Didi Releases Music Video for “Tell Me Why” Feat Geo Da Silva

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Didi is letting our listeners check out her music video for the single “Tell Me Why” featuring Geo Da Silva.  The single is pure pop dance music, which as all of you know I really enjoy.  For me this makes me want to just get up and move the body.  The rhythm is right were it needs to be and not to over bearing and Didi’s voice blends in with it nicely, since her voice isn’t being over powered.  When Geo Da Silva comes in for his feature performance it rolls in smoothly and doesn’t disrupt the flow of the single, really good job with this.  Now the music video.  Not quite sure what the director was going for here.  With the rhythm of “Tell Me Why” I expected this to be a high energy video, but the director decided to have Didi and her entourage are kind of stiff and when Geo comes in you feel the energy spike and have a fun feel.  To me the video should have had this fun energy feel to it through out, but like I said director’s decision there and it might work for others.  This is a fun upbeat song so you need to have a listen to Didi’s “Tell Me Why”, featuring Geo Da Silva, with her music video through her YouTube channel – Richard: