Ep. 10 of ComicPop Visits with The Kilted Man: Matthew Gurnsey

In this edition of ComicPop Visits the crew visits with Matthew Gurnsey, The Kilted Man.  Matthew has been a performer his whole life, and has always loved Celtic music.  As a professional musician Matthew’s choice of genre is still Celtic music.  Join us for this fun interview we had with Matthew and remember you can book him for an event through Unbound Booking’s website.


Ep. 10 of ComicPop Visits with The Kilted Man, Matthew Gurnsey


http://www.thekiltedman.com/ – Matthew Gurnsey, The Kilted Man’s website.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matthew-Gurnsey-The-Kilted-Man/186585271368053?ref=ts&fref=ts – Matthew Gurnsey, The Kilted Man’s Facebook Page.

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Joshua Radin “Beautiful Day” Single


COMING MAY 7, 2013
I just listened to “Beautiful Day” and really enjoyed it.  I enjoy the simplicity of the music.  The instruments were nice and clear, but they didn’t over power Joshua’s voice.  When the instruments overpower the artist voice I hate it.  But this was very crisp and clear.  The song itself was to me really up lifting.  If you get a chance check out Wax Wings I think it would be a nice album to pick up for your music collection.
Amanda Charney | Amanda@themusebox.net

Atelier Ayesha Video Game Trailer

Tecmo KOEI Games began streaming the trailer for Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk on their YouTube channel.  Atelier is an RPG game that is available for the PlayStation 3.  So if you are interested in these types of games you might want to consider adding it to your collection.  Thanks to “MyKOEITV” on YouTube for the following trailer:

Oz the Great and Powerful Trailer

You know where all of the Oz fans will be this weekend.  Oz the Great and Powerful opens Friday.  It makes you wonder, if this movie does well,  if a remake of The Wizard of Oz could be in the works with updated technology that is used in this movie and if Disney will try to continue with the rest of the novels by L. Frank Baum.  Thanks to YahooMovies for the following trailer:

Heaven’s Lost Property Trailer

If you like Harem/Moe anime this looks to be just that with a little bit of Magical Girl thrown in as well.  Heaven’s Lost Property: The Angeloid of Clockwork is a comedy from FUNimation that will appeal to older teens.  Once you see the trailer you will understand.  This would be one for larger collections, but if you are on a budget you might want to wait on this one or pass on.  Thanks to FUNimation Channel on YouTube for the following trailer:

Torres’ Debut Has a Good Sound

Mackenzie Scott’s (Torres) debut album is spotlighted with her song “Honey”.  I love Mackenzie’s voice, it is crisp and clear.  With “Honey” sounding like a personal song I would have used the drums, but rather than an electric guitar, I would have preferred an acoustic guitar so Mackenzie’s voice could be spotlighted that much more.  Definitely an album to consider for a growing music collection.  Thanks to Wild Honey Pie for the song below and check out more artists on their website (http://www.thewildhoneypie.com/):

You Gotta Love Japan


In Japan Kentucky Fried Chicken in working with the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in for a promotion.  You can see they even put the Colonel in Cosplay for the event.  The movie will be released in Japan March 30 and I expect it will get a release here in North America at some point.  Thanks to AnimeNews Network for the following commercial and you can link to their site for the story and more pictures.


Jack the Giant Slayer Trailer

Here is the next re-imaged fairy tale for everyone.  Jack the Giant Slayer looks to be one of those movies you just have fun seeing.  Thanks to “movieclipsTRAILERS” on YouTube for the following trailer: