Miriam Tamar’s Music Video for “Who We”

Miriam Tamar is sharing with our listener’s her latest music video she has done for the single “Who We”.  The single is from her EP Firedance, which has reached the #4 slot on the iTunes World Music Charts.  Miriam has a nice lower register voice and she uses it to her advantage.  Some performers will strain their sound to hit the higher range when singing, but Miriam keeps it where she is comfortable and it makes for a great strong sound.  “Who We” has a pounding bass drum beat that hooks you instrumentally and then with Miriam’s voice the single almost takes on an other worldly feel, which I love.  The music video has very sweeping mountain and dessert scenes that gives the video a theatrical feel and then the direct made it in letter box style that just adds to that feeling.  Everything was very nicely done, so check out Miriam Tamar’s music video for “Who We”, from her YouTube channel and then find her EP Firedance on your digital vendor of choice – Richard: