Nozart Single “Puppet”

Nozart, lead by composer/pianist/producer Noah Kellman, is sharing their single “Puppet” with our listeners.  “Puppet” will be one that our alternative rock and I believe our steampunk rock listeners will get into with ease.  I myself love the instrumentals and would love to have Nozart do a pure instrumental song, the opening is just right up my alley.  However, I realize that an instrumental piece is probably the most daunting of releases.  However, Nozart is definitely playing to their fan base and genre.  The vocals stay just above the instruments so listeners can enjoy the lyrics, but if this is going to be their style they’ll have to watch that they don’t let the instrumentals overpower the vocals.  For me this hits a genre I enjoy and I think it will for others as well.  Here’s Nozart’s “Puppet” through SoundCloud – Richard: