Jerome Bell’s Single “Burn Easy”

Jerome Bell is wanting our listeners to “Burn Easy” with his latest single.  From the very first notes you know this single has an island influence.  Jerome has this smooth low range that flows over the listener.  With the island music and its timbre it is fun blending you voice with the  instruments and not be over taken by the instruments.  Jerome goes right to that edge with this piece, but doesn’t cross it.  You can still distinguish the lyrics as the chorus is playing, but it is something that any artist like Jerome has to watch out for with their lower voice range.  “Burn Easy” itself is one to take with you that can be used to set a mood, were the couple described in the song are taking it slow so neither one of them gets burned.  Many can relate to this and even though a summer fling might be fun, taking it slow might be more fulfilling in the long run.  Here’s Jerome Bell’s “Burn Easy” through SoundCloud – Richard: