinetic energy.  She backs off again with the second verse but with the crescendo for the second chorus she keeps that intensity through the rest of the song.  Very nicely done and TRISTN is sharing her single “Anywhere But Here” with our listeners through SoundCloud, so enjoy – Richard:

Jelly Ellington’s Music Video “Let Go”

Jelly Ellington is sharing with our listeners his music video for “Let Go”, featuring Philly G.  Jelly gives us a single that has some really nice guitar features and he actually begins the song with a guitar solo.  The rhythm is moody and kind of bluesy and along with the music video we take a stroll through the city as he sings.  Philly G. comes in half way through the single with a very well done feature.  This is one that definitely slows the pace down, but we need that every now and then.  Here’s Jelly Ellington’s “Let Go” music video featuring Philly G. through Jelly’s YouTube channel – Richard: