Ben and Andy’s Cover of Queen’s “Save Me”

Ben and Andy give us an acoustical version of Queen’s single “Save Me”.  This is a very clean and crisp rendition of the single.  The piano is beautifully done with the vocals hitting the mark on everything.  Ben and Andy’s acoustical version isn’t as bombastic as Queen’s, but it is just as powerful.  The video is just a studio type video, but the star of the video is the song.  Take a moment and enjoy Ben and Andy’s “Save Me” Queen cover through their YouTube channel – Richard:

AMV of the Week

This weeks video comes to us from YouTuber StarWarsNerd456.  Once you get past the opening he/she took the song “We Will Rock You” performed by Queen and edited it together with Star Wars The Clone Wars episode “Landing at Point Rain”.  The sequencing of the lyrics and the characters fit together great….Anakin (Boy), Obi-Wan (Young Man) and Ki-Adi-Mundi (Old Man).  If you wish to see the AMV you can find it on YouTube under the tag “Landing at Point Rain/We Will Rock You” or check it out below.