Lucy & La Mer’s “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down”

Lucy & La Mer is sharing with out listeners their single “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down”.  The sound that Lucy and La Mer developed for this single is a pop/folk mix.  It is a serious song with lyrics that speak to a relationship that is hitting a rough spot.  There are times when a person has weapons that they don’t realize and this songs mentions them, because when you see the title of this single you see “Weapons” and think guns or something of that type of weapon.  However, the “Weapon” that most people don’t realize they weld everyday is their voice.  And worst a “Weapon” could be a hand.  Even with this heavy subject the rhythm and vocals of this single make it light and able to listen to and hear what is being said.  Really a nice job in structuring this single.  Lesson’s are easier to absorb when done in a comforting way rather than a harsh way.  This is one to listen to, and with that here is Lucy & La Mer’s “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down” through SoundCloud – Richard

Emma Charleston’s Latest Single “Enjoy the Ride”

Emma Charleston is back again sharing her latest release “Enjoy the Ride” from her Enjoy the Ride EP.  With this single Emma slows the pace down with a piano intro and then builds to a crescendo and then back to a slower pace to begin the next verse.  This piece is a contemplative single that reminds everyone to “Enjoy the Ride”.  This single has the mix of pop/folk that works well for Emma that many will enjoy.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Enjoy the Ride” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Marcus Paul James Delivers with “Living in Dreams”

Rhythm and Blues listeners rejoice!  You have a new single that delivers a strong entry into the genre in Marcus Paul James’ “Living in Dreams”.  The single is from his EP Paper Hearts and if the rest of the EP is like this single it will be a beautiful addition to your music collections.  Marcus has that powerful lower range voice that resonates through the whole single.  The instrumentals with the single lend a heaviness to the single that takes the listener on a complete journey.  Take some time and enjoy Marcus Paul James’ “Living in Dreams” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Rebecca Raw’s Single “Connection”

Rebecca Raw has just released her EP Deep Within and she wants to share with our listeners her single “Connection” from the EP.  Rebecca has a very nice clear voice that she spotlights in this single well.  The style for “Connection” is, to me, a pop/folk feel.  The build-up she has in “Connection” hits right on point, almost like a wave washing over you and then she slows it back down to finish the single.  I enjoyed this single and can’t wait to her what else she has on her EP.  So be sure to check your digital vendor of choice to look for her EP Deep Within.  Until then here’s Rebecca Raw’s single “Connection” through SoundCloud for you to enjoy – Richard:

Jerome Bell’s Single “Burn Easy”

Jerome Bell is wanting our listeners to “Burn Easy” with his latest single.  From the very first notes you know this single has an island influence.  Jerome has this smooth low range that flows over the listener.  With the island music and its timbre it is fun blending you voice with the  instruments and not be over taken by the instruments.  Jerome goes right to that edge with this piece, but doesn’t cross it.  You can still distinguish the lyrics as the chorus is playing, but it is something that any artist like Jerome has to watch out for with their lower voice range.  “Burn Easy” itself is one to take with you that can be used to set a mood, were the couple described in the song are taking it slow so neither one of them gets burned.  Many can relate to this and even though a summer fling might be fun, taking it slow might be more fulfilling in the long run.  Here’s Jerome Bell’s “Burn Easy” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Vs New Single “Listen”

Vs is coming at us with their single “Listen”.  This is one that will hit all the alternative rock fans.  If starts out with a peaceful feel for the first verse and then comes in heavy on the chorus, back to peaceful for the second verse and then heavy again for the reminder of the single.  Vs has an EP planned for a Summer release so if you are looking for a new band in the alt. rock arena this will fill the void.  Here’s Vs’ “Listen” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Trishes Latest Single “Animal”

Trishes is sharing with our listeners again.  This time she is coming to us with an upbeat single that will catch you from the beginning of the single, “Animal”.  “Animal” has a bit of modern feel, with the bass beat, as well as an older feel to it, especially with the “bum, bums” at the beginning and throughout the song.  Very nice job with the upbeat feel…everyone knows I enjoy those type of songs and her vocals are on point again.  So enjoy Trishes “Animal” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Eileen Carey’s Latest “Good Bad Girl”

Eileen Carey invites our listeners to join her on a fun ride with her latest single “Good Bad Girl”.  Eileen is still carrying through with a nice strong sound and upbeat country/pop beat with this single.  It’s just a fun catchy song to enjoy and I love the quote she has with this single:

“It’s perfectly fine for a girl to have a little mystery in her personality. We all have within us a little angel and a little devil. Most of the time, I play nice. But “Good Bad Girl” lets me show my more adventurous side.”

Here’s Eileen Carey’s single “Good Bad Girl” through SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy – Richard:

Sam Nicolosi’s Latest Single “Our Blood”

Sam Nicolosi is back with “Our Blood”.  This latest single from his Origins EP has a Hip Hop flare to it.  You have that bass beat coming through and Sam’s voice is still on.  With the Hip Hop flare this single has some attitude to it that he is conveying through the lyrics, were he is basically saying ‘sorry not going to happen’.  Nicely done and it shows Sam’s diversity with his music.  Here’s “Our Blood”, from San Nicolosi’s Origins EP, through SoundCloud – Richard:

Emma Ballantine Single “Through Your Eyes”

Emma Ballantine is sharing with us a project she began with her singing/songwriting abilities.  This project is entitled Somebody’s Story, which is also her latest EP title.  The project is taking life stories that individuals have told her and she is putting them to song.  The single she is sharing with us today is “Through Your Eyes”, which is a story about a 14 year old that has autism.  If you have been listening to our podcasts for a while you will now this, but for newer listeners, the world of autism hits my family close to home with my Son being on the autism spectrum with aspergers.  The single is an emotional ballad for anyone (parent, sibling, or other loved one) that has experienced autism in their family.  The EP Somebody’s Story is available and you can get it from your digital vendor of choice.  One such vendor is iTunes where it has reached the #4 slot for the singer/songwriter charts.  Take a moment to listen to Emma Ballantine’s “Through Your Eyes” through SoundCloud – Richard: