Mt. Wolf’s “The Electric” Lyric Video

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners their single “The Electric” lyric video.  Mt. Wolf’s lead singer has a nice bass register voice.  This can be a little limiting as I know first hand as a bass as well.  The styles of music you sing you have to sing well or it just won’t come off good.  With “The Electric” Mt. Wolf knows where they want to be for this single and hit it out of the park for me.  The beginning and and ending are a little drawn out that some might not have the patience for, but the lyric video really assists the single in this instance.  For the lyric video the director used old military films for the background and it works really well.  To me Mt. Wolf’s style is a folk/pop sound for this single and I’m interested in what else they might put out on their as yet un-titled album that is in the works.  Mt. Wolf has also been confirmed for SXSW this year so check them out if you will be attending.  Until then here’s Mt. Wolf’s lyric video for “The Electric” through CRC Music’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Kill J gives us “Coda”

museKill J

Kill J is making her mark at SXSW and here with ComicPop Library.  She is sharing with our listeners her unique single “Coda” from her Quasi EP.  To me I put “Coda” in the Electronic/Pop category with some Experimental tinges thrown in for good measure.  Love the cover to her EP that is pictured above, it definitely fits with our style.  “Coda” has a strong beat with Kill J’s strong voice to support the lyrics.  It all fits together into a piece that has gotten me hooked.  I look forward to listening to the rest of her EP.  Enjoy “Coda” from Kill J’s EP Quasi through SoundCloud – Richard:

CeaseTone Looks to “The Bright Side”


CeaseTone is making their US debut at SXSW.  This Icelandic duo is sharing with our listeners their single “The Bright Side” music video.  Even though the single is title “The Bright Side” the single has a darker tone to it.  When listening to it I really felt a Gothic dark resonance from “The Bright Side”.  The music video is one I enjoy because of the stop motion animation, but with others it will just depend on what you like.  Check out CeaseTone’s “The Bright Side” from their YouTube channel and if you are at SXSW check the schedule to see when their session is to stop in and listen to them live – Richard:

Blancos’ Music Video for “BKCBD”


The Blancos are making their EP debut with Broken Kids.  They are sharing with ComicPop their music video for the single “BKCBD” from the EP.  This single is one that will surprise people.  Parents will probably here the lyrics and go crazy because of the mature content.  However, this single has a beautiful rhythm and the lyrics even though rough are telling a powerful story, because their are probably several kids that think this and many more that are living it (“BKCBD”/ Broken Kids Chasing Broken Dreams).  The music video has a very cinematic feel to it and gives additional weight to the single.  The Blancos are going to be at SXSW so if you are there during their session stop in to check them out.  Until then here is their “BKCBD” music video from their YouTube channel that you can enjoy – Richard:

Music Video to The Dumplings single “Technicolor Yawn”


The Dumplings are sharing their music video, for their single “Technicolor Yawn”, with the ComicPop Library listeners.  This is a duo coming out of Poland that has a great techno pop-electonica sound to them.  The single has a fun catchy beat to go along with the lyrics.  The Dumplings even took that fun atmosphere into their music video for the single by making it a 1970’s style unique video.  I really enjoyed “Technicolor Yawn” and look forward to hearing more from them.  The Dumplings will also be making their debut at SXSW this year so look them up in Austin, until then check out “Technicolor Yawn” from The Dumplings YouTube channel – Richard:

Cease Tone’s New Single “Sight of Your Life”


Cease Tone is sharing with the ComicPop gang their latest single “Sight of Your Life”.  The song starts out like a nice simple folk song and then the bridge into the second verse swells and continues swelling though the rest of the single.  Cease Tone will be at SXSW so if you are one of the fortunate that gets to attend you might check out their session.  They will also be at a few other venues before SXSW and after.  Here is their dates for March: 
3rd/4th: Promotional performance Location TBA (Reykjavík Calling), Boston, MA
5th: Middle East w/Axel Flóvent (Reykjavík Calling), Boston, MA
15th-17th: South by Southwest (venue TBA), Austin, TX
18th: Martyr w/Axel Flóvent (Reykjavík Calling), Chicago, IL

Thanks again to Cease Tone for sharing “Sight of Your Life” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Diaz Grimm’s Single “Quarterbacks”


Take a look at the music video that Diaz Grimm is sharing with us.  The single is entitled “Quarterbacks” and features Lukan Raisey and Spycc.  All of our fans that enjoy Rap will like this single.  The lyrics do get a little muddy at times, but over all I liked the single.  Diaz is taking the long trip from New Zealand to be at SXSW so take in his session if you are going to be there.  Now before you click the play button to the music video for “Quarterbacks” be warned that it is a mature video.  Other than that check out “Qarterbacks” from Diaz Grimm’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Elida Almeida Shares her Music Video for “Lebam Ku Bo”


Elida Almeida is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her music video to her single “Lebam Ku Bo”.  This single has an island feel to me that comes through with a flowing rhythm.  Elida’s voice is a very clear alto that soothes the listener as she sings.  The video takes you on a colorful trip through the countryside.  Elida will be coming to SXSW this year all the way from Cape Verde, so if you happen to be in Austin during SXSW stop by her session.  Until then watch the music video, for “Lebam Ku Bo”, that Elida is sharing with us from her Vevo YouTube channel – Richard:

Rosie Carney gives us an “Antidote” for Our Ears


Rosie Carney is coming to us from Ireland and will be performing at the 2016 SXSW, so if you happen to be there be sure to check out her music.  Glide Magazine has Rosie’s premiere that she wants everyone to check out.  This definitely has a folk feel to it and her voice reminds me of the female leads voice of The Hunts, that we reviewed back in the day.  The single is a slower piece, but Rosie’s voice captivates you from the start.  So check out Rosie Carney’s “Antidote” on Glide’s website:

Folk Pop Duo Next Stop Horizon is Sharing Two of Their Music Videos with Us

musenext stop horizon

Next Stop Horizon is a Sweish indie folk/pop duo.  The are sharing with the ComicPop listeners, not one but two of their music videos.  The first one fits our site to a “T” with “Rain on Me”.  The single is very upbeat and catchy, but it’s the music video that hits my sweet spot.  It has spots throughout it of a couple of children dressed up in superhero outfits with capes and all.  You gotta love that!  With their second music video for their single “We’ll Whistle So” slows it down.  With this single they want to draw the listener in through the lyrics and music, plus the variety of instruments in this single is great.  If you live in or plan to attend SXSW the duo is a confirmed performance so check when and where they will be playing and enjoy their music.  Also I have to say I love their picture that we use above.  So thank you to Next Stop Horizon for sharing the music videos for “Rain on Me” and “We’ll Whistle So” through the “tapeterecords” YouTube channel – Richard: