Episode 30 of ComicPop Library: Why is This Book Backwards?

In this episode the ComicPop Crew reviews and discusses Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 1 by Hiroshi Takashige with art by Double-S.  So join us for another fun filled episode.

Episode 30 of ComicPop Library: Why is This Book Backwards?


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Mama Trailer

Guillermo Del Toro brings us his next vision of horror with Mama.  As always with Del Toro it looks freaky, but in a good way.  Thanks to VISO on YouTube for the following trailer:

Last Stand Trailer

The Last Stand comes out this weekend for all you Arnold fans.  It is his normal action film with humor mixed in, could be a fun popcorn movie.  Thanks to LionsGate on YouTube for the following trailer:

Broken City Trailer

This one looks interesting.  Broken City has two strong male leads with a revenge tale, so hopefully it is decent.  Thanks to the Broken City YouTube Channel for the following trailer:

Epsidoe 29 of ComicPop Library Shownotes

1. Cabin in the Woods, Drew Goddard (Director), Lions Gate, 2012.  ASIN: B008G330oG, $39.99.

2. Rizzle Kicks: Stereo Typical, Island UK, 2011.  ASIN: B005H78RKG, $16.95

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http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/20110513021039data_trunc_sys.shtml – MRI Scans Predict Pop Music Success from Science a GoGo.

Other things mentioned: Battle Pirates; Thor; Hellboy; Willy Wonka; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Resident Evil; Fairly Odd Parents; Brighton; London Olympics 2012; When I was a Youngster; Demolition Man; Miss Cigarette; Neil Diamond; Craklin’ Rosie; Pink; Little Wayne; Lollipop; Fireman; Taylor Swift; Ellen Degeneres; British Hip Hop; Marina and the Diamonds; One Direction; Selina Gomez; Cody Simpson; scienceagogo.com & MRI Scans Predict Pop Music Success.

Southington SOS Will Not be Destroying Games Now

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is reporting that Southington, Connecticut, will not be holding their gathering were they asked people to bring video games, DVD’s, and other formats of entertainment to be trashed and possibly destroy by inceneration.

In a press conference covered by gaming site Polygon, group members did not say whether those logistical details included the multitudes of gamers across the nation who were hatching plans to turn in bargain bin or unwanted games in exchange for $25 entertainment vouchers, which were to be donated by a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Spokesman Dick Fortunato said that the actual destruction of games was rendered unnecessary because SouthingtonSOS had already accomplished its main goal:

We succeeded in our program. Our mission was to create strong awareness in Southington for parents and families and citizens and children. And we accomplished that. Our other objective was to promote discussion of violent video games and media with children and with the families at the home. And we’ve accomplished that in spades.

Whatever the reasons why I’m just glad it was cancelled.  Whenever I hear about a burning of anything it stirs ill feelings in me personally and harkens back to eras that I don’t want to see revisited.


Toyota and Gundam Franchise

The Char Auris that was debuted last year as a custom vehicle may now come to market.  Toyota is looking the bring the Char Auris hatchback to market this year and is doing an additional Gundam crossover by saying it is the product of Toyota teaming up with Zeonic Company, which is a fictional Gundam company from the series.  I have to admit it looks kind of cool.


AMV Spotlight of the Week

This weeks AMV Spotlight is on YouTuber “dragonchic721”.  This is an older AMV and centers around Superman.  This individual took clips from the series Justice League and edited them to the song “Go the Distance” performed by Michael Bolton.  I know it is a slower song and it is from a Disney movie, but the AMV is well edited and the lyrics really fit the images as they are advancing through the video.  The opening is my most favorite part with the instrumental and seeing the Justice League Tower and then Superman flying around the edge at the crescendo, very nicely done. I enjoyed the AMV and thought it should get some additional looks from people.  You can look up the AMV on YouTube under “Justice League – Superman – Go the Distance” or check it out below:

Two Graves Book Trailer

Agent Pendergast’s next adventure is available to your collections.  If you haven’t done so yet pick up Two Graves by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Thanks to YouTuber “HachetteBookGroup” for the following trailer: