TRISTN’s Single “Nothing To Say (Nothin’) Video

TRISTN is sharing with the ComicPop listeners again with her acoustical version of her single “Nothing to Say (Nothin’).  The video that she is sharing is a studio video, so you get to see the group in a relaxed setting.  Another great song for everyone to enjoy.  So here’s TRISTN’s “Nothing to Say (Nothin’), from her upcoming album January, through Vevo’s website – Richard:

Nothing to Say (Nothin’) Acoustic by TRISTN on VEVO.

Midnight Beach’s Music Video for “No”

Midnight Beach is sharing with our listeners again.  This time they want everyone to check out their music video for their single “No” from their self-titled LP.  Midnight Beach still comes out with the electronica sound, but with a slower bass beat.  The mixing for this single is tremendous.  With the softer lead vocals and the heavy bass beat the vocals could have been lost within the instrumentals.  However, the mixer made sure the vocals were a distinct track that rose above the instrumentals.  The music video is crisp and clean and fun to watch.  The dancing is right out of the late 1980’s – 1990’s as well as the sound.  Their self-titled LP is out now!  Here’s Midnight Beach’s music video, for “No”, through Vevo – Richard

No by Midnight Beach on VEVO.

Pearl Lion’s Hot Music Video for “NYC”

Pearl Lion is the persona of the lead guitarist from the Saturday Night Live Band and he is sharing with our listeners his newest music video, for his single “NYC”.  You know I love me some instrumental music and Pearl Lion gives it to us in spades with this rock instrumental piece.  “NYC” starts out with a hard driving beat and doesn’t let up.  If you need something to get you going for the day this single will do it for you.  There are voices in the single, but they are used as instruments as well, with no lyrics to be sung.  The music video takes on the hard driving force and gives the viewer a look at some of the dynamics of New York City.  Falling Awake Films directs the film and Ashley Smith is used as the primary character of the film.  This video has some steam coming off of it as well with a little “afternoon delight”.  And with our sight being interested in comic books I have to mention that the way they dress Ashley for the video is really reminiscent of Harley Quinn’s look from the Suicide Squad film.  Here’s Pearl Lion’s music video for “NYC”, from his EP Dark, for you to enjoy through his YouTube Vevo Channel – Richard:

Mt. Wolf’s Music Video for “Heavenbound”

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners again.  This time it is their music video for their single “Heavenbound”.  This single is very heavy and the vocals add to that sense of foreboding.  The music video tells the story of a man that hasn’t had the best life and is in the process of losing said life in the hospital that he has been brought into with what looks to be a gunshot wound.  This is one that you will have to be in the right mood for, it’s not a happy go lucky song, it’s one that draws you in and makes you think about life in general.  You can find their new album Aetherlight from your digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Mt. Wolf’s music video through their VEVO YouTube channel – Richard:

Shehzad Bhanji’s Music Video for “Till We Meet Again”

Instrumental Rock enthusiasts rejoice!  Shehzad Bhanji is back with his second album Profound Beginnings.  Shehzad is sharing with us his music video for “Till We Meet Again” that is available on this album.  The single starts out calm and quickly moves into a nice driving beat that gets you hooked.  Right after that Shehzad brings in his guitar that sings through the song.  Very nicely done and as everyone knows Logan and I love the instrumental pieces as much as the vocal pieces we receive here at ComicPop.  If you haven’t ever tried an instrumental song, this would be a great one to start with.  “Till We Meet Again” shows that instrumentals isn’t just for classical songs, but can be used to rock your world as well.  The music video uses locations beautifully and gives the single a sense of grandeur.  You can find his album, Profound Beginnings, on your digital vendor of choice, until then check out his music video for “Till We Meet Again” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

SIVIK Music Video for “High”


SIVIK is sharing his latest music video that has been produced for his single “High”.  “High” has that dance club feel to it with it’s heavy drums beats.  It’s not a fast moving song, but one that would be played to slow it down for that scene and let partners get a little closer on the floor.  Here’s SIVIK’s “High” music video through his Vevo YouTube channel – Richard:

Maggie Szabo’s Music Video for “Forgive and Forget”


We featured Maggie Szabo’s single “Forgive and Forget” a while back and now she has released the music video for the single.  Maggie’s single is a strong and haunting piece and the video has those tones as well.  There are some lighter areas as well when the video shifts to its dancing scenes, which Dancing with the Stars fans will enjoy.  For the video Maggie gets to share the screen with Vampire Diaries actor Chris Brochu which several will enjoy as well.  A very well crafted video that Maggie is sharing with our listeners through her Vevo YouTube channel – Richard:

Elida Almeida Shares her Music Video for “Lebam Ku Bo”


Elida Almeida is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her music video to her single “Lebam Ku Bo”.  This single has an island feel to me that comes through with a flowing rhythm.  Elida’s voice is a very clear alto that soothes the listener as she sings.  The video takes you on a colorful trip through the countryside.  Elida will be coming to SXSW this year all the way from Cape Verde, so if you happen to be in Austin during SXSW stop by her session.  Until then watch the music video, for “Lebam Ku Bo”, that Elida is sharing with us from her Vevo YouTube channel – Richard:

Molly Moore’s Music Video for “Peace of My Heart”


Molly Moore recently shared with ComicPop her single “Peace of my Heart”.  She has just released her music video for “Peace of my Heart” and wanted to share it with all our ComicPop listeners.  So take a break and watch Molly’s music video for “Peace of my Heart” through her Vevo YouTube channel – Richard:

Brandyn Burnette I Wanna Be (Free) Music Video


Brandyn Burnette is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his music video to his single, “I Wanna Be (Free)”.  The single brings in a good bass beat and then moves into an electronic sound.  Even Brandyn’s voice is put through the sound board to give in an electronic tone.  Check out “I Wanna Be (Free)” through Brandyn Burnnette’s Vevo YouTube channel – Richard: