“Lost Art” Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Promotional

All Yu-Gi-Oh fans check it out.  KONAMI is having a “Lost Art” promotional starting in February.  The promotional will have 6 cards that will have artwork that had previously only been released in Japan when the Trading Card Game began those many years ago.

The cards will be Monster Reborn and then the five cards of Exodia the Forbidden One to round out the 6 card set.  The promotional will be at Yu-Gi-Oh Official Tournament Stores and when you purchase $30.00 on Yu-Gi-Oh TCG products you will receive the free “Lost Art” promotional card (while supplies last).  There will be one card per month, so be sure to visit your Official Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Stores for more information to get ready for February.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gets Mega Tins

yugioh tins

With a new feature coming out in 2017 (Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions) Konami is releasing two Mega Tins featuring Yugi and Kaiba this September.  The tins will reportedly have six variant cards: 2 Ultra Rare variant cards of Yugi or Kaiba, Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon in Ultra Rare foil, Secret Rare Egyptian God card specific to each tin, 3 Super Rare variant cards, 3 “16 card” Mega Packs and 2 brand new cards that will be part of the upcoming Pendulum Domination Structure Deck.

“Old” becomes “New” with new Yu-Gi-Oh! Packs


TCG Collectors and specifically Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Collectors will have something “old” but “new” to look for this April.  The New Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Packs is planned for an April 15 release from Konami.  This booster set will be a set of 48 cards with added fan favorite cards from the TV series like Card of Demise and Egyptian God Card, The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix.  There will also be 20 variant art cards for classic cards, Thousand Dragon, Kunai with Chain and Celtic Guardian will be part of those 20 variant art cards.  The 48 card set will be made up of 20 Commons, 10 Rares, 6 Super Rares, and 4 Ultra Rares.  Each pack will be a mixture of revamped and new cards.  Thanks to ICv2 for the heads up.


Metal Gear Solid V Trailer


Are all you Snake fans ready for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  Konami is gearing up for it’s release on September 1 with sharing the video games trailer with everyone from their YouTube channel.

New Booster Set for Yu-Gi-Oh!


Konami has set the next Yu-Gi-Oh! booster set.  The set’s title will be Crossed Souls and will introduce Zefra monsters to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.  The set will have 100 cards which will be: 48 Commons; 20 Rares; 14 Super Rares; 10 Ultra Rares; and 8 Secret Rares.  The projected release date is for May 15, so you have a little bit of time to save up your gaming funds.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards that Every Fan will be Looking For


Konami will be releasing a new 52 card, all foil card, set called Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: World Superstars, on April 17.  The set will be available in packs for $3.99 for five cards.  A complete set will include 18 prismatic secret rares and 48 super rares.  Many of the cards where only released in Japan and Korea previously.  Logan will be going bonkers trying to get his set.

New Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Coming


Konami will be releasing a new structure deck on October 17, entitled Yu-Gi-Oh!: Geargia Rampage, for $9.95.  The deck will include three new monsters, which one is the Geargia XYZ Monster.  The deck will contain 38 Commons; 2 Ultra Rares; 2 Super Rares; 1 Dueling Guide, and 1 Game Mat.

New Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Coming in May

Konami is set to release Yu-Gi-Oh: Primal Origin booster packs on May 16 and contain new cards for players and collectors.  The set will contain 100 cards: 48 Common Cards; 20 Rare Cards; 14 Super Rare Cards; 10 Ultra Rare Cards; 8 Secret Rare Cards; 5 Ultimate Rare Version Cards; and 1 Ghost Rare Version Card.

Yu-Gi-Oh Special Edition Packages

On December 13, Konami will release the Yu-Gi-Oh: Shadow Specters Special packages.  The packages will include three Shadow Specters booster packs and one of two Super Rare cards.  These cards will be “Stardust Dragon” and “Tuning”.  So just in time for the holidays you can purchase these for your trading card game collection or tell a friend as this being a possible gift for your trading card game collection.

New Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Packs

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that their new release Yu-Gi-Oh!: Cosmo Blazer booster packs will be released on January 25.  The set will only be available in booster packs and will contain 100 cards: 48 commons; 20 rares; 14 super rares; 10 ultra rares; and 8 secret rares.  So let all of your trading card gamers know and if your library hosts card gaming events you might pick up a few packs as give-aways or promos for the event.