Ep 9 ComicPop Library Gets Animated with “Strange Magic”

Ep 9 ComicPop Gets Animated with Strange Magic

Strange magic indeed, as the ComicPop Crew enter LucasFilm’s animated fantasy world.  We get the pleasure of seeing crisp arrt and have fun with popular music to propel this feature to a hidden jem.  Get in the groove with director Gary Rydstrom’s animated feature Strange Magic.

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What we reviewed in this episode:

  1. Strange Magic, Gary Rydstrom – director, Touchstone Home Entertainment, 2015.  ASIN: B00UO6IeUI, $13.99.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “Say Hey”, Elijah Kelley, Strange Magic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Walt Disney Records, 2015.


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