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May 11

The Gin Pennies Deliver with Single “Film Noir”

Are you ready to jump into a time machine?  The Gin Pennies single “Film Noir” captures the time period beautifully.  The horns come in at the beginning and then you have Shanelle Lewis’ voice come in to seal the deal.  Along with the horns The Gin Pennies bring out the stringed instruments that add to …

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Apr 06

23rd Hour’s Shares “Hypothetically” Music Video

23rd Hour is made up of the duo Sherry-Lynn Lee and George Paolini and they are sharing with us their music video “Hypothetically”.  The single itself is a cross between lounge room and western elements.  Sherry-Lynn has this powerful voice that comes in and the two mix it well with George’s softer lower voice and …

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Mar 21

Janet Blair’s Single “Eternity Grows”

Janet Blair gives our listeners a chance to check out her single “Eternity Grows”.  With this single Janet falls what I would say is a Pop/Folk music style.  I enjoy how the piano is playing staccato for the verse.  For me when music is played that way it makes me want to get into the …

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Mar 14

Judge Roughneck’s Latest Single “The Girl”

Judge Roughneck is sharing with our listeners again, this time it is for their current single “The Girl”.  Still enjoy the horns and reggae beat that Judge Roughneck gives us.  In “The Girl” they have a smooth sound for the chorus that even calls into mind the beach songs of the day, while the verse …

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Mar 13

Among Criminals New Single “Patience and Regret”

Among Criminals is sharing their new single “Patience and Regret” from their upcoming album Kill the Precedent.  With “Patience and Regret” I’m getting a 1970’s feel at the start, with the guitar section giving a Vietnam era vibe.  When they get to the chorus they shift into a driven beat.  Definitely a rock band with …

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Mar 03

Nozart Single “Puppet”

Nozart, lead by composer/pianist/producer Noah Kellman, is sharing their single “Puppet” with our listeners.  “Puppet” will be one that our alternative rock and I believe our steampunk rock listeners will get into with ease.  I myself love the instrumentals and would love to have Nozart do a pure instrumental song, the opening is just right …

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Mar 01

Jetty Rae’s Single “Take Me To The Mountain”

Jetty Rae is sharing with our listeners her single “Take Me to the Mountain”.  Jetty is playing with two different styles of music with this single.  I definitely hear a country blend with the instrumentals, but they are slowed down and her singing the lyrics is dragged out like you would hear in a psychedelic …

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Feb 21

Beau + Luci’s Single “Fire Dancer”

Beau + Luci is sharing with our listeners their single “Fire Dancer”.  This single is the title track from their upcoming EP Fire Dancer, scheduled for release March 3.  Judging by this single Beau + Luci’s style is country/rock.  The single has a great beat to it with both voices harmonizing nicely to give the …

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Feb 17

Down On Maddy’s Single “Titania”

Down on Maddy is the stage name of a new experimental/alternative rock artist.  Today he is sharing with our listeners his single “Titania”.  With this single you get several different rhythms with the song.  This shifting can be a little jarring, but for those that like experimental rock will dig it.  Down on Maddy to …

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Feb 15

Polar Waves Single “Stoner”

Polar Waves is hitting it out of the park with their first single, “Stoner”, from their upcoming album No One Needs Help Anymore.  I think many of our listeners will enjoy this nice clean rock song.  You have you hard beats coming at you with the slightly gruff vocals that come together and form what …

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