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Apr 17

Shehzad Bhanji’s Music Video for “Till We Meet Again”

Instrumental Rock enthusiasts rejoice!  Shehzad Bhanji is back with his second album Profound Beginnings.  Shehzad is sharing with us his music video for “Till We Meet Again” that is available on this album.  The single starts out calm and quickly moves into a nice driving beat that gets you hooked.  Right after that Shehzad brings …

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Nov 14

SIVIK Music Video for “High”

SIVIK is sharing his latest music video that has been produced for his single “High”.  “High” has that dance club feel to it with it’s heavy drums beats.  It’s not a fast moving song, but one that would be played to slow it down for that scene and let partners get a little closer on …

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Mar 21

Maggie Szabo’s Music Video for “Forgive and Forget”

We featured Maggie Szabo’s single “Forgive and Forget” a while back and now she has released the music video for the single.  Maggie’s single is a strong and haunting piece and the video has those tones as well.  There are some lighter areas as well when the video shifts to its dancing scenes, which Dancing …

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Feb 09

Elida Almeida Shares her Music Video for “Lebam Ku Bo”

Elida Almeida is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her music video to her single “Lebam Ku Bo”.  This single has an island feel to me that comes through with a flowing rhythm.  Elida’s voice is a very clear alto that soothes the listener as she sings.  The video takes you on a colorful trip through …

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Nov 30

Molly Moore’s Music Video for “Peace of My Heart”

Molly Moore recently shared with ComicPop her single “Peace of my Heart”.  She has just released her music video for “Peace of my Heart” and wanted to share it with all our ComicPop listeners.  So take a break and watch Molly’s music video for “Peace of my Heart” through her Vevo YouTube channel – Richard:

Nov 20

Brandyn Burnette I Wanna Be (Free) Music Video

Brandyn Burnette is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his music video to his single, “I Wanna Be (Free)”.  The single brings in a good bass beat and then moves into an electronic sound.  Even Brandyn’s voice is put through the sound board to give in an electronic tone.  Check out “I Wanna Be (Free)” through …

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Nov 13

RESH’s Music Video for “Boys Cry More”

RESH is sharing with us their music video for their single “Boys Cry More”.  The beginning and end have a spoken portion to the single and roughly around 50 seconds in the music aspect of the single kicks in.  The feel of this single is straight out of a dance club and RESH is very …

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Nov 04

“Give Me Your Eyes” Music Video by Ionie

Ionie get sensual with her latest “Give Me Your Eyes”.  The music video is no less sensual with it’s scenes, but it also has that reference of people needing to show their love and desire to their significant other.  Ionie’s voice lends itself well to this type of music with a very soulful sound.  Ionie …

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Oct 08

Bleona wants to “Take You Over”

Bleona’s is sharing with us her music video for her single “Take You Over”.  Her first album will be hitting in the early part of 2016 and will be entitled I Am Bleona.  I can see this single being played in the night clubs with ease.  It has a little bit of a techno feel …

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Sep 03

Victoria Celestine gives us “Something More”

Victoria Celestine’s single “Something More” has an infectious electronic/pop beat that gets your head to bobbing.  Victoria’s voice is nice and clear and easy on the ears.  With “Something More” the song and music video have that 1980’s feel to them.  A fun song to listen to…check it out through Victoria’s VEVO YouTube Channel – …

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