AMV Spotlight of the Week

I know a couple of weeks have slipped by that I didn’t get to our AMV Spotlight.  This weeks AMV comes from YouTuber “garblehose”.  “Garblehose” takes the song “Secret Agent Man” performed by Johnny Rivers and edits it to scenes from the FX show Archer.  If you remember we did a review on Archer on Episode 17 of ComicPop Library podcast, so you knew we had to do an AMV of Archer eventually.  The selected scenes fit the lyrics of the song really well and the cuts are very clean.  Great job on this AMV “garblehose”. Be warned that this is a mature AMV and is not appropriate for all audiences, it contains violence and partial nudity.  You can check out the AMV below or on YouTube under “Archer – Secret agent man”:

Just a Mention on Aurora, CO

I wanted to do this sooner but I have been away from a computer for four days now and have finally gotten back home were I have access.  I want to express the ComicPop Library staff’s condolences to the families that lost loved ones in Aurora and that our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Our thoughts and prayers also go out to each individual and their families that had loved ones injured in any form or capacity.

Podcast Editing Slowed Due to Vacation

The 20th episode is edited, but is in the sound editing stage.  I was hoping to get this uploaded due to my vacation, but I wasn’t able to get it done.  I will still be able to post to the blog and Episode 20 will be out during the week of July 23.  I apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding.  Don’t forget that you can always e-mail us at make a comment on our Facebook page and it will be read on a future podcast.  Interaction is always part of the fun.  Everyone enjoy their week – Richard

Episode 16.5: 2012 Kansas Library Association Conference Interviews

In this special episode of ComicPop Library, Richard has edited together six interviews from the recent 2012 Kansas Library Association’s Annual Conference.  Richard was able to speak with: Kansas State Librarian Jo Budler; representatives from the Friends of Kansas Libraries; presenters from the “Steampunk Catalog” and “I Geek” panels; a representative from the Kansas Library Association Educational Foundation; and Comic Book Creators Matt Upson and Mike Hall.


Episode 16.5: 2012 Kansas Library Association Conference Interviews


Friends of Kansas Libraries:

Kansas Library Association Educational Foundation:

Geek the Library:

Mike Hall:

Matt Upson:


Steampunk Catalog – Ann O’Neill:


Getting Back in the Groove

I have been away at the 2012 Kansas Library Association Conference this last week.  That is why there were no posts and part if not most of today will be catching up in the office.  The site will be back on track if not by this afternoon then tomorrow.  Thanks to every0ne for their patience.