LR Photography’s Recording of SoonerCon 2017

Luis Reyes of LR Photography was at SoonerCon 2017 with us as well.  Here is his video that he provided for everyone to see on ComicPop Library’s  Facebook page.  Again it features Vance Major, Larry Fleming, Michael Sylvester, and myself at the panel for Storm Front Pt 1: a Star Trek Fan Film Production.  Luis’ recording picks up as we set down for the panel right after viewing the film. Thank you to eveyone for their kind support and especially to Luis and LR Photography for being there – Richard:

ComicPop @ SoonerCon Panel With Melbourne Q&A

Melbourne Q&A

Posted by ComicPop Library on Monday, June 26, 2017

Jonation’s Room Live Video from SoonerCon 2017 “Storm Front” Panel

Jonathon had his phone ready for when we did the panel at SoonerCon 2017 for the showing of Storm Front Pt. 1: a Star Trek Fan Film Production.  He was kind enough to go live on Facebook with the feed and now here is the recording for you to watch. on his Jonathon’s Room Facebook Page  The first part is the showing of Storm Front Pt 1 and then about 13 minutes in the panel starts.  We had a great time catching up with friends and visiting with all who came.  So here’s the video featuring Vance Major, Larry Fleming, Michael Sylvester, and myself.  Again many thanks to Jonathon’s Room for provided the video – Richard:

Posted by Jonathon Lee Rodriguez on Saturday, June 24, 2017

Melbourne’s “Balance of Terror” GoFundMe Campaign

The crew of the Melbourne is needing your assistance.  The Star Trek fan film production Storm Front Pt 1 has been posted and attached below and the second part is being edited now.  So look forward for that to hit later this year.  While they are editing part two of Storm Front the ShadowStorm Studios production crew is hard at work gearing up for the film Balance of Terror.  Here’s your chance to help out with a film production in the Star Trek fan universe.  They have the GoFundMe campaign running right now for their next film Balance of Terror.  So make the jump here ShadowStorm Studios Balance of Terror GoFundMe and become part of the entertainment industry.