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Apr 14

Justin Lacy’s New Single “Sealed”

Justin Lacy is sharing with our listeners his new single “Sealed” off his second album entitled Control Burn.  Justin has the folk feel down and I love the bass beat he has going through the single which is interspersed with a light sound that he pulls off with an acoustic guitar.  Justin has one of …

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Apr 11

J. Ven’s Single “Barely Alive”

J. Ven is giving the ComicPop listeners a chance to check out his single “Barely Alive”.  This single has a great pop/R&B feel to it that just draws the listener in from the beginning of the song.  J. Ven does have a softer voice so he will have to be wary of the instrumentals occasionally …

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Apr 11

Emma Charleston’s “Wonderland”

Emma Charleston is back and sharing with us her latest single “Wonderland”.  Emma gives us a folksy ballad that fits her strong clear voice.  With her second folk single out this seems to be the genre of choice for her, but as with any artist they will have fun with other genres as well.  As …

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Apr 04

Sleeplust’s Latest Single “Over”

Sleeplust is back sharing their music with our listeners.  This time they want everyone to check out their latest single “Over”.  If you remember Sleeplust is a synth/pop group that we enjoyed this past February.  With “Over” the group takes their style and focus it into a synth/pop ballad that everyone will be able to …

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Apr 03

Nick Blaemire’s Single “Coffee & Wine”

Nick Blaemire is sharing with our listeners his sinlge “Coffee & Wine” that features Daniel J. Watts.  The single starts out slow and then Nick kicks it into gear and speeds up the rhythm which fits much better than the slower beat.  Love the chorus that brings in the brass section, very nice.  Daniel J. …

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Mar 28

Sam Nicolosi Releases Latest Single “Fiction”

Sam Nicolosi is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is for his latest release “Fiction”, from his upcoming EP Origins.  Sam delivers a nice soulful sound with this single.  With the clear voice that Sam has and melodic flow of the music many will enjoy “Fiction”  So take a moment and check out …

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Mar 27

Shane Henry’s New Single “Save Me”

Shane Henry’s music might be familiar to some.  His music has been heard on many television networks including: NBC; CBS; Discovery Channel; Hallmark Channel; and E!  Today Shane is sharing with our listeners his latest single “Save Me”.  From the very beginning of “Save Me” you have that R&B/Rock sound.  But then the more you …

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Mar 23

Mick McMains Single “Singing to the Cow”

Mick McMains is sharing with our listeners his single “Singing to the Cow”.  This single hits right in that Folk/Country arena really well and how can it not be with the title “Singing to the Cow”.  The sounds are there, with Mick’s voice being strong and easy to listen to.  And just for extra measure …

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Mar 21

Janet Blair’s Single “Eternity Grows”

Janet Blair gives our listeners a chance to check out her single “Eternity Grows”.  With this single Janet falls what I would say is a Pop/Folk music style.  I enjoy how the piano is playing staccato for the verse.  For me when music is played that way it makes me want to get into the …

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Mar 15

Ryon’s World Latest Single “Grandmas Car”

Ryon’s World is sharing their island infused single “Grandmas Car”, featuring Stu Da Boi.  “Grandmas Car” is a fun little diddy, but be warned for those with sensitive ears, otherwise just have fun with this single and get your body grooving with the beat as you enjoy Spring Break.  Here’s Ryon’s World’s “Grandmas Car” through …

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