Princess Bride Coloring Book

IDW has produced a Princess Bride coloring book for adults.  Yes it is an older movie, but this could be a good time for you to set down with the younger generation and share the movie with them and then color together in the book.  The movie is just to much fun not to involve everyone.  Here’s the spot for the Princess Bride coloring book from IDW’s YouTube channel:

Nerd Barrage “Princess Bride” Themed Opening

nerd barrage logo

This one slipped through the cracks here at ComicPop.  I was supposed to post this a couple of months ago and then got busy and quickly forgot about it….my bad on that.  Anyhow this edition of Nerd Barrage feature an opening themed to Princess Bride and Jacob, one of our hosts, had a hand in writing the script for it.  So a shout out to him and Nerd Barrage.  Here is the episode that you can watch below from Nerd Barrage’s YouTube channel: