Conventioner’s Single “Never Breaking”

Conventioner is a musician based out of Florida that is working on his Sophomore EP after his Legacy EP.  He is giving ComicPop listeners a chance to sample his music with “Never Breaking”, one of his newer releases.  The single is a synth ballad that flows over the listener.  Not what you normally think of with synth and the dance floor, but for a change of pace to slow it down a bit it still works.  Because you know every once in a while you need to slow it down on the dance floor.  Check out Conventioner’s single “Never Breaking” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jelly Ellington’s Music Video “Let Go”

Jelly Ellington is sharing with our listeners his music video for “Let Go”, featuring Philly G.  Jelly gives us a single that has some really nice guitar features and he actually begins the song with a guitar solo.  The rhythm is moody and kind of bluesy and along with the music video we take a stroll through the city as he sings.  Philly G. comes in half way through the single with a very well done feature.  This is one that definitely slows the pace down, but we need that every now and then.  Here’s Jelly Ellington’s “Let Go” music video featuring Philly G. through Jelly’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Conventioner’s Single “Trouble”

Conventioner has a smoky sound to his voice that draws you into his single “Trouble” from his Legacy EP.  This single would feel comfortable in a romantic movie, specifically the part where the leads realize they are in love with each other and are struggling to express themselves.  The instrumentals have a nice smooth flow to them that carry the listeners along the verse to it’s conclusion.  Conventioner has a second EP out now entitled Love or Protection and he wanted our listeners to get a taste of his music with “Trouble”.  So as you listen check out both of this EPs on you digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Conventioner’s single “Trouble” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Eden Warsaw’s Music Video for “Somebody Tell Me”

Eden Warsaw shared with us his single “Somebody Tell Me” a while back.  Now he has the music video up for the single and he wanted to share it with our listeners as well.  The video is what I call a band video, where the majority of the video focus’ on the band.  So here’s Eden Warsaw’s music video for “Somebody Tell Me” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Justin Fabus’ New Music Video for “I Hope She’ll Think Of Me”

Justin Fabus is sharing with us his music video for his latest single “I Hope She’ll Think of Me”.  With this single Justin hits that 1980’s sound where it is a more traditional country music sound but starting to get some flare to it.  Think back to a mixture of Sawyer Brown and Alabama.  Very nice sound that I enjoy and country fans will love to pick this single up.  You might also want to check out his previous work, because he has been recognized by CMA with being 2017’s Emerging Artist.  The music video itself is a studio video of the band and him doing the single.  Here’s Justin Fabus’ “I Hope She’ll Think of Me” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Mia LJ Releases Her Music Video for “This Livin”

Mia LJ gives our listeners the chance to check out her music video for her single “This Livin”.  Mia has a nice Alto range voice that comes through with just a bit of smokiness, really nice.  “This Livin” is one of those single’s that many people can relate to.  The chorus starts with the lyrics “Never want to get old”, which applies to the younger crowd, but us older listeners are saying the same thing we just don’t verbalize it as much.  And of course everyone just wants to “have fun running around”.  The single itself is the title track from her This Livin LP.  The music video has high film quality and the director edited it together very nicely.  The video is just dark enough to still be edgy, but still light enough for anyone to enjoy.  Here’s Mia LJ’s music video for her single “This Livin” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Marcus Paul James’ Single “Paper Hearts”

Marcus Paul James is sharing with our listeners again.  This time he is sharing the title track off his Paper Hearts EP.  “Paper Hearts” is an introspective song that sways with it’s rhythm.  Marcus’ lower voice shines through with a heart felt performance.  The EP is available for download now, so check out you digital vendors, but until you do here’s the soulful voice of Marcus Paul James with “Paper Hearts” through SoundCloud – Richard

Eden Warsaw’s Latest Single “Somebody Tell Me”

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Eden Warsaw is sharing with us his single “Somebody Tell Me”.  This single has a nice strong rock/pop feel and the vocals come through great.  It is a more serious song that Eden is wanting people to consider and contemplate what he is singing about, because many people have these feelings.  “Somebody Tell Me” is from his Calm the Coast LP and Eden is sharing the single with us through SoundCloud – Richard:

Brad Byrd’s Music Video for “Highest Mountain”

Brad Byrd has that mid-range baritone voice that is easy to listen to.  With “Highest Mountain” he is working that mix of pop/country, with the pop sound being the most prominent style.  It kind of falls in between genres like John Denver’s music did, it’s pop but not quite pop and it’s country but not quite country.  For me this style works and I enjoyed the single with the instrumentals and vocals working really well together to fit Brad’s voice.  Brad’s music has been feature on The New Girl, Happy Endings, American Housewife, Ben & Kate, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  The music video fits the single with it taking place on an actual mountain.  It is also interesting that the director used a drone in the mountain’s to get the shots for the video.  Here’s Brad Byrd’s music video “Highest Mountain” from his album by the same name – Richard:

Marcus Paul James Delivers with “Living in Dreams”

Rhythm and Blues listeners rejoice!  You have a new single that delivers a strong entry into the genre in Marcus Paul James’ “Living in Dreams”.  The single is from his EP Paper Hearts and if the rest of the EP is like this single it will be a beautiful addition to your music collections.  Marcus has that powerful lower range voice that resonates through the whole single.  The instrumentals with the single lend a heaviness to the single that takes the listener on a complete journey.  Take some time and enjoy Marcus Paul James’ “Living in Dreams” through SoundCloud – Richard: