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May 18

Rebecca Raw’s Single “Connection”

Rebecca Raw has just released her EP Deep Within and she wants to share with our listeners her single “Connection” from the EP.  Rebecca has a very nice clear voice that she spotlights in this single well.  The style for “Connection” is, to me, a pop/folk feel.  The build-up she has in “Connection” hits right …

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Apr 24

Emma Ballantine Single “Through Your Eyes”

Emma Ballantine is sharing with us a project she began with her singing/songwriting abilities.  This project is entitled Somebody’s Story, which is also her latest EP title.  The project is taking life stories that individuals have told her and she is putting them to song.  The single she is sharing with us today is “Through …

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Mar 27

Julia Carlucci’ Music Video for “Take Me Down”

Julia Carlucci is wanting our listeners to enjoy her music video for “Take Me Down”.  “Take Me Down” has a nice bass beat that fits well with Julia’s lower range/smokey voice.  It’s not a rough smokey voice, but a smooth smokey voice that one usually has that sings in a lower register.  Loved the brass …

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Feb 04

Bianca Rose’s Music Video for “Because of Love”

Bianca Rose is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her single “Because of Love”, that features Cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson.  “Because of Love” is a romantic ballad that steers you through love and when the Cello comes in it brings the single to a new height.  I would love to just have Bianca and Ayanna do an …

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Dec 22

Taylor Noelle’s Soulful Single “I Fall”

Taylor Noelle is sharing with our listeners her single “I Fall”.  She has a very nice sound with a clear alto range voice, which is spot lighted in “I Fall”.  If this single is an indication Taylor’s music will fall within that pop/country music.  It will appeal to both listeners really well.  I really enjoy …

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Nov 19

Miriam Single “Be There For Me”

Miriam is sharing with our listeners her debut single “Be There for Me”.  This single has a very nice catchy rhythm that gets you into the song quickly.  Miriam’s solid vocals add to the listening pleasure as she delivers a great sounding Soul infused Pop or Pop infused Soul single, depending on your outlook.  Miriam …

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Nov 04

Liz Loughrey’s Music Video for “Rise Up!”

Liz Loughrey is sharing her music video for her single “Rise Up!”  This single and music video wants everyone to take a moment and look at the world and see what they might could do to help it and it’s community to “Rise Up” and make it back into the beautiful place it can be.  …

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Aug 19

Laura Roy’s “Don’t Chase” Acoustical Music Video

Laura Roy is sharing with our listeners her upbeat R&B feeling single “Don’t Chase”.  This single is from her self-titled EP which came out July 3rd.  The music video is an acoustical version and is song in an empty house, which gives it an interesting sound quality.  This setting doesn’t spotlight Laura’s voice very well, …

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