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Apr 03

Anna Rose’s “Bury Me Deep” Lyric Video

Anna Rose is back with her sultry voice with “Bury Me Deep”.  If you remember from our podcast featuring Anna’s EP Strays in the Cut the Crew really enjoyed Anna’s style.  She delivers on the rock aspect, but with “Bury Me Deep” she uses her voice and the instrumentality to put together a slower more …

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Mar 15

Ryon’s World Latest Single “Grandmas Car”

Ryon’s World is sharing their island infused single “Grandmas Car”, featuring Stu Da Boi.  “Grandmas Car” is a fun little diddy, but be warned for those with sensitive ears, otherwise just have fun with this single and get your body grooving with the beat as you enjoy Spring Break.  Here’s Ryon’s World’s “Grandmas Car” through …

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Mar 13

Mt. Wolf’s “The Electric” Lyric Video

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners their single “The Electric” lyric video.  Mt. Wolf’s lead singer has a nice bass register voice.  This can be a little limiting as I know first hand as a bass as well.  The styles of music you sing you have to sing well or it just won’t come …

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Mar 08

Ep 53 ComicPop Crew Rockin’ in the Dirt with Sykes

Ep 53 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Skyes The ComicPop Crew check out Skyes’ EP Quarks.  We dive into the atmospheric synth tunes that Skyes wants the listeners to experience.   Many thanks to Black Panda PR for their continued support of ComicPop Library. Join us for another fun episode by listening above, at www.comicpoplibrary.com …

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Feb 24

Griffin Oskar’s Title Track “Hostage”

Griffin Oskar is sharing with our listeners his title track from his EP “Hostage”.  This single hit me just right.  Griffin has a nice clear voice and the rhythm is catchy and got my interest right away.  “Hostage has a pop/folk feel to it and as everyone knows I enjoy that type of music.  The …

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Feb 23

PEP latest single “Get Physical”

PEP wants everyone to enjoy their single “Get Physical”.  If PEP’s sound is consistent with what they are doing with “Get Physical” they could be a fun group for me to listen to.  The group has a few different styles going on with this single.  They have a tribal beat going on that you would …

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Feb 08

Sivik’s Music Video for “All Day All Night”

Sivik shared with us last November his single “All Day All Night”.  He has now had a music video produced for this single.  As you remember he had a flare for the electro/pop that would fit right in at the night clubs.  With the music video he utilizes that aspect of his music.  During the …

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Jan 13

Saul Rivers “Couldn’t Do It Alone” Music Video

Saul Rivers is sharing with our listeners his music video for his latest single “Couldn’t Do It Alone”.  This single is a soulful reflection of a child thinking about his past and what led him or her to this or her current stage in life.  The music video has Saul packing up his childhood things …

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Dec 06

MISSIO wants You to Get “Twisted”

MISSIO is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their new single “Twisted”.  This single pretty much grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go.  With the constant background beat you have a very intense and tense experience with this song.  You just can’t stop listening.  So buckle up for MISSIO’s single “Twisted” through SoundCloud to …

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Dec 03

Adam Jensen Releases “The Mystic” Single

Adam Jensen shares with us his latest single “The Mystic”.  I don’t know if this is such a genre, but what I think of when I hear this single is “Dark Pop”.  It has a quality to it that not just the lyrics are dark, but even the way the instrumentals are played feel heavy …

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