Shehzad Bhanji’s Music Video for “Till We Meet Again”

Instrumental Rock enthusiasts rejoice!  Shehzad Bhanji is back with his second album Profound Beginnings.  Shehzad is sharing with us his music video for “Till We Meet Again” that is available on this album.  The single starts out calm and quickly moves into a nice driving beat that gets you hooked.  Right after that Shehzad brings in his guitar that sings through the song.  Very nicely done and as everyone knows Logan and I love the instrumental pieces as much as the vocal pieces we receive here at ComicPop.  If you haven’t ever tried an instrumental song, this would be a great one to start with.  “Till We Meet Again” shows that instrumentals isn’t just for classical songs, but can be used to rock your world as well.  The music video uses locations beautifully and gives the single a sense of grandeur.  You can find his album, Profound Beginnings, on your digital vendor of choice, until then check out his music video for “Till We Meet Again” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

“Till We Meet Again” Typhoid Rosie

city bird publicitytyphoid

Typhoid Rosie is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their single “Till We Meet Again”, from their album, Hearts Bleed Goodbye which is available to download.  This is just a solid rock piece that has a solid beat and strong vocals.  This single is a tribute to Rosie’s mother, but even though it is a somber subject I believe you will be able to get into and enjoy “Till We Meet Again”.  Forever everyone out there that has lost loved ones it will especially resonate with you.  So here is Typhoid Rosie’s “Till We Meet Again” through SoundCloud – Richard: