Kindo’s New Single “Return to Me”

Kindo is back on the scene after a 4 year pause and want to share their newest single “Return to Me” with our listeners.  Kindo is a slight modification of the bands original name.  Some of you might remember them as The Reign of Kindo now it’s just Kindo.  In “Return to Me” the band mixes in several sounds which is a little over powering at first, but once the listener gets attuned to what the band is doing the single is a fun listen.  At the midpoint of the single I really latched on to this single loving that guitar coming in strong and the beat becoming stronger through the rest of the song.  The vocals from out of the gate are nice and clear and drive this single forward with staying power that I really enjoyed.  Check out Kindo’s newest single “Return to Me” through SoundCloud – Richard: