Ren with the Mane’s Single “Hypnotize”

Ren with the Mane is sharing with our listeners her single “Hypnotize”.  Within this single I love the drum beat and the bird calls that make you feel like you are in a jungle.  It’s just a great illusion that is placed in you mind as you listen to Ren.  “Hypnotize” is a slower song, but the drums and strong bass beat keep the single moving forward to its climatic end.  About two thirds of the way into the single the instrumentals swell into a grand sound with additional instruments coming into play.  With Ren’s smoky voice she captures the listener and takes you on a journey.  Here’s Ren with the Mane’s single “Hypnotize” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Danny Padilla’s Single “Too Bad”

Danny Padilla’s single “Too Bad” starts out with a encompassing sound that takes you in.  The breathiness of the singing gives it an ethereal quality.  Then Danny comes in with his strong baritone voice that pulls you in even more.  It is more of a ballad song that talks about how sometimes it is hard to get over someone.  This has a beautiful sound to me that I could listen to over and over.  I am definitely eager to hear what else Danny comes out with.  Enjoy Danny Padilla’s “Too Bad” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Charlotte Bash’s Latest Single “Labeled”

Charlotte Bash is giving us another single for our listeners the check out.  This time it is her single “Labeled”, from her Princess Game LP.  Charlotte still gives us her strong voice in a song that reminds everyone it is alright to be yourself.  Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be.  Throughout the single she has a nice base beat going in and out to help “drive” the message home.  Then she has Anye Elite come in with a nice feature at the end of the single to show differences aren’t bad and in this case the different styles of music are complementary and create a great sound.  Here’s Charlotte Bash’s “Labeled” through SoundCloud – Richard:

The Captain’s Son’s Latest Single “Burned Out Early”

The Captain’s Son is sharing with us again.  This time they are treating our listener’s with their latest single “Burned Out Early”.  As you remember I said this group was a time trip for me and “Burned Out Early” is the same.  This time Captain’s Son ventures into the Psychedelic arena, which shouldn’t surprise anyone with the title of the single.  This also shows that the group is interested in different sounds that listeners will want to check out.  Here’s Captain’s Son’s “Burned Out Early”, through SoundCloud, for you to chill to – Richard:

Upsahl’s Latest Single “Can You Hear Me Now”

Upsahl is sharing with our listeners her latest single “Can You Hear Me Now”.  This single has a catchy rhythm and Upsahl has a nice clear strong voice.  The flow of the music reminds me of something you might have heard back in the late 1990’s in the pop arena.  Even though the subject isn’t the funnest thing to talk about Upsahl, who collaborated with Max Frost on this piece, puts a poppy beat to it that people will get into.  With such a strong voice I’m eager to hear more from Upsahl. Here’s Upsahl’s “Can You Hear Me Now”, which is available now from your digital vendor of choice, through SoundCloud – Richard:

Matt Koelsch’s Latest Single “Incomplete”

Matt Koelsch is sharing with our listener’s again.  This time it is for his single “Incomplete” which is a beautiful acoustical piece.  His folk style lends well to this piece with the guitar as the main instrument.  The cherry on top is the chorus, when it comes in you get a warm fuller sound with the addition of what sounds like a violin and cello.  This is a slower single, but oh so good.  I love the sound and Matt’s voice.  Here’s Matt Koelsch’s “Incomplete”, from his EP entitled Thinking of You through SoundCloud and be sure to pick up his EP available now! – Richard:

Resin’s Single “Hoarse”

Resin is hitting our listeners with her ambient single “Hoarse”.  This single has a darker tone that boarders on the edge of experimental rock.  The mood has to be right for “Hoarse” otherwise it will lose part of it’s impact on the listener.  If you are in a contemplative mood and want to set and think about things this would be one to take you to that inner space.  “Hoarse” is from Resin’s upcoming album Fidget, but until then you can check it out here through SoundCloud – Richard:

TRISTN’s Single “Sky Wide Open”

With “Sky Wide Open” TRISTN gives our listeners a fun single to check out.  It starts out and you wonder what’s going to happen, and just seconds into the song the rhythm shifts to a fun electronica beat.  You have a nice base beat that ties the whole thing together, but at the chorus TRISTN hits you with everything hitting you full force.  When I listen to “Sky Wide Open” I hear the influences of bands like the Bangles, which I love.  This is just a fun song that everyone can get up and dance around to whether you are at the club or just at the house, you can’t help but move.  If this is any indication of TRISTN’s January LP, out September 8, you’ll want to add this to your music library.  Here’s TRISTN’s “Sky Wide Open” for you to enjoy until the LP drops – Richard:

Town Meeting’s Single “West of Seattle”

I wish all town meetings could be this way.  The folk/americana band Town Meeting is sharing with our listeners their single “West of Seattle”.  The single starts out as a simple folk sound.  Then when the vocals come in you get transported back to the late 1960’s -1970’s, when folk/americana was in it’s heyday with the variety of artists like John Denver and Bob Dylan.  Town Meeting has a nice clean sound that fits the genre well and will appeal to listeners.  They just came out with their EP Geography, Part 1 that “West of Seattle” is on, so be sure to look them up on your digital vendor of choice and while you’re doing that Town Meeting wants you to enjoy their single “West of Seattle” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Tastes Like Chicken’s Single “Bottle in My Hand”

How can you not like a band that calls themselves Tastes Like Chicken?  The band is giving our listeners the opportunity to check out their single “Bottle in My Hand” from their album Heartaches and Hangovers.  Tastes Like Chicken has a great country sound that fans will love.  With the tone they have in their sound I can hear them rattling off many more bar songs.  Their album is available for purchase through your digital vendor of choice, but before you jump over to download the album they wanted to give you a “taste” of their music with “Bottle In My Hand” through SoundCloud – Richard: