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Apr 17

Nick Blaemire’s Music Video for “She’s You”

Nick Blaemire is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is the music video for his single “She’s You”.  Nick is a self proclaimed “Nerd Soulist”.  When you hear the opening of “She’s You” you definitely know that Soul is involved with that bass guitar strumming out the beat.  Then you have Nick coming …

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Apr 12

Psychocide’s Music Video for “Mr. Suit”

Psychocide is slamming it with their hard rock/psychedelic style.  The group’s album, Alcohol & Bad Decisions, is available now that you can find at your digital vendor of choice.  Psychocide is sharing with us their music video for their single “Mr. Suit” which takes on the adage of what goes around comes around.  I am …

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Apr 11

J. Ven’s Single “Barely Alive”

J. Ven is giving the ComicPop listeners a chance to check out his single “Barely Alive”.  This single has a great pop/R&B feel to it that just draws the listener in from the beginning of the song.  J. Ven does have a softer voice so he will have to be wary of the instrumentals occasionally …

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Apr 03

Nick Blaemire’s Single “Coffee & Wine”

Nick Blaemire is sharing with our listeners his sinlge “Coffee & Wine” that features Daniel J. Watts.  The single starts out slow and then Nick kicks it into gear and speeds up the rhythm which fits much better than the slower beat.  Love the chorus that brings in the brass section, very nice.  Daniel J. …

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Feb 13

Veio’s “Structures” Music Video

Veio gives our listeners a rock/metal single to check out with “Structures”.  Veio has the metal sound down and I really enjoyed listening to this single.  The lyrics where nice and clear and when the chorus hit it wasn’t to over the top, it was right were it needed to be.  The music video is …

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Dec 23

Nathan Leigh’s Music Video for “The Slumlord’s Kids”

Nathan Leigh has given me a new experience that I found I enjoyed.  With his single and music video for “The Slumlord’s Kids” he has introduced me to folk/punk music.  You know what I found that I enjoyed it.  The single has that underlying folk rhythm, but with a real kinetic and frantic beat that …

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Dec 22

Eve Minor’s Music Video for “Piggy Bank”

Eve Minor is sharing with our listeners her music video for her single “Piggy Bank”.  This single has a playful attitude to it and you can tell that Eve is having fun in the video.  And that is the main thing with this single and music video is going in realize that Eve is just …

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Oct 13

Didi Releases Music Video for “Tell Me Why” Feat Geo Da Silva

Didi is letting our listeners check out her music video for the single “Tell Me Why” featuring Geo Da Silva.  The single is pure pop dance music, which as all of you know I really enjoy.  For me this makes me want to just get up and move the body.  The rhythm is right were …

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Aug 29

Sivan’s Thoughtful “I’ll Be” Single

Sivan reminds us all that the Earth is here for us in her powerful single and music video, “I’ll Be” that she is sharing with us.  However, we need to be here for the Earth as well and think about what we are doing for the future.  The single uses a simple catchy melody that …

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May 20

RYNO Delivers with “I’ll Take Forever”

RYNO is sharing with our listeners again with his latest single “I’ll Take Forever”.  RYNO just has one of those voices that appeals to the ear.  The style that he is bringing to his music fits him really well and makes it a joy to listen to him, the beat is just so upbeat which …

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