More “Kisses” for Everyone

kissesStudarus Kisses i1 sRGB 600x400 600x400 FALL IN LOVE AGAIN WITH KISSES [STREAM]

The dou Kisses is preping for the second LP, Kids in LA, to come out on May 14 on Cascine.  To wet our appetites they have shared their song “Huddle”.  You can definitely hear the Eighties influence in the music.  The voices are nice and clear which I always enjoy.  I don’t like it when instruments overpowers a singers voice.  I do want to hear the music and the different instruments being played.  However, many bands forget that the voice is also an instrument.  Thanks to Wild Honey Pie for the notice and check out their website for more Indy music news:

Yo Joe! Movie Trailer

The Joe’s are back.  For just a fun movie that you can go to check out G.I. Joe: Retaliation and you will probably have a good time.  Thanks to YahooMovies for the following trailer:

The Host Trailer

All the fans of Stephenie Meyer will want to check this movie out this weekend.  Her novel The Host has been adapted for the big screen.  Thanks to YahooMovies for the following trailer:

ComicPop Library Part of Exhibit

The Exploration Place was kind enough to ask our own Richard if he could lend part of his poster collection while they are hosting the Animation Exhibit featuring Cartoon Network.  So if you go to Exploration Place be sure to stop by the theater.  This is the area that Richard’s posters are on display, above are some pictures from this area.  A big thank you to Exploration Place for this great honor for ComicPop Library. – Exploration Place’s Webpage


MOVE Event April 27


For Immediate Release

Industry Veteran Bob Tulipan To Give Keynote Speech and MOVE Music Festival on Saturday, April 27

(Albany, NY) — March 22, 2013 –Get ready music lovers!   Albany ranks as the nation’s 9th largest breeding ground for new music and is the location for this year’s MOVE Festival for the second year running.  For those that couldn’t afford the price of a ticket to Austin last month, MOVE Music Festival is the alternative.  Move is an indie music festival that premiered last spring and is completely focused on spotlighting diverse and emerging talent, much akin to the early days of SXSW.  It takes place on Saturday, April 27.

“The idea behind Move is to giving regional bands a chance to launch their careers in the independent music scene,” comments festival owner and founder Bernie Walters.  The festival is the perfect platform for these bands to gain experience in performing live to a local audience as well as to industry insiders,” he continues.

SXSW grew from 700 attendees in 1987 to over 300,000 in 2012 and even beyond that this year. In the same way that SXSW started out as an organic stage for showcasing and promoting indie music and film, and encouraging progressive dialogue within those industries, MOVE is attempting to do the same.
General admission wristbands cost $15 plus shipping and handling. Check out the Pledge Drive where you can pledge for early access & discounted packages to MOVE 2013!
Publicity Contact:
Margo Drgos
Festival Contact:
Bernie Walters

Shownotes Ep. 32: He’s the First Time Lord


1. Jon Sable Freelance Omnibus, Vol. 1, Mike Grell, Dark Horse, 2010.  ISBN: 978-1600106941, $29.99.

2. Time Machine, H.G. Wells, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012.  ISBN: 978-1453767528, $ 5.95.

Other mentions: Age of Reptiles, Marvel Masterworks, DC Archives, Doctor Who, Time Lord.

Are You Ready for Free Comic Book Day

Are you ready for May 4.  That’s this year date for Free Comic Book Day.  Be sure to stop by your local comic shop, book dealer and even library that are supporting the Free Comic Book Day.  Not every book store or library is participating so check with your local library and if this is a program you would like to see in your library let the librarian know so they can be ready for 2014.  Check out the Thomas Jane video below in support of Free Comic Book Day.

R. Thomasin Album

R. Thomasin has released their self titled album for download here (  Below is one of the songs from the album “Laurels”.  I do like their sound, but at times the instruments are to overpowering for me.  The lead singers voice blends in with the instruments really well, I kind of think of her sound like Enya and how her voice blended in with the instruments.  For more Indy Music news be sure to check out Wild Honey Pie at the following link:

Color Collage Single

The first time I listened to Color Collage’s “Can’t Stay Put’ I didn’t enjoy it.  Maybe it was the mood I was in.  However, today while listening to it I really enjoyed the song.  Maybe it’s just one of those songs that has to grow on you or you have to be in the right mood for it.  Either way don’t take my word for it listen to it below and see what you think.  For more Indy music news link over to Wild Honey Pie: