Presley Tennant’s “BFF” Music Video

Presley Tennant is sharing with our listeners her new single and music video “BFF” that features Well Written.  I love the spin Presley has put on the “BFF” meaning, because we’ve all had them, and to know what I mean you will have to watch and listen to her music video.  Anyway “BFF” lands squarely in the pop genre.  Presley is full of energy in her singing that is shown in this single with its upbeat fast tempo.  But she didn’t stop there.  In her music video she delivers a ton of energy as well, which captures the viewer to watch it.  I love upbeat tempo in my music and this one hits it perfectly for me.  Yes, the single is a little snarky, but that’s part of the appeal.  Have some fun by checking out Presley Tennant’s “BFF” music video from her YouTube channel – Richard: