Starbenders’ Latest Single “Julian”

Starbenders’ is wanting everyone to enjoy their latest single “Julian”.  This is glam rock at it’s finest.  This was a fun listen.  The music gets into you and for some reason, at least for me, I couldn’t help but bob my head and have a grin on my face.  The vocals aren’t lost in the instruments and everything just fits together perfectly on this single.  Can’t wait to check out more of their music.  So get into Starbenders’ fun single “Julian through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ace Attorney Trailer

Have you ever wondered what an animated lawyer show would be like.  Well in Japan they did and they made manga and anime for Ace Attorney and it has become quite popular.  Now FUNimation Entertainment is distributing the anime to the North American market.  So be on the look out for Part 1 of Ace Attorney coming soon.  Here’s the trailer that FUNimation’s YouTube channel has provided for you to check out:

Ascending Dawn’s Lyric Video for “Inside the Silence”

Ascending Dawn hits it out of the park again with “Inside the Silence”.  This single infuses that hard rockin’ beat again for us heavy metal/hard rock lovers.  Marlain’s vocals give the single a clear tone that resonates through the instrumentals to ease some of the harshness that sometimes comes across in this type of music.  I love this blending and can’t wait to hear more.  The band is wanting you to experience their music in preparation for the Coalesce LP release on December 1.  So until then Ascending Dawn wants you to rock with them with their single “Inside the Silence” through their YouTube – Richard:

Ben and Andy’s Cover of Queen’s “Save Me”

Ben and Andy give us an acoustical version of Queen’s single “Save Me”.  This is a very clean and crisp rendition of the single.  The piano is beautifully done with the vocals hitting the mark on everything.  Ben and Andy’s acoustical version isn’t as bombastic as Queen’s, but it is just as powerful.  The video is just a studio type video, but the star of the video is the song.  Take a moment and enjoy Ben and Andy’s “Save Me” Queen cover through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Star Wars Gets New Manga Title

ICv2 has announced that this past weekend at the AnimeNYC Convention that Yen Press will be publishing the newest Star Wars manga title.  The manga is adapted from Claudia Gray’s young adult novels and is entitled Star Wars: Lost Stars.  The first book is planned for a May 1 released date so mark your calendar’s for when to order it.  Thanks to ICv2 for this information and for a full listing of other manga titles the site listed from the convention check them out by using the link below:

ICv2’s New Manga Listing from AnimeNYC

Ep 84 ComicPop Visits with Angel Edenburn About Her Upcoming Novel “Flip Side”

Ep 84 ComicPop Visits with Angel Edenburn About Her Upcoming Novel “Flipside”

Angel Edenburn joins ComicPop again to let everyone know about her upcoming novel Flip SideFlip Side takes us back to Kansas where vampires roam the night  in the second book of the Kansas Vampires series.  So join us as we visit with Angel and remember if you are going to be at one of her events be sure to stop by and see her.

Music clips:

  1.  “Best Day of My Life”, Oh, What a Life, American Authors, Mercury/Island, 2013.
  2. “Brave”, The Blessed Unrest, Sara Bareilles, Epic, 2013.


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Common Deer’s “Glass” Music Video

Common Deer is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is for their music video for their single “Glass”.  The single keeps with their folk/pop feel that I enjoy.  “Glass” is a slower contemplative song that flows around you.  The music doesn’t make any hard waves, but is soothing even though it talks about relationships and how there can be waves.  The music video is really nicely done and shows all the group as they perform.  Take a contemplative breath and enjoy Common Deer’s music video for “Glass” through their The Strombo Show’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Thor: Ragnarok just looks to be a fun film.  Remember it’s out this Friday.  So make your weekend plans accordingly.  Thanks to FilmSelect Trailer’s YouTube channel for this final look trailer:

Oparu’s Lyric Video for “The Deep End”

“The Deep End” takes one on a journey like all relationships are.  Oparu gives us a 1990’s style single with the powerful instrumentals and electronic sound.  When she goes into the chorus of the single the music swells up over her sound as she is singing “deep end”.  For this song I believe that might be intentional, because in the deep end you tend to struggle as the water is washing over you, very nice symbolism.  The lyric video takes you on a journey as well through waterways and city scapes.   All around a very nice sound.  Here’s Oparu’s lyric video for “The Deep End” through her YouTube channel – Richard: