xxxHOLIC Cafe


The Pasela Resorts cafe, in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward has transformed a part of their cafe into a xxxHOLIC themed cafe to kick off the debut of the xxxHOLIC live action Television Series.  January 21 – March 3 the cafe will have a themed xxxHOLIC themed menu and those that order off of the special menu will receive one of six limited original coasters, that can be seen above.  If you happen to be in Japan during this time on vacation this could be one of your stops in Tokyo.  Pictures were provide from Kodansha’s Young Magazine and AnimeNews Network.  For additional pictures follow the link.


Hakouki Video Game Trailer

Aksys Games, the distributor for Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, North American release began streaming the trailer below on their YouTube Channel.  The video game will be available for the PlayStation Portable on February 19. Might be something to consider for you next video game collection purchase:

Darkest Minds Book Trailer

Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken might be a title you want to consider for your young adult collections.  These types of books always seem to be popular.  Thanks to “hyperionteens” on YouTube for the following trailer:

Blood Gospel Book Trailer

James Rollins latest is entitled Blood Gospel and is co-written by Rebecca Cantrell.  Thanks to “WilliamMorrow1” on YouTube for the following trailer:

XXXholic Live Action Cast

For all of the fans of CLAMP’s Xxxholic will definitely be interested in this.  Xxxholic will be a live action television series this year and the above pictures are the main cast members.  The top picture has Anne as Yuko Ichihara and Shota Sometani as Kimihiro Watanuki.  The second picture has Karen Miyazaki as Himawari Kungoi, Shota Sometani again and Masahiro Higashide as Shizuka Domeki.  Hopefully when this goes to DVD/Blu-ray it will be made available for the North American region.

Student Suspended for Poem

A 17 year old senior of the Life Learning Academy charter school, in San Francisco, expresses herself through poetry.  A teacher found her private notebook of poems and read some entries.  One caught the teachers attention and promoted the teacher to turn it in to the administration.  The poem showed empathy for the shooter in Connecticut shooting.  Because of this poem the student has been suspended from her school.  Here is the excerpt of the poem that caused this suspension:

They wanna hold me back
I run but still they attack
My innocence, I won’t get back
I used to smile
They took my kindness for weakness
The silence the world will never get
I understand the killing in Connecticut
I know why he pulled the trigger
The government is a shame
Society never wants to take the blame
Society puts these thoughts in our head
Misery loves company
If I can’t be loved no one can.

This case falls under the freedom of speech and that people can express themselves, even though the content might be sensitive.  This can also send a message to kids that if they go to officials and share their feelings on their high school experiences they will be scarred that they will be suspended rather than helped.  Is this the message we want to send?  The article on CBLDF’s site ends appropriately:

As psychiatrist Ronald Pies pointed out in a blog post at PsychCentral, “[w]e would be fortunate, as a society, if more lonely and alienated young people expressed their feelings in poetry, and fewer, through acts of violence.”

You can click on the link below for the full article on Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s website:

Parker Trailer

Parker hits theaters this week.  This is based on the book series of the same name by Richard Stark and three have been adapted into graphic novels.  Thanks to “FilmsActuTrailers” on YouTube for the following trailer:

Hansel & Gretel Trailer

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters comes out this weekend.  It looks like it could be fun.  Thanks to Paramount on YouTube for the following trailer:

AMV Spotlight of the Week

This week’s AMV Spotlight is on “Fenix86R”.  In this AMV, the individual takes the song “Bullet-Proof Skin” performed by Institute and edits in images from the Gatchaman OVA.  The editing is done nicely and the song works, but to be honest I chose this AMV because I’m a little biased toward Gatchaman.  When I was in elementary I would run home and watch Battle of the Planets.  At the time I was so young that I had no idea that it was a Japanese property.  Of course I know better now and anything that has any incarnation of Gatchaman hits my sweet spot.  Have fun watching the AMV below from “Fenix86R” on YouTube:

Blood C Trailer

For everyone who enjoys the vampire genre (admit it, it has pretty much become it’s own genre with so much out there) Clamp’s Blood C is available from FUNimation for your anime collections.  Thanks to FUNimation through YouTube for the following trailer: