New Booster Packs Coming for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Starting in February Konami is introducing new booster packs for 2018.  The first to hit will be Extreme Force.  This booster set comprise of 100 cards: 48 Commons; 20 Rares; 14 Super Rares; 10 Ultra Rares: and 8 Secret Rares.  The Pack image is the feature photo and will be available February 2.  There will be 9 cards per pack and will run around $3.99 per pack.  Some of the cards that you might get within the packs will be: The Lightsworn Dominion, Isolde; Heavymetalfoes Electrumite; and Saryujo Skull Dread.

Then on February 23, another booster set will become available, Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium.  This set will have 53 cards: 27 Commons; 10 Rares; 8 Super Rares; and 8 Ultra Rares.  The set will be devoted to Bandit Keith, Weevil Underwood and Maximillion Pegasus.  Each pack will contain 5 cards with a price point of $1.99.  Some of the cards you might pull with include Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Insect Queen, and Barrel Dragon.

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