Eden Warsaw’s Latest Single “Somebody Tell Me”

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Eden Warsaw is sharing with us his single “Somebody Tell Me”.  This single has a nice strong rock/pop feel and the vocals come through great.  It is a more serious song that Eden is wanting people to consider and contemplate what he is singing about, because many people have these feelings.  “Somebody Tell Me” is from his Calm the Coast LP and Eden is sharing the single with us through SoundCloud – Richard:

Brad Byrd’s Music Video for “Highest Mountain”

Brad Byrd has that mid-range baritone voice that is easy to listen to.  With “Highest Mountain” he is working that mix of pop/country, with the pop sound being the most prominent style.  It kind of falls in between genres like John Denver’s music did, it’s pop but not quite pop and it’s country but not quite country.  For me this style works and I enjoyed the single with the instrumentals and vocals working really well together to fit Brad’s voice.  Brad’s music has been feature on The New Girl, Happy Endings, American Housewife, Ben & Kate, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  The music video fits the single with it taking place on an actual mountain.  It is also interesting that the director used a drone in the mountain’s to get the shots for the video.  Here’s Brad Byrd’s music video “Highest Mountain” from his album by the same name – Richard:

Bryan Stave’s Single “Monday Song”


“Monday Song” is an infectious song.  Bryan Stave hit’s it out of the park on this one for me.  The song is fun and upbeat, with lyrics that are just as fun to listen to.  “Monday Song” is one I can listen to over and over again and not get tired of it, to much fun!  If this song doesn’t get your head to bobbin’ and your foot to tappin’ I don’t know what will.  Even though I’m a day off on when I’m posting this have a listen to Bryan Stave’s single “Monday Song” and brighten up your day with some fun music.  Here it is through SoundCloud – Richard:

Kyle Motsinger’s Music Video for “Midwest Boy”

Kyle Motsinger, with his single “Midwest Boy”, has developed a piece that mixes a couple of time periods.  At the beginning of the single the piano gives it a 1920’s feel and Kyle cements that feeling in the music video.  The first minute, eight second of the music video feels like a 1920’s movie.  After the minute – eight mark the music and video shift into a modern day setting and hits a pop beat that mixes 1970’s and current trends…you can definitely pick up on his theatrical background with this single.  I’m sure Kyle is probably pulling from personal past, but his appearance and friendly face makes it hard for him to pull of a hard ridden Midwest boy.  It’s a fun single that once it starts clipping along and with the upbeat feel I enjoyed it and hope he carries that upbeat feeling into his other music.  Here’s the music video for “Midwest Boy” from Kyle Motsinger’s YouTube channel and then be sure to check out his album Far Away, available June 9, from your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

Seven Day Sleep’s Music Video “Red Lipstick Murders”

Seven Day Sleep isn’t wanting our listeners to sleep.  They want you to check out their music video for their single “Red Lipstick Murders”.  The leads vocals are really crisp and clear and when the single starts the simple keystrokes sound eerie and then the heavy sound hits fast to lead into the verse which is more of a pop influence and then they band takes you into the metal sound with the chorus.  I really love the beat of this single and the different things that they bring into it.  Seven Day Sleep’s style for this single appeals to me and I think others will enjoy it as well.  The music video they have with the single is fun to watch as well.  All the way around a nicely packaged single.  Their EP A Home For Disgusting Fairies is due out on June 2 so keep an eye out on your digital vendors of choice.  Until then enjoy Seven Day Sleep’s music video for “Red Lipstick Murders” – Richard:

Farrah Mechael’s Single “Be Here”

Farrah Mechael is sharing with our listeners her latest single “Be Here”, from her Farrah Please EP.  “Be Here” sets squarely in the pop arena and with some of the choices of music style, with the instrumentals, it has an international feel.  This international feel fits well since the lyrics mention ‘traveling around the world’.  The single asks if someone’s significant other will be there if paths one takes has them traveling.  You would think this would be a slow single, however the instrumentals and Farrah’s vocals give it that popping vibe.  Here’s Farrah Mechael’s “Be Here” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Marcus Paul James Delivers with “Living in Dreams”

Rhythm and Blues listeners rejoice!  You have a new single that delivers a strong entry into the genre in Marcus Paul James’ “Living in Dreams”.  The single is from his EP Paper Hearts and if the rest of the EP is like this single it will be a beautiful addition to your music collections.  Marcus has that powerful lower range voice that resonates through the whole single.  The instrumentals with the single lend a heaviness to the single that takes the listener on a complete journey.  Take some time and enjoy Marcus Paul James’ “Living in Dreams” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jerome Bell’s Single “Burn Easy”

Jerome Bell is wanting our listeners to “Burn Easy” with his latest single.  From the very first notes you know this single has an island influence.  Jerome has this smooth low range that flows over the listener.  With the island music and its timbre it is fun blending you voice with the  instruments and not be over taken by the instruments.  Jerome goes right to that edge with this piece, but doesn’t cross it.  You can still distinguish the lyrics as the chorus is playing, but it is something that any artist like Jerome has to watch out for with their lower voice range.  “Burn Easy” itself is one to take with you that can be used to set a mood, were the couple described in the song are taking it slow so neither one of them gets burned.  Many can relate to this and even though a summer fling might be fun, taking it slow might be more fulfilling in the long run.  Here’s Jerome Bell’s “Burn Easy” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Phenix’ Music Video for “So Gone”

Phenix is sharing with us her music video for “So Gone” from her self titled EP.  The single itself comes in with a hard base beat, with the keyboard of all things but it works, that lets you know this song has attitude.  Phenix doesn’t let down when she comes in with the vocals either.  This single wants to let everyone know that the individual is ready for the world and will take it by storm.  Very much an empowering song.  Even in the music video the director had Phenix and the other ladies dance with hard stomping attitude as well.  Her EP is available from your digital vendor of choice so check out Phenix’ music video “So Gone” through her YouTube channel and then check out her EP – Richard:

Nick Blaemire’s Music Video for “She’s You”

Nick Blaemire is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is the music video for his single “She’s You”.  Nick is a self proclaimed “Nerd Soulist”.  When you hear the opening of “She’s You” you definitely know that Soul is involved with that bass guitar strumming out the beat.  Then you have Nick coming in with his clear vocals keeping up an upbeat groovy feel.  This is a fun song along with a fun music video.  With “She’s You” having such an infectious beat you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving along with the rhythm and singing along.  I have to point out I loved the scene where they have Nick singing on top of a bed and he has to adjust his glasses…everyone that wears glasses knows what he is going through.  His forthcoming EP is The Ampersand and if he keeps having fun like this can’t wait to hear the rest of it.  Start your day with Nick Blaemire and his music video for “She’s You” through his YouTube channel – Richard: