Blake Brown’s New Single “Stop Shakin'”

Blake Brown and The American Dust Choir is sharing with our listeners their lead track, “Stop Shakin'”, from the upcoming LP Long Way Home.  Straight out of the gate with the guitar intro this single just hit me with a fun vibe.  To me it is very reminiscent of the 1960’s Beach sound reminding me of something you would hear from Jan & Dean and the like.  Blake’s voice has a smoky quality to it that lends itself well for me, but I grew up loving Bryan Adams.   With all this going on this single has a simple and catchy rhythm that is infectious and just gets you into a good mood.  Very interested in what Blake has in store with the rest of the Long Way Home LP due out this March.  Until then enjoy Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir’s single “Stop Shakin'” through SoundCloud – Richard: