Upright Man’s Single “Upright Man”

You are invited to dream with the “Upright Man” single from the Upright Man.  This group is coming to ComicPop to deliver their rock single for everyone to enjoy.  “Upright Man” takes you back to the 1970’s with the single’s sound.  The single has a hard driving beat that gets you into the music right away and for us old schoolers it harkens back to our school days.  The rhythms are a call back to the 70’s and then the vocals bring that feeling home with the waviness that the group infuses in the single.  The group’s self-titled album is due out on August 18, but they want our listeners to get an opportunity to hear their sound now.  I think you’ll dig it, so here’s Upright Man with their single “Upright Man”, from the upcoming album Upright Man, through SoundCloud – Richard: