$10,000 for Anime Music Video!

Librarians everywhere let your anime patrons know about this contest at Anime Expo.  Even if your patrons are not from L.A. they still might go to Anime Expo since it is one of the biggest Anime conventions in the U.S.  Anime News Network has a brief article about this exciting event for individuals who have the talent of making AMV’s (Anime Music Video).  The largest prize will be $2,500 for Best of Show and other individual prizes to total $10,000 that will be given away.  The convention is scheduled for July 1-4, 2011.  The prize money is being provided by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation.


CBLDF new DC themed Membership Card

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s 2011 membership card will feature DC’s Green Lantern Corps.  The article at DC’s site gives the details that each new and renewing member will get this as their 2011 membership card.  If an individual donates $100.00 or more, they will receive their card signed by Geoff Johns.  If any library patrons might be interested in supporting this organization let them know about the CBLDF.  Libraries that have a collection of graphic novels can consider becoming a member of this organization as part of their support.  A link to the short article about the membership card is below.  If you wish to learn more about the CBLDF you can link to their site in the left navigation bar under “Resources”.


Dark Horse, Nickelodeon, and the Last Airbender

Librarians need to let all of their American and Japanese animation fans know about this exciting news concerning one of Nickelodeon’s most popular animated series.  Dark Horse’s site is reporting that they have teamed up with Nickelodeon to bring out an Avatar the Last Airbender graphic novel.  The article states that the book will be 240 pages and is tentatively titled The Lost Adventures to be released July 13.  Also over at Hollywood.com, Natalie Silverman reports that Nickelodeon is planning a sequel to The Last Airbender with a working title of Legend of Korra, the adventures of the next avatar.  Follow the links below for the respective articles.



Brian Jacques Passes Way

The library community has lost one of the best current young adult authors of our time, as reported by School Library Journal.  Everyone that is familiar with the Redwall novels knows Brian Jacques.  To all of his family and friends our thoughts are with you.

Congressman John Lewis Signs Comic Book Deal!

ICv2 reports that Congressman John Lewis has signed with Top Shelf to produce a graphic novel with his struggle with civil rights.  The working title at this point is March.  This is Congressman Lewis’ personal story, but will also be a great addition not only to a libraries graphic novel collection, but to a libraries civil rights collection.  The title is slated to be released in 2012.  This will be a great resource for high school age  and/or adult patrons that would otherwise not learn about this important issue in the United States history and could possibly lead them to investigate more within the civil rights section within your library.  Great cross-over book!  For the brief article follow the link below.


Marvel.1 Promotional

Marvel’s website has an article by Chris Arrant about Marvel’s “Marvel.1” promotional.  Librarians that have patrons that enjoy the comic book medium need to let them know they need to check out their local comic book stores for a possible savings!  Marvel’s “.1” promotion is a month long promotional that some comic shops are going the extra mile on.  Some stores are purchasing enough of the variety of titles that with their discount they are offering an in-store additional promotional of costumers being able to purchase these issue at just $1.00 instead of the $2.99 price point.  Below is a link to the full story.


Thor Trailer

First up during the Super Bowl was the Thor trailer that aired. See the trailer below thanks to Marvel’s website.