Kris Angelis’ Music Video for “Kevin Bacon”

Kris Angelis has given everyone a fun catchy song to enjoy with her “Kevin Bacon” single.  Then along with it she, with director Emma Bell, produced a very fun Footloose homage music video for the single for everyone to enjoy.  This single is placed in the country/pop arena with Kris’ voice shinning through.  You can tell she had fun singing and filming the video for this single.  If they haven’t had Kevin Bacon watch this video they definitely need to, I think he would appreciate it.  Very interested in listening to her EP Heartbreak is Contagious that everyone can download from their digital vendor of choice.  And you know I have to mention the Wonder Woman penciling in the background in the boyfriends bedroom wall, I would love to have that for my collection.  Anyway kick back and have a fun time watching and listening to Kris Angelis’ single “Kevin Bacon” through her YouTube channel – Richard

Wal-Mart Superhero Back to School Commercial

When a cool commercial comes out I like to post them.  Wal-Mart has a very cool commercial for one of their back to school ads.  It features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Pink & Red Power Rangers, and Bumble Bee & Optimus Prime Transformers all set to Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”!  It’s just a fun video.  Here it is from Wal-Mart’s YouTube channel:

New Justice League Trailer

My friends have to deal with it so I guess you guys do to.  I’m a DC fan and have been loving the films (I have fun with them just like everything) and I am jazzed about Justice League.  Here’s the latest trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Wonder Woman Trailer

Wonder Woman is looking to be a good movie!  So much goodness coming our way again this year.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the trailer:

Wonder Woman Trailer

Wonder Woman

I thought I had posted this trailer, but I guess I didn’t.  Wonder Woman is another DC film that I can’t wait to see next year.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the trailer that was debuted at ComicCon:

Justice League Trailer

justice league

As everyone knows by now I’m a DC Comics fan and I enjoy the DC TV, animation, and movies so you can understand why I am excited about the new Justice League movie.  With this trailer that is provided by MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel, I really love the interaction with Bruce and Barry:

75 Years of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 75

DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel has begun streaming a video montage of all the artistic renditions of Wonder Woman through her 75 years history.  Check it out:

Wonder Woman’s 75!

Wonder Woman 75

DC has released the image for Wonder Woman’s 75 Anniversary!  I love it very nice and sleek.  Can’t wait to see what DC Comics will have in store for us this year which will come to a head with the Wonder Woman feature film starring Gal Godot.

Batman v Superman is Here!

batman v superman

I don’t care what other people have to say I’m still excited to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend and will more than likely enjoy it.  Is it because I’m a child of DC…probably.  You can’t compare DC to Marvel in my eyes.  They are completely different philosophies and I enjoy both because of these differences.  Marvel is about the every day man or woman receiving powers and how they handle them.  DC is about the mythology and their characters have always been about the characters having god like powers.  And the main reason to enjoy this movie is that it is just a movie to take you away from the real world for a few hours.  When you go in to watch any comic book based movie or any movie for that matter go in to the theater ready to relax and enjoy the story and effects.  Yes you can point out flaws every story and person has them, but you don’t have to tear it or them down.  Just my own meandering…go enjoy and have fun with it! – Richard  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for this trailer:

New Batman v. Superman Trailer


Jimmy Kimmel gives his viewers the debut of a new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.  If you didn’t see it last night he has provided it again on his YouTube channel to share with everyone so here it is: