Ryan Riback’s Lastest Single “One Last Time”

EDM producer, DJ, and Remix Artist Ryan Riback is sharing with the ComicPop Crowd his latest single “One Last Time” featuring Some Chick.  This single has a catchy pop/soul feel to the single.  The vocals stand out and the instrumentals get you head moving.  Can see this easily being in a dance club.  Have fun listening to Ryan Riback’s “One Last Time” featuring Some Chick through SoundCloud – Richard:

Moxi’s Debut Single “Figures Bathed In Light”

Moxi is debuting with a single that wants you to know they are here, with “Figures Bathed in Light”.  This single is loud and proud and not scared of itself.  I liken it to something you would find in a cinema score for a movie. Something that could be playing during a montage or more easily an ending theme during the credits.  It is really nice mix of vocals and instruments where the lyrics are sung just as strong as the instrumentals so the vocals aren’t lost.  This is harder to do than one might think, so the mixing is really well done.  Cant’ wait to hear what else Moxi might come out with.  Enjoy Moxi’s single “Figures Bathed in Light” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Epoch Failure’s Single “Warrior’s Hymn”

Epoch Failure has been anything but a failure since the debuted their EP Warrior’s Hymn in May.  This HipHop/Pop Duo has been feature on ESPN’s First Take as the feature artist with the show playing their title track from the EP during May and CBS Sports also used their “Legacy” track as a feature in their NFL Champsionship Chase.  The duo wants our listeners to check out their title track, “Warrior’s Hymn”, that was featured on First Take as well.  Experience that hard beat that will drive you to perform and then discover the other tracks from their Warrior’s Hymn EP from your digital vendors of choice.  Here’s Epoch Failure’s “Warrior’s Hymn” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Emma Charleston Latest Single “Volcano”

Emma Charleston is giving our listeners a flowing single with “Volcano”.  With her latest single Emma uses her folk background more than her pop.  “Volcano” has a spiritual feel to it that takes the listener on a pleasant journey that one can use to contemplate things or just experience the magic of nature through Emma’s words, very nicely done.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Volcano” through SoundCloud and if you enjoyed it remember that her EP, Enjoy the Ride is available now for you to purchase through your digital vendor of choice.  You won’t be disappointed by adding it to your folk/pop music library – Richard:

Reid Lee’s Soulful Single “Arrowheads”

Reid Lee is giving our listeners the opportunity to listen to his recent single “Arrowheads”.  Reid has a nice strong baritone voice that comes through nice and clear.  The single has a soulful country feel with a touch of pop thrown in.  This lends itself to the single with it’s  rhythm having a steady subtle build, that captures the listener, until it crescendos at the end of the piece.  Here’s Reid Lee’s “Arrowheads” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jamil Kassam’s Remix of “Rise Now” by LUDE

Jamil Kassam is sharing with our listeners his single “Rise Now” that has been remixed by LUDE.  This single has a great electro/pop rhythm to it.  Jamil’s voice really fits this genre well and it sounds like he is having fun singing.  This is a single that is letting the listener know that they should believe in themselves and go out and take on the world.  Easily see this in a dance club for everyone to move to.  Here’s Jamil Kassam’s “Rise Now” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Matt Koelsch’s Latest Single “Perfectly Aligned”

Matt Koelsch is sharing with our listeners his latest single “Perfectly Aligned”.  This is a fun song that has a very catchy rhythm.  Summer is about fun music and Matt has this in spades.  You have the guitar and drums providing a great sound and then to top it of he brings in the horns…love it!  You can tell by the way Matt is singing this single that he is also having fun, with his vocals coming through fresh and clear.  So have fun with Matt Koelsch’s single “Perfectly Aligned” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ecstatic Union’s single “Ancient Eyes”

Ecstatic Union is sharing with us their latest single “Ancient Eyes”.  If you are a fan of that late 1960’s – 1970’s rock you will dig Ecstatic Union.  In “Ancient Eyes” the group channels some great flower power rock.  The voices and rhythm of the instrumentals are hitting this style right on point.  This single is off their self-titled album and is available now.  So check out Ecstatic Union’s “Ancient Eyes” here through SoundCloud – Richard:

Marcus Paul James’ Single “Paper Hearts”

Marcus Paul James is sharing with our listeners again.  This time he is sharing the title track off his Paper Hearts EP.  “Paper Hearts” is an introspective song that sways with it’s rhythm.  Marcus’ lower voice shines through with a heart felt performance.  The EP is available for download now, so check out you digital vendors, but until you do here’s the soulful voice of Marcus Paul James with “Paper Hearts” through SoundCloud – Richard

Cado’s Latest Single “Kintsugi”

Cado is back and sharing with our listeners with their latest rap single “Kintsugi”.  This single has a nice airy feel to it with the instrumentals and clapping.  The message is a little more down to reality with things that are happening around a person and the decision to move forward and try to make change hence the verse “Gotta fix it when it’s broken…positivity is king”, don’t necessarily live in the past.  The vocals for Cado are still clear and come through nicely.  Here’s Cado’s latest single “Kintsugi” through SoundCloud – Richard: