Solarrio “Hopeless” Music Video

Solarrio is letting our listeners check out his music video for his single “Hopeless”.  Solarrio keeps that Pop/Synth that he has established with his other singles, but with this one he slows it down a bit.  The single still has a great beat and you will be dancing to this one just like his others, but maybe just a little bit closer to your partner.  Here’s Solarrio’s music video for “Hopeless” through his YouTube channel and after watching it give him your support by downloading his album from your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

Solarrio’s “Safety of a Mob” Music Video

Solarrio is sharing with us his music video for the single “Safety of a Mob”.  This single has his signature electro/pop style, but he brings it down a little bit and has this single be a little introspective.  We don’t get political here and even though the song title can be interpreted as political Solarrio handles it in such a way that the topic is neutral.  “Safety of a Mob” could apply to any situation and any view.  So he is to be commended for walking that line.  The music video is put together with him in a forest interspersed with flashes, of what I can a film negative look, of a person that one would typically think of being in a mob.  Here’s Solarrio’s “Safety of a Mob” through his YouTube channel and if you like what you hear be sure to support him – Richard: