Reid Lee’s Soulful Single “Arrowheads”

Reid Lee is giving our listeners the opportunity to listen to his recent single “Arrowheads”.  Reid has a nice strong baritone voice that comes through nice and clear.  The single has a soulful country feel with a touch of pop thrown in.  This lends itself to the single with it’s  rhythm having a steady subtle build, that captures the listener, until it crescendos at the end of the piece.  Here’s Reid Lee’s “Arrowheads” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jamil Kassam’s Remix of “Rise Now” by LUDE

Jamil Kassam is sharing with our listeners his single “Rise Now” that has been remixed by LUDE.  This single has a great electro/pop rhythm to it.  Jamil’s voice really fits this genre well and it sounds like he is having fun singing.  This is a single that is letting the listener know that they should believe in themselves and go out and take on the world.  Easily see this in a dance club for everyone to move to.  Here’s Jamil Kassam’s “Rise Now” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Pearl Lion’s Hot Music Video for “NYC”

Pearl Lion is the persona of the lead guitarist from the Saturday Night Live Band and he is sharing with our listeners his newest music video, for his single “NYC”.  You know I love me some instrumental music and Pearl Lion gives it to us in spades with this rock instrumental piece.  “NYC” starts out with a hard driving beat and doesn’t let up.  If you need something to get you going for the day this single will do it for you.  There are voices in the single, but they are used as instruments as well, with no lyrics to be sung.  The music video takes on the hard driving force and gives the viewer a look at some of the dynamics of New York City.  Falling Awake Films directs the film and Ashley Smith is used as the primary character of the film.  This video has some steam coming off of it as well with a little “afternoon delight”.  And with our sight being interested in comic books I have to mention that the way they dress Ashley for the video is really reminiscent of Harley Quinn’s look from the Suicide Squad film.  Here’s Pearl Lion’s music video for “NYC”, from his EP Dark, for you to enjoy through his YouTube Vevo Channel – Richard:

Blond Ambition’s Music Video for “Stupid Boy/Girl”

Blond Ambition is sharing with our listeners again.  This time they are letting us view their music video for their single “StupidBoy/Girl”.  This single is a mixture of feelings.  You get the upbeat catchy rhythm of the song, but the message that is being relayed has a serious tone about acceptability.  The music video shows many beautiful people enjoying themselves with their life, but it is hard for so many people to get to that level.  The single, as stated earlier, brings that home because of pressures in society it takes many quite a while to be happy with themselves and in this song the “person” that is “talking” realizes it was stupid to conform at the expense of your happiness.  It will be a better world when we as a people are acceptable of everyone.   “Stupid Boy/Girl” is from Blond Ambition’s Slow All Over LP which is available now, but first enjoy their music video through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Mia LJ Releases Her Music Video for “This Livin”

Mia LJ gives our listeners the chance to check out her music video for her single “This Livin”.  Mia has a nice Alto range voice that comes through with just a bit of smokiness, really nice.  “This Livin” is one of those single’s that many people can relate to.  The chorus starts with the lyrics “Never want to get old”, which applies to the younger crowd, but us older listeners are saying the same thing we just don’t verbalize it as much.  And of course everyone just wants to “have fun running around”.  The single itself is the title track from her This Livin LP.  The music video has high film quality and the director edited it together very nicely.  The video is just dark enough to still be edgy, but still light enough for anyone to enjoy.  Here’s Mia LJ’s music video for her single “This Livin” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Matt Koelsch’s Latest Single “Perfectly Aligned”

Matt Koelsch is sharing with our listeners his latest single “Perfectly Aligned”.  This is a fun song that has a very catchy rhythm.  Summer is about fun music and Matt has this in spades.  You have the guitar and drums providing a great sound and then to top it of he brings in the horns…love it!  You can tell by the way Matt is singing this single that he is also having fun, with his vocals coming through fresh and clear.  So have fun with Matt Koelsch’s single “Perfectly Aligned” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Hail Taxi’s Latest Music Video for “Wild Rose Country”

Hail Taxi is a folk/indie artist that is celebrating his home town of Alberta with his release for his latest music video for “Wild Rose Country”.  This is a beautiful ballad that anyone that is proud of their home town will appreciate.  This single is kept in the folk style with it’s simple rhythm and Hail Taxi’s pure voice that is filled with emotion.  You can tell that this song means a lot to him.  Along with this beautiful song, the music video is just as beautifully rendered.  It has scenery from the Alberta area that the viewer will get lost in the video.  Enjoy Hail Taxi’s music video for “Wild Rose Country” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Ecstatic Union’s single “Ancient Eyes”

Ecstatic Union is sharing with us their latest single “Ancient Eyes”.  If you are a fan of that late 1960’s – 1970’s rock you will dig Ecstatic Union.  In “Ancient Eyes” the group channels some great flower power rock.  The voices and rhythm of the instrumentals are hitting this style right on point.  This single is off their self-titled album and is available now.  So check out Ecstatic Union’s “Ancient Eyes” here through SoundCloud – Richard:

Marcus Paul James’ Single “Paper Hearts”

Marcus Paul James is sharing with our listeners again.  This time he is sharing the title track off his Paper Hearts EP.  “Paper Hearts” is an introspective song that sways with it’s rhythm.  Marcus’ lower voice shines through with a heart felt performance.  The EP is available for download now, so check out you digital vendors, but until you do here’s the soulful voice of Marcus Paul James with “Paper Hearts” through SoundCloud – Richard

Vs’ Music Video for “Listen”

Vs is sharing their music video with our listeners for their single “Listen”.  This single from beginning to end really has that old psychedelic rock sound.  Even the music video with it’s imagery carries that same feel throughout.  Vs’ EP Reality is available from digital vendors, but they wanted to give you a little taste of their sound.  Here’s Vs’ “Listen” music video through their Vs the World YouTube channel – Richard: