Mike Schiavo’s Music Video for “Back For Me”

Mike Schiavo is sharing with our listeners his music video for his single “Back For Me”.  If Mike’s name sounds a little familiar it might be from his time on season 10 of The Voice.  Mike has a clear strong voice that he uses in his “Back For Me” ballad.  I also love how he is keeping the instrumentals simple and he lets his voice be the star of the single.  The video that has been produced for the single is really crisp and clean as well and has that story element to it not just Mike singing to us.  For me I appreciate this type of music video more because the director and artist are being creative for this aspect of the song.  “Back For Me” is from his self-titled EP that is available from your download service of choice.  Here’s Mike Schiavo’s music video for his single “Back For Me” through SpotsTheGinga YouTube channel – Richard: