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Mar 15

Mischief Night’s Music Video for “With Me, Now”

Mischief Night is sharing with our listeners their music video for “With Me, Now”.  “With Me, Now” is playing to a more niche market which I believe Mischief Night realizes and are embracing with their music.  When I listen to “With Me, Now” I get this psychedelic/folk/bohemian mix and their music video for the single …

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Dec 30

Mungbean’s Single “Am Your Eyes”

Mungbean is sharing with our listeners their single “Am Your Eyes”.  This single has an ethereal electronica sound to it.  The vocals are blended in with the instrumentals that bring out the ethereal feel that I get.  The duo are working on a planned EP for 2017 until then you can check out Mungbean’s sound …

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Dec 02

Brett Ferguson Wants to “Take You Home”

Brett Ferguson is sharing with our listeners his single “Take You Home”, from his album Let Go.  This single has a simplicity to it that makes it a very welcome change of pace to all the singles out there that are vying for attention.  Brett has a nice solid voice and the harmony he has …

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Nov 01

Scam Avenue’s Music Video for Their Single “Sailor’

Scam Avenue is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their music video for “Sailor”.  With “Sailor” this band is definitely placing their sound squarely in the New Wave sound of the 1980’s.  The sound is reminiscent to something Human League would produce and for me this is gravy.  Being a child of the ’80’s I eat …

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Aug 18

Le Boom Wants You to Know “What We Do”

Le Boom is hitting ComicPop up with his music video for “What We Do”.  The single has an energetic rhythm to it that will appeal to most of us.  The vocal range sounds like Le Boom is singing in a falsetto which some might be wary of, but with the instrumentals blending with his voice …

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Nov 04

MAKAR’s “I Wanna Know What I Don’t Know” Single

MAKAR is sharing with ComicPop listeners their latest single “I Wanna Know What I Don’t Know”.  This is one that harkens back to the late 1960’s – 1970’s style.  Most everyone that grew up during that time period or really like that time periods music will really recognize the feel of this single.  To groove …

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