Tsukiuta Trailer

If you have a joy for J-Pop or K-Pop this the anime Tsukiuta looks to be the right fit for you.  Our family loves this type of music so we will have to pick this up and check it out.  Looks to have some fun music in it.  Here’s the trailer for Tsukiuta through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Jeepers Creepers 3 Trailer

You know that October is right around the corner when more and more horror movies start to appear.  Here’s the latest to hit your local theaters, Jeepers Creepers 3.  Here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Jungle Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe latest, Jungle, is based on a true story.  If you are into survival stories and hidden cultures this looks to be an intense one.  See what you think through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Wind River Trailer

Wind River looks to be an intense but slow burn of a movie.  I could be wrong, but with what the trailer shows and how it is a murder mystery it’s not always about the action, it also deals with the psychological aspects of a case.  Looks interesting…here’s the trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Space Dandy Trailer

Space Dandy is one of those anime that is just fun to watch because of it’s absurdity.  FUNimation will be releasing the complete series in the near future.  So if you haven’t picked it up yet this would be a way to add it to your anime library in one fell swoop.  Here’s the trailer from FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

The Tick Trailer

Does anyone remember The Tick?  Well he’s back for a new generation coming to you from Amazon as one of their new original content in their streaming service.  Here’s the trailer for The Tick through 9 Media’s YouTube channel:

Punisher Teaser

Netflix is still riding high with Marvel Comics.  Now we get to look forward to Marvel’s Punisher, which looks good.  Here’s the teaser through Netflix’ YouTube channel:

Wonder Trailer

Wonder looks to be one of those movies for everyone to reflect on.  It would be wonderful if everyone would look at everyone else in kindness, but sadly not everyone does as we know personally as a family.  Being different shouldn’t be strange or bad.  In Wonder they deal with a difference that is visible, with some people the difference isn’t visible.  Be aware of how you treat people.  Love one another!  Here’s the trailer for Wonder through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel – Richard:

Batman vs. Two-Face Trailer

DC Animation is giving us another classic 1960’s style Batman adventure featuring the voice of Adam West, before is passing.  The cast is back in Batman vs. Two-Face and it is a nice surprise hearing West’s voice, because it is immediately identifiable as Batman for that era.  Here’s the trailer through DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel: