TRISTN’s Single “Anywhere But Here”

“Anywhere But Here” has a quiet opening and then around 26 seconds in the instruments fill in with an encompassing warm sound.  Through the verse TRISTN builds up to the chorus then crescendos to give the single some kinetic energy.  She backs off again with the second verse but with the crescendo for the second chorus she keeps that intensity through the rest of the song.  Very nicely done and TRISTN is sharing her single “Anywhere But Here” with our listeners through SoundCloud, so enjoy – Richard:

Jelly Ellington’s Music Video “Let Go”

Jelly Ellington is sharing with our listeners his music video for “Let Go”, featuring Philly G.  Jelly gives us a single that has some really nice guitar features and he actually begins the song with a guitar solo.  The rhythm is moody and kind of bluesy and along with the music video we take a stroll through the city as he sings.  Philly G. comes in half way through the single with a very well done feature.  This is one that definitely slows the pace down, but we need that every now and then.  Here’s Jelly Ellington’s “Let Go” music video featuring Philly G. through Jelly’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Town Meeting’s Latest Single “Geography”

It’s time for another Town Meeting.  This time Town Meeting is letting us enjoy their folk single “Geography” from their Geography Part 1 EP.  This is a nice clean folk single.  Sometimes simply is best and with “Geography” the group uses the acoustical sound to all it’s advantages.  I enjoy having the different types of music so you can take breaks and slow down and enjoy these traditions that music has sprung from.  Take some time to listen to “Geography”, through SoundCloud, and if you like what you here be sure to look up their EP from your digital vendor of choice.  I know I’m eager to hear more – Richard

Conventioner’s Single “Trouble”

Conventioner has a smoky sound to his voice that draws you into his single “Trouble” from his Legacy EP.  This single would feel comfortable in a romantic movie, specifically the part where the leads realize they are in love with each other and are struggling to express themselves.  The instrumentals have a nice smooth flow to them that carry the listeners along the verse to it’s conclusion.  Conventioner has a second EP out now entitled Love or Protection and he wanted our listeners to get a taste of his music with “Trouble”.  So as you listen check out both of this EPs on you digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Conventioner’s single “Trouble” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Between the Rain’s Single “Mudroom”

Between the Rain is giving our listeners some hard rock to get us driving forward through the day, with their single “Mudroom”.  For me this is some nice old school hard rock with the guitar pushing the song forward and the vocals being sung with some attitude.  Really nice job and fans for this genre will love their single.  Definitely interested in what the band will give us next.  So get some attitude going with Between the Rain’s single “Mudroom” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Orissa’s Single “Tara”

Orissa is sharing with our listeners their single “Tara”.  This is one that will appeal to our long play listeners.  I believe Orissa wants “Tara” to be a musical experience for you.  Their style for this single is stadium rock with a nice guitar solo for the listener to get into.  “Tara” is from the band’s upcoming album Resurrection due out this Fall.  Until the album’s release here’s Orissa’s single “Tara” for you to enjoy through SoundCloud – Richard:

Crashing Atlas’ Latest Single “Savages”

Another strong rock outing for Crashing Atlas with their new single “Savages”.  Vocals and nice and clear and the instrumentals are on point with a rocking beat.  We had a spotlight on them previously with the bands single “Ascend” and Crashing Atlas has not disappointed with “Savages”.  If you haven’t picked up their Ascend album yet, get to you digital vendor of choice to get it.  Here’s Crashing Atlas’ “Savages”, through SoundCloud, for you to enjoy while you look for their album – Richard:

Jackie Venson’s Live Music Video for “Flying”

Jackie Venson is sharing with us her infectious single “Flying”.  This is just a fun song that will get your body moving and put a smile on your face.  Very catchy rhythm and you can tell Jackie is having fun with this single.  To me it has a flare of the old disco days where you want to get out on the dance floor and dance to the music.  The music video is a live performance and again you can tell by watching Jackie and the rest of the band that they enjoy this single.  Her EP Transcends will be out September 30, so keep your eyes open on your digital vendor of choice to pick up your copy.  Here’s Jackie Venson’s Live music video for “Flying” – Richard:

Eden Warsaw’s Music Video for “Somebody Tell Me”

Eden Warsaw shared with us his single “Somebody Tell Me” a while back.  Now he has the music video up for the single and he wanted to share it with our listeners as well.  The video is what I call a band video, where the majority of the video focus’ on the band.  So here’s Eden Warsaw’s music video for “Somebody Tell Me” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Yes You Are’s Music Video for “HGX”

Yes You Are is sharing their music video, for “HGX”, with our listeners.  The single has that catchy upbeat feel that gets you motivated to get out and about.  The verse gives you a straight up base beat to get your head to moving and then the chorus comes in and the full band strikes up in an explosive sound that gets the rest of the body moving.  “HGX” has been featured on a Pepsi Max commercial and also in the movie Bad Moms.  The music video itself features imagery of the band in a stylish rendering.  Enjoy Yes You Are’s music video “HGX” through their YouTube channel – Richard: