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Mar 14

Balkan Beat Box’ “Chin Chin” gets Two Remixes

Balkan Beat Box’ single “Chin Chin” has gotten to remixes.  One from Bad Royale and the other from Gaudi.  Both remixes are completely different than the others Bad Royale’s has a more pop feel to it and Gaudi’s has more of an urban feel.  For two different mixers doing remixes of your song is pretty …

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Mar 01

Vacances Single “Human”

Vacances is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his single “Human”.  Vacances has with this single has that 1980’s style synth/pop going.  When he first came in with the lyrics my mind went straight to a similar sound as Human League.  Like most of these types of songs his voice is blending in with the instrumentals.  …

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Jan 14

THANKS Single “Your Man”

THANKS is sharing with ComicPop Library listeners their single ‘Your Man”, with Sam Sparro.  “Your Man” is a fun single that has a playful sound to it that I love.  With the rhythm of this song being as catchy as it is you won’t be able to keep your head from bobbin’.  When you get …

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Jan 11

Frenchy B’s Lyric Video for “Rolling”

Frenchy B is sharing with our listeners his latest single “Rolling” lyric video.  This single is from his EP En Route.  The lyric video is pretty simple with a black back ground and the lyric flashing onto the screen.  “Rolling” has a club rap feel to it that has a feel like something Will.I.Am  would …

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Dec 02

Balkan Beat Box’s New Single “Chin Chin”

Balkan Beat Box is giving our listeners a look at the latest music video for their single “Chin Chin”.  “Chin Chin” is from the trio’s fifth album, Shout It Out, and from the start it of the single you now that the band takes an international influence in the rhythm’s in this single.  The beat …

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Oct 13

Ben Talmi’s Lyric Video for “Play”

Ben Talmi, recently signed with Communion Records, is sharing his lyric video, for his single “Play”, with our listeners.  This single starts out sounding like a type of lullaby feel to it and then the chorus takes you into a more pop beat, but still at a slower rhythm.  When you watch the lyric video, …

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Sep 15

Swaai Boys’ Single “Dana of Dendur”

The Swaai Boys are sharing with us their single “Dana of Dendur” from their upcoming EP.  This group has that California beach feel that you got from the music of Jan & Dean and Beach Boys.  All that beach/island music that has a way of making a person relax.  So grab a drink, have a …

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Aug 24

Benta Has a “Lover In Dark”

Benta is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his music video for his single “Lover in Dark”.  This from the beginning is an Electronica influenced piece.  The steady beat is close to being over used, but the rest of the piece brings the song together and makes it a great sexy dance tune.  It’s slow dance …

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Aug 16

Heartracer Sings about Their “Dream Girl”

Heartracer is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their electro/pop single “Dream Girl”.  This single has a kinetic energy that will make your body want to move with the rhythm.  The single would fit well in a dance club.  Heartracer is made up of brothers Chip and Chris Cosby and you  can tell they were influenced …

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Jun 27

Funeral Suits’ Music Video for “The Way Back”

Funeral Suits’ shared their single “The Way Back” with the ComicPop listeners a couple of weeks ago.  Since then they have made a music video for the single and they wanted our listeners to get a chance to view it.  Here is the music video, from the Funeral Suits’ YouTube channel, for their single “The …

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